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Italy and the migrants.


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There are nigh on two hundred thousand Meditteranean migrants currently languishing in camps in southern Italy.

Italy is going the same way as Greece. High unemployment, a Banking system near to collapse and an emergence of populism that wants out of the European Union. Like Greece, Italy is one of western Europes cultural jewels in its crown and yet, despite all that Italy has given the world, nobody wants the migrants and nobody now wants or can help.

Worse, the migrants are going to still keep coming in the hope that they can get a better life in the West and if you take any notice of the socio political and economic forecasts, the movement of people from Asia and Africa to the west of Europe will continue for decades to come. This problem is not going to go away.

I fully appreciate that many of the East European countries will never ever accept these people into their closed societies and whilst this reality is uncomfortable to deal with and problematic to understand to modern western countries, its left to the West to do what needs to be done. And it can be done. Britain as much as any other nation has proven that it can absorb high numbers of migrants within a very short space of time. Difficult yes, but not beyond the extraordinary talents of the British.

You only have to see that since 2004, which is only a short time ago, Britain has received somewhere between three and four million migrants from the EU. Despite it all, despite our limited housing, we have been good hosts to these millions of people allowing them free and immediate access to housing, education, health care, employment and all our other public services. Yes it's a strain and yes at times it's a burden but Britain did it. We managed to achieve its aims and welcome people who wanted to escape their poverty and get a better life in the West.

And so, if we can do all these wonderful good and kind things for that group of migrants, we can most certainly do it for the people now languishing in Italy. Italy needs Europes help and unless we provide it Italy will be destroyed. Like Greece they've enough problems to deal with and we in Britain should help them.

Germany provided the lead on this issue. It's been at a cost I know but better to try and fail than turn your back and do nothing at all. Britain should extend the hand of friendship to our Italian cousins and accept willingly and freely without the use of any leverage or bargaining chips, all the Meditteranean migrants currently left in limbo in southern Italy. Despite the high numbers we in Britain could achieve wonderful things. We've done it with the millions of EU migrants and we can most certainly do the same thing for the two hundred thousand in Italy.

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Lets just take them all, yes keep sending them over, bypass Turkey, Greece Italy and all the countries that have the right to refuse entry and keep sending them to Britain, after all, this is where most are heading anyway if the truth is known. We have plenty of room here, loads of money, loads of houses and and fantastic education system and a really really wonderful free health care service, so come on over we can't wait to welcome you all and god help anyone who dares to object! Just let them try thats what I say, just let them try!!  I will be at the train station waiting to applaud you all when you arrive. 

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