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Ideological Possession.


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A very small fraction of our population are temperamentally drawn to what seems like a noble cause and are dangerously susceptible and vulnerable to ideological possession. For these people, mostly with Far Left leanings, they’ve convinced themselves that any oppression, real or imagined, is the direct result of an oppressive patriarchy which they’re intent upon destroying.

And so, once these slavish ideologues settle upon their latest noble cause their hierarchy create an ideology, they hoover up their temperamentally drawn followers to the chosen noble cause and they take control of all media language that demands that any objection to the cause is heresy, racist and are the thoughts of bigoted cruel and insensitives who have an inability to display empathy and are in some way are cruel or even evil.

Rather like the era of Joseph Goebells where you identify a threat, terrify the people and convince the masses that they’re being threatened, they begin to purge the noise of opposition and the relevance of any dissenters, thus creating two groups. One which is good and one which is bad. Because of noble causes that the Far Left are drawn toward, ideologies are formed and as is always the case with the Far Left, they become tyrannical.

And noble causes are good. There’s nothing wrong with a noble cause. The problem with them is the ideology that accompanies them. Whether it’s Women Equal Pay, Brexit, Transgender issues, Climate Change and Black Lives Matter, every single one of them evolves into tyranny to exclude any voices that disagree with the narrative that everything is the fault of an oppressive patriarchy.

When do we know when an ideology has become tyrannical and its slavish followers have become irrationally possessed by their ideas? When we are all expected to do and say things that publicly demonstrate just how ashamed we all are of ourselves, our gender, our ethnicity,sexuality and what we all really think but dare not say because we don’t want to be labelled in some negative way.


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