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Petition to give Captain Tom Moore a Knighthood

Hereford Voice

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Please sign this petition to give fundraising veteran Captain Tom Moore a knighthood.

Captain Tom Moore

This petition has already gained almost 500,000 signatures!

This amazing motivational hero deserves to be awarded a knighthood. World War Two veteran Tom Moore who is walking 100 lengths of his back garden before his 100th birthday has already raised over £17 million for the NHS in just one week and the amount is still growing. 

This petition calls for him to be recognised in the next honours list, which is due to be published on the Queen's official birthday in June.

Sonia Wilson, an NHS midwife, started the petition, explaining that


"it's given me and my colleagues a huge morale boost to watch Captain Moore over the last few days".

Captain Tom has received huge support on Social Media with the hashtag #KnighthoodforCaptainTom trending.

Please sign the petition here

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He's only gone and done it!! 

WOW! Captain Tom Moore has surpassed the £20 Million!

Should we now think about addressing him Sir Tom Moore?

Captain Tom Moore just keeps smashing incredible feat after feat. He has just raised an unprecedented £20 million for the NHS, to help support them during the COVID-19 global health emergency and the numbers are still growing!

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