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Free NHS care packages

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Guest smartieno1

Hi Folks,

As you know I often find myself encountering dishonesty, fraud, obfuscation and secrecy...once again it happened at the awful County Hospital and involved my 92 year old Nan...

My Nan was paying a fortune for private care in her home and had lots of falls which resulted in a prolonged stay in Hospital....the care was appalling but that is not why I am here....

I am here to tell you all about a secret package of funding that can provide a minimum of £110 a week for nursing care in your own home or a care home...see link:


Of course nothing is done properly in Hereford and the Hospital did a secret assessment and found my Nan did not qualify...I found out about this challenged it and she was awarded £110 a week to start with and as her condition progresses it will be reviewed..

The beauty of this funding is ..it prevents someone with a house and savings having to eat it all up in costly fees ....it can provide completely free care regardless of your savings or home ownership status 

I am currently involved in highlighting this care package via the offices of Healthwatch Hereford and would be happy to help anyone obtain an assessment....

There is also a whole raft of info about help with Health Care for our elderly loved ones...

Hope you find it useful 

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