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More than 198 bicycles stolen in Hereford city centre last year


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Tuesday 16 September 2014 in Hereford Times News by Jessica Phillips

Thursday will see the first surgery take place.
MORE than 250 bicycles have been stolen in Herefordshire in the last year.
The figures, released by West Mercia Police this week, show that 70 per cent – 198 – had been taken from cycle racks, sheds and garages in Hereford city centre.
To encourage awareness of bike security and cyclist safety, Hereford police have been working in partnership with Herefordshire Council, Halfords and other local business such as ‘Chaingang Cycles’ to launch a new cycling initiative.
A series of educational cycle surgeries, starting on Thursday, are set to encourage bike owners to ensure the security of their properties.
Thursday's surgery takes place at Herefordshire and Ludlow College on Folly Lane between 12pm and 2pm, while there are others planned for Leominster Police Station open day between 10am and 2pm on Sunday (September 21) and on October 31 in Hereford High Town between 10am and 3pm.
Officers will be on hand throughout the day to educate owners of the methods of tracing their bike – either by marking it using smart water or recording the serial number upon databases such as immbalise.com and Bikeregister.com.


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Just a thought re the cycle thefts in the City - I may well have missed the articles in the local paper but I cannot recall any press publicity reporting that on average at least three cycles a week have been stolen . If there was publicity with a description of the cycle the general public would be aware and perhaps on the lookout especially if they are offered for sale . Cycle owners may well take extra precaution to secure the cycle .


Of course the surgeries may help but I am also sure that most cyclists know how to protect their cycle but for whatever reason do not.

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