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Leak in H/H roof damages furniture


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My Niece has had a leak in the roof of her flat that has caused damage to bedroom furniture (mould on wood slats/mattress & bedding).
Hereford housing are refusing to pay for their replacement.Surely this should not be the case.
Anyone else here had a similar experience?

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If you give me more information I will try and help, in what way is the roof leaking?

Hi Glenda.Roof has been repaired,apparently it had quite a large hole in it. and they repaired ceiling yesterday.

They point blank refused to replace any damaged personal effects.



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that is terrible, don't know where she lives, tell her to get in touch with the HHL estates manager for the area, then tell him / her that you taken advice and they are responsible, otherwise they will go to the press.

I had water pouring through my bathroom ceiling  from the upstairs flat ( they overfilled the bath) which ruin my carpet,throughout the flat I told HHL they had to replace it, because I wasn't going to claim off my insurance, HHL paid for my new carpet.

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The fabric of the building ie the bricks and mortar plus plumbing and electrics are the responsibility of the landlord where social housing is concerned. The tenants handbook usually states that the landlord (be it housing association or local council) provide insurance to cover the building, leaving the contents to the householder to cover themselves.

Definitely HH responsibility.

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