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Calling all 1950's ladies

Denise Lloyd

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Petition: Make fair transitional state pension arrangements for 1950s women

Any ladies reading this and born in the 1950's please sign the petition

A group of ladies have set up an action group called the WASPI's and have so far got 92000 signatures they need to reach 100000 signatures before it can be debated in Parliament.  So please gents if you know of a lady who has been affected by this please pass the word on.  I am personally affected and having to wait 3 and half years before I can draw my state pension even though I qualified at 60! 

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Incredibly this petition has now attracted over 117000 signatures nationwide.  Thank you once again to all those of you who has spread the word please keep pushing it around


A new debate date has been set 



#WASPI understands that the NEW debate scheduled for the 1st Feb will take place at 4:30pm in Westminster Hall. http://www.parliament.uk/visiting/visiting-and-tours/watch-committees-and-debates/westminster-hall-debates/ â€¦


This is all down to the incredible work and effort the ladies from WASPI have put in.  A huge thank you ladies

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The Far Left Marxist screaming, howling and frothing crazed Feminists,who’ve pursued an ideology that men are to blame for all things that interfere with their political agenda and which proclaims women are oppressed by a tyrannical patriarchy are the very same ones who built this fiscal trap that our fifties girls have fallen into. The Government have simply reacted to the Feminist Lobbying groups that prowl Westminster demanding their vision of equality and have reacted by giving our fifties girls some equality. They’ve given them exactly the one thing our women didn’t want.

Its they, the influential Feminists who’ve robbed the fifties girls of their rights and it’s they who’ve orchestrated this gender equality issue that now says nothing and remains silent providing no support to our girls because the politicians have given them what they want. Equality! Problem is this little slice of equality isn’t what was intended or wanted. Because to complain and support our fifties girls would be seen as damaging to their political aims, which is to tear down and replace the patriarchy with a matriarchy, our fifties girls are abandoned and left high and dry by the very same people who are slavish followers to Political Feminism.

Next up for our girls, because the radical feminists have  been peddling a false gender play gap narrative, which in truth only exists because men work longer hours and choose very different disciplines to women, is women will eventually be contractually compelled to work longer hours to match the men so that the gender pay gap will be closed and through social engineering quotas, women of the future will be forced, on the basis of equality, to become bricklayers or do some other job that women are not temperamentally suited toward or physically able to carry out.

Yep! And it’s all been done in the name of gender equality!




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