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Something the Council want you to see?


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Some lovely little gems contained within this link, Flam.


Basically, they want to do very little!


I have no problem with some services being reduced IF priority services such as children's safeguarding, and adult social care, were being brought back up to scratch.


At the end of the day, only statutory services have to legally be maintained, and even they may not be delivered as they once were.


The poor, the disabled, the elderly and the needy will be let down badly.


As a society, I am all for us getting stuck in, and helping out......however, when I still see so much money being needlessly wasted, it does kind of stick in my throat.


One day, things will get better. I am sure of that. But we may have to brace ourselves for a long wait.

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Particularly liked the following


  • We will reduce the support available to our managers and frontline staff from our finance, HR and other back office functions and so reduce the cost of these services.

I would rather have seen, we will reduce our management structure Or we are shutting down Hoople and bringing services back in house!


There's a reason why they posted that on Facebook it's been hidden on the Council website for months. Why are they suddenly posted it on Facebook?

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