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Economic Development Officer


Economic Development

Herefordshire Council

PO Box 4




For every £10 spent with independent businesses in Herefordshire £8 stays in the county, for

every £10 spent with the national chains only £2 stays in Herefordshire.

Source: new economics foundation / LM3

This is their signature! After they built the ESG!

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Beggars belief. So, just what does economic development do these days, given that everything has been outsourced to Hereford Futures, the huge pile of salty bricks is almost done (and has put the local electricians working on it out of business, by the way) and that the council have no money to spend (they say) and are selling/giving away everything in an end of year fiscal frenzy?

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I saw salty bricks on the houses around Saxon Gate today. They are what... 5 years old? 6?
So does this mean that we have to look forward to that white crap coming back again in 5 or 6 years time?


I'm guessing they have just left it this time, wait until it's all built up and nuke it in one go? Or do it once at the end of the build and leave it rather than have to redo it 3-4 during the course of the work :P

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