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More tea Prime Minister?


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Scene: A bedroom in 10 Downing Street. A bespectacled man in a dressing gown stands beside a four-poster bed.


Man: More tea Prime Minister?"

Woman occupant of bed: Thank you Philip. Next time, will you be sure to use the Sevres porcelain?

Man: Of course, Prime Minister.

Woman: Kindly ask Miss Hill and Mr Timothy to come in will you?

Man: Certainly, Prime Minister.

Two civil servants enter and stand at the foot of the bed.

Woman: I've decided to call a General Election.

Nick Timothy: Another one, Prime Minister?

Woman: Certainly. The country needs strong and stable leadership.

Fiona Hill: But with great respect, Prime Minister, we've only just recovered from the last one...

NT: ...which cost over £13-million!

Woman: A mere trifle compared to what we'll save when the Winter Fuel Allowance is scrapped.

FH: Scrapped? I thought we were going to Means Test it.

Woman: Too complicated and long-winded. We're scrapping it altogether as from next winter.

NT: Will you be going to the Palace to advise Her Majesty?

Woman: Must I?

NT: Protocol.

Woman: Protocol, schmotocol. Send 'em an e-mail. Right, Fiona - as to my outfits for the campaign, get onto Fluidity at Henley. Tell them I want shades of green this time. Mainly silk and satin. I'm going to punish Caroline Lucas for getting back in in Brighton! And tell Linda Bennett to send over a selection of purple handbags.

FH: Yes, Prime Minister.

Woman: Nick - I want you to arrange for my podium to be permanently installed in front of Number 10. I shall be using it a lot during the campaign. In fact, I shall probably give a daily Press briefing. Like nice Mr Trump.

NT: Very good, Prime Minister. Will that be all?

Woman: No. I also intend to call another General Election.

FH&NT: You told us that when we came in.

Woman: Did I? Sorry.




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Son of Gridknocker, excellent!!! I did not vote or would ever vote for her, she was not elected to be Prime Minister by the people, therefore should not be PM in my opinion, but let's see how long she lasts with a minority Government, not long I hope!. She never voted to Leave the EU, she was a remainer, therefore she should not be leading the Brexit talks and negotiations.

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