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Herefordshire Council to Offer 30 Minutes Free Parking

Hereford Voice

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Car park users in Hereford will be able to enjoy 30 minutes of free parking, to make it easier for people to make essential visits.


In response to covid-19, Herefordshire Council recognises that there may be many people who need to visit the city centre for essential reasons such as to visit pharmacies. To make this easier, and support local businesses, parking for up to 30 minutes in on street pay and display in Hereford will be free, until 6 July 2020.

Herefordshire Council ceased charging at the start of the Covid-19 outbreak so that residents could go about their essential business without the need to find money for parking and enable them to limit social interaction.

Parking charges are an essential element in the operation of our city and market town centres. By charging for parking, we are able to limit the length of time vehicles are parked in one place, which allows for greater freedom of movement and more opportunity to find a parking space for all our residents.

The council are continuing to support NHS and Critical Care staff during this period by providing free parking, which can be arranged through their employer. Free short stay on street parking is also available in all of the market towns.Cllr John Harrington, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Transport, said:



“We are delighted to be able to offer up to 30 minutes of free parking for essential visits in Hereford. It is a difficult balance to ensure that our local businesses are supported throughout our recovery from the Coronavirus, but that we also prevent further spread of the illness.

“We have listened to residents and businesses and with this offer of 30 minutes free parking, we can ensure sufficient parking capacity while encouraging people to visit our local shops and businesses.”


To avoid receiving a Penalty Charge Notice please park considerately and comply with the parking regulations that are in place. 

If you have a parking problem please contact parking services at civilparkingenforcement@herefordshire.gov.uk


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Very badly written press release (no surprise there) - this is NOT free parking for car park users (contradicting the opening para). Read the small print to say this is for "on street pay and display in Hereford". The Cabinet Members words are written to conveniently omit this. Cue lots of outraged letters by car park users who snaffle a penalty.

The photo simply reinforces the error - perhaps change this for an on-street one?

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