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Stephen Hawking Visits Hereford - Gets Stuck in Pothole


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Oh for christs sake, one of the greatest minds in the history of the human race appears in this **** hole of a city - nothing on the HT


It was picked up by Worcester news, but there is, as of now, nothing on the HT website. Journalism at it's absolute worst


It's on the HT website now see this brief article 

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Can't believe the complete lack of publicity surrounding this visit!


I find it incomprehensible that some X factor reject, gets more of a write up when they appear at Play nightclub!


Some of us know there is more to life than TV talent shows and reality programmes!


In case you weren't aware Biomech, the online programme for Hay Festival is now available.....there is usually something for everybody!

The founder of The Huffington Post is there, should be interesting!

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Saw a good one on Facebook the other day, someone somewhere had planted a pothole with flowers.  Thought it was a hilarious way to highlight the problem.   You have guerrilla knitters, like the ones that highlighted the trees in Edgar Street, perhaps we should have people going out and planting potholes up to highlight them.  Make them more obvious to the many car drivers who have their cars damaged by them day in day out. :Winky:  

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Or a tree, most people in Hereford will run over a flower:P


I saw a guy yesterday purposely position himself over the double yellows on the new bridge when he saw a cyclist coming. Even after I beeped at him and he looked back at me and the cyclist being forced into the curb he did nothing. The guy on the bike consequently had to come around to the right of the idiot.


So if the cyclist is reading this, I was beeping at him to get out of your way - not you :)

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The man is a genius, I too would of also loved to have seen him



It's a shame that there wasn't a public talk or lecture/appearance but  I would think though that Mr Hawking needs to be able to do things in a private capacity sometimes and without a public fuss so it is understandable that his visit was kept quiet until after the event.  We should respect that and hope that he enjoyed his visit enough to repeat it and was made welcome enough to consider a more public appearance next time.


Perhaps I should add that I also prefer to visit Hereford without being mobbed by hordes of well wishers and fans and so far I have been able to achieve that.

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