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Update on the Emergency Active Travel Measures

Hereford Voice

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Exclusive Breaking News: We rang Cllr Harrington this afternoon to get an update on the Emergency Active Travel Measures and to ask him if there were any changes in the pipeline. 


He said that following on meeting with City and County Cllrs that was agreed at Full Council and after feedback from the BiD, businesses and taxi drivers he made the following changes last week. These orders were agreed last week but take 8 days to make and will take effect from this Saturday. 

🔹The Old Bridge will be open northbound from Saturday to licensed Hackney Carriages like it is for buses because the taxi association members made very valid comments about access and their role within the public transport service.

🔹Extra parking bays have been re-introduced on Broad Street.

🔹Newmarket and Blueschool Street will not go ahead at present because Highways England who control the A49 and the Tesco/Steels roundabout have not planned any safety changes to the junction and so instead they will proceed with a contra-flow up St.Owens Street, down Offa St, St.John's Street and across Cathedral Green to cross the A49 by the New Bridge instead (via underpass or across a much easier junction to navigate - onto Barton Road)

🔹There will be special 'food and other goods' collection bays put in on King Street to help the temporary takeaway operations of restaurants and other traders, like the florists. The utility barriers will continue to be replaced with planters (started yesterday) 

🔹Aylestone Hill - going towards the colleges - will be considered for a wider safer cycle lane uphill only.

🔹Ledbury Road will be getting lanes put in along its length up to the Cock of Tupsley (probably uphill only again for now after Cllr feedback)

🔹Commercial Road's lanes will be removed, hopefully by the end of the next weekend, as the scheme is not proving helpful but is actually, in his opinion and many others, counterproductive

He said he and the administration do take feedback from specific sectors seriously but they have a duty as Cllrs to respond to the request from government to implement these measures and to listen to all views - responding to valid concerns when raised. 

He appreciates all the feedback and questions put to him and supports all groups, regardless of agenda, who wish to best express their views in a clear and rational manner. 

He will keep us updated of any further changes or additions. 

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