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Can anybody throw any light on how Fire Precaution and Risk Assessment works in Council car parks require a budget of over £500000?

The report refers to a list of works but that does not seem to be available

https://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/documents/s50115056/Decision to award contract and approve the expenditure of up to 526113.50 for Fire Precaution and.pdf


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Possibly in the light of the recent fire at Luton Airport car park (and another a few days ago at Bristol Airport, too late for this inaccessible report). Electric vehicles and oversize/weight SUV's are certainly heightening the risk in concentrated spaces for fire or collapse in historic multi-storeys. That said Herefordshire Council only has Garrick House (I think). £0.5m seems typically over the top for this Council, but I'm sure consultants won't be saying we can do it for less (and Plough Lane seems only to act as a clearing house for jobs to consultants these days). Contrast this amount with the paltry sum they are spending on the homeless (ironically sited in a car park).

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I understand that “The council awards a contract to S C Joseph Ltd for the Fire Precaution & Risk Assessment works at various Car Parks in Herefordshire following a successful tender. The council approve the expenditure of up to £526,113.50 on the works, which includes a 5% contingency of £23,914.25, and 5% internal and external professional fees of £23,914.25."
“The approved funding to undertake this work, is not sufficient. Therefore, we are requesting a further £186,113.50, which will be taken out of the Fire Precaution & Improvement Works within the 23/25 programme.”

Increase in cost of 35% to £712,227 before it evens starts ... what on earth?

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