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Is it just me, or is there more to this?


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I read this in the HT yesterday, and whilst I agree that it is an unacceptable act, I cannot help thinking there is more to the story:



Woman pushed and racially abused in Hereford car park

A WOMAN was pushed over and racially abused in a Hereford car park.

The woman was allegedly approached from behind by a man in Merton Meadow Car Park last Thursday (November 7) at 8.45am.

The man – described as being in his 20s, about 5ft 10ins tall, of medium build and wearing a Nike hoody and crash helmet – reportedly pushed the woman over and was racially abusive before he drove off on a motorbike, believed to be a black Suzuki.

PC Tessa Whaley said: “This was an unprovoked racial assault and we would like to speak to anyone who saw it happen, saw a motorcyclist of that description in the area or recognises the man from the description.â€

Call 101, quoting incident number 150S 061113, with information

Now, I may well be wrong, but my point is that the assault was more than likely neither racist nor unprovoked.  Speaking as a motorist, scooter rider, cyclist and pedestrian, is it just me that thinks that the lady in question may well have cut-up the motorcyclist or almost knocked him off, without noticing?

I am not condoning his actions, but having been on the receiving end of some pretty shocking behaviour by motorists, is it not possible that the man in question, lost his temper and decided to let her know what his thoughts on the matter were?

As I say, I am not condoning his actions, but I think  turning it into a racially provoked attack is a bit uncomfortable in my view.


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Oh here it is, I was just talking about this.


I want to know who was who. Was the victim attacked for being foreign/black/muslim or were they attacked for being British? Because it makes a difference.


Now, I may well be wrong, but my point is that the assault was more than likely neither racist nor unprovoked.  Speaking as a motorist, scooter rider, cyclist and pedestrian, is it just me that thinks that the lady in question may well have cut-up the motorcyclist or almost knocked him off, without noticing?



This certainly could be the case given that it's a busy carpark and was "unprovoked". It's very easy for the media to spin a confrontation into something as racist when words are thrown. Calling someone a "rag head" during a confrontation is the same as calling someone a bald C@@* or a 4 eyed ****. You use their appearance as ammunition.

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I'm willing to put hard cash on the line that this was not about race, the racial abuse part, in my opinion has come out of frustration, and is not the actual reason that it took place.

Think about it, quarter to nine on a workday morning, people going to work, trying to get into Merton Meadow before it is full...

Just how many racist motorcyclists cruise around Merton Meadow looking to assault and abuse people who are different to them?

It doesn't make sense.

I, of course, may be totally wrong.

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Just doing an interesting test....


paki (pa ki)

****** (*** ger)

****** (*** ga)

chinky (chin ky)


Brit (Brit)

Limey (lime y)

Yank (Yan k)

Honky (honk y)

Eskimo (Eski mo)
Dago (Da go)

Kraut (Krau t)


EDIT: Pretty much what I thought, although surprised paki made it through.

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This is another apparent racist incident - this story was circulated by WM police yesterday and has not yet been put on the HT website. That's of concern because of how it could have turned out . The Residents of the area have a right to know what is happening in their area so that they can can the appropriate action - likewise someone reading the circulation may well know who the allegded offender are.


Appeal After Man Exposed Himself To Father And Son In Hereford

Police in Hereford are appealing for information after a man exposed himself to a father and his young child.

The incident happened at around 3.15pm on Monday, 4 November, on Great Western Way, near the junction with Hunderton Road.

The father was walking along The Lines with his son when two men, heading in the opposite direction, passed them on the pathway.

The two men are described as being drunk – shouting and swearing – and the father of the young boy asked them to stop.

In response to the request, one of the men unzipped his trousers and exposed himself, before turning around and urinating against a bin.

The man is described as white, aged 30, of a large build, 5ft 7ins to 5ft 8ins tall, with a shaved head.

PC Polly Price is investigating the incident. She said: “The victim did his best to shield his son’s eyes from the offender but clearly, this was an upsetting incident for both of them. It is also concerning that someone would behave in such a way at school closing time and in broad daylight.

“The offender was with another man at the time who is described as white, in his late 20s, of a slimmer build, around 6ft tall and with mousey-brown, short hair.

“The pair are described as being foreign – possibly Eastern European – and I would appeal to anyone who saw them hanging around in the Hunderton area of Hereford on the afternoon in question, or knows who they are from the descriptions given, to call us.â€

Anyone with information can call police on 0300 333 3000 quoting reference 695S 041113. Alternatively, people can also contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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Im pretty sure that the 'thinking' behind all of this is as the result of a noble cause. Newspapers worrying that if the suspect is identified as perhaps foreign, it'll add fuel to the flames and create discord and anger amongst a frustrated community.

In fact, Im sure it is a good and noble cause intended to promote community cohesion rather than divide it and on the face of it, it'd be perfectly natural to conclude that it's been done for the best.

But, if you stop and pause for a moment and really give the issue some thought, despite it being a good and noble decision, its actually a form of censorship. The media are deciding what we must be told, what we can be told and what we shouldn't be told. In other words, 'we ain't going to tell you that the offender may be a foreign national in case you are unable to deal with this information'.

The consequences of this subtle form of censorship is that people can resent the fact that they've not been trusted to be given the facts. This then feeds into discussions like this, people become concerned that their freedoms are being undermined and for the fools amongst us, they race down to Halfords, buy a can of spray paint and in the dead of night they spray some signposts as they did a few months ago.

All Im saying is that a noble cause like this can sometimes create more harm than good and if we sit back and simply accept censorship, it inevitable takes on a creep affect and becomes a normal practice for those who want to keep the truth away from our eyes.

My very warmest regards.

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