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Smart AI Sensor Traffic Lights


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"The technology is designed to prevent bottlenecks by giving priority to ambulances, buses and even cyclists". Cyclists don't create bottlenecks and buses are largely a thing of the past in Hereford and we don't have any bus lanes anyway. Yes, we have ambulances, but they are rarely held up. Seems like a lot of money to not address the problem - which must make it irresistible to Plough Lane.

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This is a separate topic to that of the traffic light petition discussion, so I have created this as a topic on its own. Please only discuss the topics in hand, if otherwise the discussion will go off topic and not make sense. If unsure  just create a new topic.

Petition is dead in the water Colin,they in power ain't and never will listen.

This system looks to be a great idea and more of a possibility than turning off the lights.

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