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Fed up with nuisance calls?

Colin James

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Mobile phone users can opt out of nuisance calls by text message for the first time from today.



The "text-to-register" service allows members of the public to add their number to the "do not call" database of the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).
Mobile users can sign up by texting "TPS" followed by their number to 78070.
The TPS should send a text reply confirming the number has been added to its database.
The service may take 28 days to become fully effective but customers should notice a reduction in unwanted sales and marketing voice calls within days.
It is illegal for organisations to make unsolicited calls to numbers registered with the TPS unless they get consent.
Communications regulator Ofcom said only 48% of people familiar with the TPS are aware that they can register a mobile number, compared with 88% for landlines - meaning only 2.9 million UK mobiles are registered.
John Mitchison, head of the TPS, said: "Rogue callers operate illegally and against the interests of ordinary people.
"Texting will make it easier for people to register their mobile numbers on the TPS, which is the only official no-call list, and help us stamp out rogue callers once and for all by giving the Information Commissioner more ammunition to prosecute these cases."
Baroness Neville Rolfe, the minister responsible for data protection, said: "Nuisance calls are incredibly intrusive and can cause significant distress, particularly to elderly and vulnerable members of society.
"This new service from the TPS and Ofcom will help protect people with mobile phones, making it easier for them to register via text and opt out of the call list."
Spam Texts
What to do if you get a spam text message:
Recent Which? research revealed that only 1 in 10 people are aware that you can report spam texts to your provider using a free text service. Just forward the message to 7726, or 87726 if you’re with Vodafone. Once reported you should get an automated response and some further instructions.
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If you haven't been watching "Nev" SWSWSWN! on TV, I have an associate that works for him in Swansea.

He has been fined in excess of £1M over cold calling in the last few years. As a matter of course for his business he has scaled down his uk operations to concentrate on opening an Indian call centre. Technically he has exposed a loophole in the uk law, but in reality India has no cold calling laws, therefore free to call us relentlessly. He merely uses India to generate income through cold calling then passing the obtained client details onto his UK centre to follow up and make money, selling his wares! Very clever.

The TPS cannot bar these types of calls from India unfortunately, as they use unused routing systems on available lines; clever wizardry!. Still if he can afford a £1M fine and still run a succesful business he's doing something right!

I just block the numbers as they come, if it's important they'll leave a message!

Meanwhile, a tried and tested method for Postal junk/spam/loan/cards etc with your correct details on (a personal favourite of mine), open said mail and return the contents, including original envelope using the kindly provided free post envelope included! It costs them to receive this with no financial gain to themselves. You're name will soon be blacklisted in the spam world. RESULT.

Sometimes I do fill in the forms using ACME TRADING COMPANY or the likes, maybe even a polite or not so polite "please don't contact me again" dependant on my mood!

Hope this helps folks.

Little things please little minds

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