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The malaise spreads to Ross-on-Wye


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Not sure where else this issue fits - it has hints of several others in Hereford.


There is a building in Ross now called the Ryefield Centre - half of it is used by the Children's Centre (although the council has never seen fit to put any signposts up to let anyone know it's there).  The other half is rooms that are rented by community groups for lots of purposes.  The building is an attractive old school building.  The old playing fields have been developed for housing and the Larrurpez Centre.


There was consternation a few weeks ago when the weekly Luncheon club, to which isolated and lonely elderly people are brought for a meal and company - run largely by volunteers, were told they would have to stop using the premises.  So far, so very Herefordshire Council.  The Ross Town brass band which enlivens many community events rehearses there and stores instruments etc is also being kicked out.  I assume there are others likewise affected.


One of the local councillors (The Lib Dem Cllr Bartrum) has written to the Ross Gazette that he has been able to find out that there is a possible new future tenant and the Council is kicking (my words) existing tenants out to make way.  He doesn't say if he knows who the new tenant might be. 


My suspicion is that the Council would like to declare those premises as `surplus to requirements' (i.e. surplus to council requirements rather than surplus to community requirements) and this is part of the process of being able to do so.  It may or may not be connected to another Free School proposed for the area looking for possible premises - a Montessori school, - is the council again kowtowing to central conservative government at the expense of local interests?   If that is the case it is scandalous to tell these groups that they must leave well in advance of any government approval for the free school.  If it isn't the free school,  then why be so secretive - is it just the Bramer/Hughes way of doing things?


Interesting in the Harry Bramer thread that he is a former director of Age Concern in Ross - I wonder how he would justify kicking out elderly and vulnerable people from their luncheon club in order to free up an `asset'.

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This is completely unacceptable.


IF, the councils decision to evict those using these premises, is because of another Free School,then this is indeed a very worrying trend.


This building, as really was Black friars, is most definitely NOT surplus to requirements.


I would hope that other councillors may have more information that they are able to share.


I wonder what time scale we are talking about?


The Robert Owen School, was a long time in coming to fruition.


Whoever the new "tenant" is, I find it extremely worrying that a well used community facility such as this, could potentially be lost.

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One of the problems Cambo, is that under Government rules and regulations, any building that has been used as an educational establishment, and is designated "surplus to requirements" MUST be given over to a Free School if required.


No matter how valuable that asset is.....Black friars, was I believe, valued at 1.2 million pounds......


And we all know how that particular story has ended!

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Harry bramer is the last person I'd want to look after my dear old gran that's for sure!

He wouldn't look out of place in a dickens nove?l as I dare say he wouldn't even bat a eyelid @ kicking out the poor old folks?!…as I can just imagine him counting the money with the light from a single candle & muttering "have they've gone yet"?

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