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Herefordshire Council To Light Beacon On VE Day

Colin James

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VE Day 1945.jpg


The Herefordshire community is being invited to celebrate the 70thanniversary of VE Day on Friday 8 May.


The chairman of Herefordshire Council is planning to light a beacon in memory of the end of the Second World War at the Shirehall in Hereford at 9.15pm on Friday 8 May.


On VE Day 1945 millions of people across the UK shared an unprecedented moment of relief and euphoria that the war in Europe was finally over. Service men and women were coming home; families no longer needed to live in fear and young evacuees could return from the countryside where they had been sent for their protection.


The Chairman of Herefordshire Council, Lady Darnley, High Sheriff and local Mayors will attend along with WW11 Veterans, members of the Royal British Legion and cadets. The event will consist of speeches, bugle call and culminate with the lighting of the beacon.


The event is open to the public and we welcome you to come along and celebrate the anniversary of this very important day in our history. 

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Further to AV post...........


You will wish to know that images from the Herefordshire Regiment archive of pictures taken in the First World War, including some at Suvla Bay, will be projected on to the front of Lloyds Bank in High Town, Hereford. This will be a remarkable display, with the live performances taking place on the evenings of 8 and 9 May between 9 and 11pm. The pictures are on a loop with each one projected for 15 seconds with the whole loop lasting a few minutes

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