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Safety Petition to prevent more serious accidents on A49


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started by Caroline Slough Hereford
Safety petition A49 south of Hereford city (SO 50060 35852) 20/03/16
This petition aims to achieve changes to the signage and road layout on the A49, a road that has been the site of many accidents, injuries and fatalities throughout its whole length. Specifically this is a response to a serious accident that occurred on a stretch of road between the Grafton Garages and the relief road roundabout on Wednesday 16th March when a Landrover and sheep trailer hit the back of a car in which a mother and her child were trying to turn right into Norton Brook Lane. The trailer overturned onto the top of the car; another car was also involved in which the pregnant mother and child were thankfully unhurt, but the father suffered a serious leg fracture. He had to be cut out of his car.
Norton Brook Lane is in constant use as it is the turn to a day nursery. Traffic needing to turn right into the lane are highly vulnerable as the turning is hidden, narrow and poorly signed, and cars that have gathered speed down the Callow Hill are often driving too fast to stop behind cars turning right.
This problem has been present for many years and the recent accident has highlighted the danger of this stretch of road, and the fact that it is young children and babies who are regularly at risk.
The petition will go to Highways England, local councillors and MPs, and the members of the Highways and Transport cabinet of Herefordshire Council.
Your signature on this petition will help to improve the safety of everyone using this road and highlight the dangers of black spots on the A49.
Following a major accident at this site on Wednesday 16th March 2016, we the undersigned request the following:
 1. A 40 mph speed limit on the A49 from SO 50451 36583 to SO 49802 35447 
 2. The creation of a wide splay at the bottom of Norton Brook Lane to alert drivers on the A49 to the presence of this turning and make it clear why there are Reduce Speed signs. A wide splay would also improve visibility and leave more space for two cars or tractors to pass easily when one is entering and the other leaving.
 3 Installation of school warning signs in both directions on the A49.
 4. Improvement of the visibility of the Reduce Speed warning signs.
Nearly 1500 signatures so far.


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The junction is signed as in this photo from google ....




The junction is just behind the van on the right. I don't think there's any reason an alert driver wouldn't see a stationary vehicle waiting to turn right but a 'protected' right turn filter would certainly improve things. 




There are precedents for safety improvements on the A49 after accidents. When Brimfield bypass was built (1983) there was no protected right turn for vehicles approaching from the south who were turning right into the village. Then, about 25 years ago, a stationary car was waiting to turn right and it was squashed flat by a lorry approaching from behind. The driver was killed. I remember it because I went to the incident. A protected right turn was then built. As per the photo below.



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