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Robotic Intelligent Beings.


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They've got these robots. They're described as having A1 intelligence. They reckon, near as damn it, they're nigh on human. The market that the manufacturers are targetting at the moment is directed toward the males of our species who would like a female robotic companion who'll share their bed and be readily available to engage in acts of love.

Sounds alright doesn't it! Well it bloody isn't. These robots are super intelligent and the problem is that if you take your AI robot to bed and start fiddling around beneath the duvet this bloody robot that you've lovingly ordered, selecting its hair colour, it's vital statistics and all the other physical attributes that make the females of our species so beautiful and attractive toward the men, they could turn nasty on you.

God knows if these robots are going to be programmed not to attack their owner with a four pound lump hammer but what happens if your robot doesn't appreciate you and your clumsy attempts to engage in acts of manly love. This bloody robot could quite easily get out of bed, hurtle downstairs and call the Constable.

Then what happens! You get nicked. That's what happens. And while your locked up awaiting an appearance before the Magistrate, this saucy filly of a robot with A1 intelligence is in your house doing whatever it likes with your belongings.

I ain't buying one. No good will come of it!

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I agree with you Bobby. Smart speakers, virtual assistants or smart home speakers many people consider them the future of home automation, not only controlling other smart home devices like light bulbs and smart locks but also contain within them the ability to manage your life style and record this week’s shopping list. Along with smart meters which the private utilities are promoting all this technology appears hunky dory. Unfortunately these gadgets are not for your benefit, but to extract data which can be sold onto other service sectors and government and cut jobs.

Taking the smart speakers (eg Google Home, Amazon Echo , Apple HomePod) if you can carry out instructions and the unit responds there is obviously a two way function that causes it to operate. Therefore if the speaker hears your command and understands what you require, it follows that it can understand all conversations within its surroundings and could transmit these conversations to other interested parties (ie scammers). Installing what appears to be a novelty product  into all homes the government will have access to all that is going on in the country. Select some key words and everyone will be monitored for better or worse.

No need for identity cards which the government tried to introduce a few years ago - have a free smart meter instead - not only will we know who you are, but also what you are doing. I think I will still read my own gas and electricity meters - it only takes a second. Also out of interest I asked Alexa who are the Rothchilds - it failed to answer!

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