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Building next to the Nuffield

Denise Lloyd

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Having spent a few days at the Nuffield there is a beautiful building next door on the same side of the road.  I know it was a Care Home but is now closed down.  I am sure this was discussed on here and I have asked several people who know of it but nothing really about it.  

To satisfy my curiosity does anybody know anything about the building and who actually owns it? 

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Thank you for that TWG - how strange to be sat on this property  - which must be worth quite a lot of money - when the care industry is in such chaos.  

20 Jun 2012 - PLANS. Elmhurst, Venns Lane, HR1 1DE. Proposed refurbishment and extension to provide 51 bed spaces. Demolition of outbuildings.
2 May 2012 - Page 1 of 8. APPENDIX 1 ... S120737/C. 1 Meadow Close, HR2 6AA (St Martins and Hinton) .... Elmhurst, Venns Lane, HR1 1DE (Aylestone).
2 May 2012 - Page 1 of 8. APPENDIX ... Thornton House, Southbank Road, HR1 2TL (Aylestone). Construct .... Elmhurst, Venns Lane, HR1 1DE (Aylestone).
Charge - Companies House Beta

22 Dec 2015 - The freehold property known as or being elmhurst, 10-12 venns lane, hereford, HR1 1DE(title number: HE44310). Contains negative pledge.




I think the above refs are related - further enquiries to be made in the not too distant future! I thought there was a housing shortage - just how many flats/apartments could be plopped here??

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