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A 'Hero' amongst us.


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Recently the Hereford Times were asking for nominations for a local Hero. Someone who does great things, inspires all those around them and is undoubtedly a local treasure.

Obviously I tick all the boxes but I'll be damned if I accept the nomination from my good friend Ubique who understandably put forward my name to receive this accolade.

No, the person I have in mind is a truly wonderful lady. An inspiration to all those who come into contact with her and someone who provides everything to her pupils, her staff and the parents and Carers of the children who attend Blackmarston Special Needs School.

The person who I tip my hat to is the Headteacher at the School Mrs Sian Bailey who is quite simply a remarkable person who's driven to give her all for the little ones in her care. This is one 'mighty' individual who, whenever Im in her company, Im very aware that Im in the presence of greatness and its this lady and all her staff who are my hero's.

To her, all that matters is the children and the education they receive. Everything else is of little consequence to Sian Bailey. This young woman is a long way from retirement but when her time comes to go, put her feet up and reflect upon her life and her achievements she'll have thousands of people forever grateful for all the things that she has done.

What a woman! What a teacher and what a hero to the people of our City.

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Bobby , I do not know this lady , but from what you say , unsolicited , is that she is a remarkable lady who must truly love her "job" , actually from what you say it's not a "job " to her , but it's more than that - it's apparent that she sees it as her calling - helping others , less able that a lot of us in Society. Others in her position in all walks of life go to work for the salary ,nothing more , nothing less , and as long as they toe the line they will vp continue to get paid , a few like this lady go that extra mile for the benefit of the people under her care.

Mrs Bailey , on behalf of the Public who do not know you or probably will never meet you all we can say is a big thank you. What you do must be a great relief to both the Parents and Carers who put their trust in you to care for their children whilst in your care.

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