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Bishops Meadows


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After visiting Swansea/Mumbles over the weekend, I realised what an under used area the Meadows is. Why does it not get utilised more, especially during the summer months? Singleton Park has a boating lake, mini fun rides and bouncy castle for U12s, play park with NO LITTER and no damage, various groups of different ages doing different activities, and food & bar caravans. Not one copper or litter picker in sight! Oh and I didn't even have to pay for parking all day...


What have we got........

Scorched grass where childhood memories lie and extortionate parking charges.

Yes I had to explain why the pool disappeared.

Yes she would like it back! So would I!



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Nothing of any note will happen on Bishops Meadows or King George V playing fields as it would involve probable investment from the council, who, as we all know are skint, and have less than 0% interest in anything that would give the population somewhere to do, or something to do.  Unless they can charge everybody entry or parking (more likely though, both.)

So, it will stay as football fields as they can charge teams for the use.  Simple income with no outlay other than the occasional grass cutting.

Happy days eh?

Wow.  That is a depressing post by me.  Apologies to all.

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