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StrongerHereford Vote In Favour Of Relocating Library To Hereford Shire Hall

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StrongerHereford has voted to support Herefordshire Council’s proposal to relocate the Hereford Library & Learning Centre to Shirehall.


The decision effectively gives the go ahead for £3,000,000 from the city’s Stronger Towns Fund (totalling £22.4m) to be invested in creating a vibrant, modern and innovative library within the Shirehall, rather than at Maylord Orchards, now subject only to acceptance by the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

The decision follows a thorough assessment of the project plans, as explained by Abigail Appleton, Chair of Stronger Hereford and Principal of Hereford College of Arts, "The Library is a flagship project for our city and vitally important for residents of all ages so we needed to explore and understand all the implications of the relocation. We have worked extremely closely with the project team at Herefordshire Council to dig into the details of the new proposal and consider its benefits, risks and mitigation. I am proud of the rigour and quality of the Board’s discussion and the diversity of perspectives heard.

We will continue to work collaboratively and closely with the Council team as the project develops, to monitor progress and ensure all is done to make the library the flagship destination for Hereford that we expect - a place of creativity, learning, culture, connection and community we can all be proud of. ”

Cllr Harry Bramer, Herefordshire Council Cabinet Member, Community Services and Assets said, “I am delighted that Stronger Hereford has voted in favour of the relocation of the Library to Shirehall and that we can begin work on this vitally important project for Hereford and the wider county. I have always been clear that ambition for a world class library and learning space should be at the heart of this project and I now look forward to working with the Council Officers to deliver a library and learning space in an iconic Herefordshire building that we can all be proud of”.


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