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I thought I was being a bit clever by going in for a haircut (West Street) as the kids' don't go back for a week or so. Wrong! Massive Q ..... Had to wait for 30 minutes today ..... Just a timely reminder NOT to try it the weekend after next! 


Highlight today was a woman driving in on her mobility scooter with, I presume her grandson, or great grandson, and getting totally annoyed as the place was full! She then put the machine into reverse and left ..... 

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Its a busy hair salon generally so when the kids are off its extremely busy but still the best in my opinion. A lot of the time its about timing, you can drive past look through the window and see just a couple of people, park the car come back 10 mins later and its packed, which is frustrating especially if you only have a 30 minute parking window. 

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