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We've got things in common with The Wirral.


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First we had the pleasure of the mightily impressive Paul Cardin who's currently celebrating his third success against Wirral Council who desperately want him branded a 'vexatious person', then Wirral Leaks, then Level80 registered with us and now, perhaps the most prolific tapper of vowels and consonants on the Wirral Globe, the incomparable Growl Tiger.

Mind, I've got one problem with The Wirral. Wrong side of the tunnel. My old man used to tell me on our trips to New Brighton, 'they think there bloody it on The Wirral. They've all got curtains up against their windows'.

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Yes indeedy!


A very warm welcome to Growl Tiger....I have enjoyed reading your comments over at HT, and am so pleased you've decided to sign up here!


There is a steady trickle of new members signing up here at Hereford Voice, which is excellent news!

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Thanks everyone for your warm welcome.  I think what we have in common is 2 awful Councils.  Will endeavour to keep up the tapping of the keys in both locations.  Interestingly, our Leader of the Council believes he and the newish CEO have turned our rotten borough around and that it is now open and transparent and all the Senior Officers are approachable.  Tried with one of the Senior Officers the other day and got the same arrogant and dismissive approach as under the old regime.  So no change there!

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