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    Butter Market gets Alcohol Licence

    George Armstrong
    By George Armstrong,

    Herefordshire Council’s licensing committee granted the permission on Wednesday (December 5) for the sale and consumption of alcohol on and off the Maylord Street premises from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 5pm and Sundays from 10am to 4pm.

    This permission is subject to stallholders abiding by terms and conditions and signing a register.

    Source Article



    Denise Lloyd
    By Denise Lloyd,

    According to the FT Carillion could well go into Administration as early as tomorrow which could well mean the loss of thousands of jobs not just direct employees but also the thousands of sub contracted employees.

    Should this be allowed to happen?

    Should the Government bail them?

    There are so many unanswered questions not least of all why have the Government continued to give them contracts when they should have known about the Company's financial state - due dilligence? 

    The Banks have continued to prop them up why?

    Whichever way this goes it will affect the whole country

    Government holds crunch meeting with Carillion - Financial Times

    11 hours ago - The fate of Carillion, one of Britain's largest construction companies, looks set to be decided at a crunch meeting with government figures at 10am on Sunday. The meeting was brought forward as Downing Street grappled with the implications of the potential collapse of the group, which has numerous 

    Christmas Dinner

    By Roger,

    We're going to the Bunch Of Carrots for Christmas dinner. Dec. 25. My wife has cooked 36 Christmas dinners' in a row and she needs a break! 

    Hereford's Commercial Street Refurbishment Paused For Xmas

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Herefordshire Council’s ongoing refurbishment of Commercial Street has been paused for the festive season.

    The council and our partners, Balfour Beatty Living Places, have been working to improve Commercial Street over the last six months, and the project is on track to be completed in spring 2019. The works will be put on hold over December to ensure there is no disruption to seasonal shoppers, and to allow Hereford’s local residents, businesses and visitors to celebrate Christmas.


    The teams will return in the New Year to complete delivery of a new vibrant shopping area for residents and visitors.


    Cllr Barry Durkin, cabinet member transport and regulatory services, said:


    “The refurbishment of Commercial Street has been progressing well and is on course to be completed in May 2019. This planned pause in the works will enable Christmas shoppers to be able to move about safely whilst enjoying their festive shopping.

    “The refurbishment will tie in with an upgrade to the whole High Town area, and enhance the city as an attractive and easily accessible destination for visitors and shoppers.

    “On behalf of Herefordshire Council and Balfour Beatty Living Places we would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”


    Christmas Bin Collections 2018

    By Roger,

    My Green Bin collection falls on a Wednesday which is Boxing Day. Obviously not much Public Service activity on that day. It has been moved to Saturday 29.12.18. Fair play. That is good service. 

    Surviving Winter campaign

    By megilleland,

    Surviving Winter campaign

    The Herefordshire Community Foundation is launching its Surviving Winter campaign to help local people survive the coldest season. It is keen to help as many people -and the organisations they rely on in the winter – to survive this year.   According to Herefordshire Healthy Housing report in 2012 14% (one in seven) of households were considered fuel poor.   The UK has one of the highest increases in deaths amongst the elderly in Europe.  Each winter one older person dies every seven minutes from the cold.  The campaign originally began as a vehicle for generous pensioners to ‘recycle’ their Winter Fuel payments and has now developed into a giving portal for anyone who wants to help support vulnerable people live well during the winter.

    The cost to the NHS in Herefordshire owing to cold homes is considerable..  Research from the national charity Age UK suggested that the cost of cold homes to the NHS in England and Wales is £1.36 billion a year.  The figure does not include the cost to other services which much be significant.  Considering this national figure, any activity to reduce fuel poverty and its associated effects in Herefordshire is likely to lead to consequential reductions in local health spend, GP referrals and hospital admissions.

    Philippa Spens, CEO of the Community Foundation, said, “This fund is vital, community foundations are one of the few organisations that help with responsive, crisis payments, when people really have nowhere else to turn and are desperate for help.” 

    Last year, 59 year old Jane had recently separated from her husband after 30 years of marriage. Jane wasn’t used to supporting herself independently and fell on hard times. She had no money for food or bills. Jane eventually managed to find a job as a receptionist but had to wait a few weeks before being paid and was at rock bottom. Because she was earning nothing she went to the food bank for help and although they did help a few times, there was a limit to the number of times she was entitled to food from there. She’s also diabetic, and without food, she was struggling to manage the condition. She approached her Community Foundation and they assisted immediately by providing her with food vouchers and money for her electricity bill. This helped tide her over until her first pay check. 

    90 year old Norman benefited from a grant last year. He lives alone and has a serious heart condition. He said that the money he received from the Surviving Winter appeal ‘has taken a lot of worry from me. My electricity bills are so high as I feel the cold so much and have to keep the house warm. Your grant has helped me feel comfortable’.

    Winter Fuel Allowance payments are made in November and December to all pensioners across the UK and is not means tested. If you don’t need yours you can donate it to the Community Foundation and they will help those less fortunate.  There isn't any way to simply divert the payment. Instead, the Foundation is asking for a donation of some or all of the benefit you receive. Even if you don’t qualify for the benefit you can send money. 

    To donate online go to https://www.herefordshirecf.org/donate/#form or you can post a cheque made out to the Herefordshire Community Foundation, The Fred Bulmer Centre, Wall Street, Hereford HR4 9HP or ring 01432 272550.

    Commercial Road Graveyard - Venns Arch

    By Ubique,

    I walked through Venn Gdns / Park between Canel Rd and Commercial Rd a couple of weeks ago and saw that somebody had set up camp  in the corner - quite surprised to see that the camp complete with two occupants is still there .,I fully accept that this is the life some people follow for whatever reason but should they be allowed to remain there ? 


    Kubus Polski Sklep (Eign Gate, Hereford)

    By Roger,

    This premises is applying for a booze licence ..... 




    Hours applied for are 0800 - 2200 7 days a week ..... Address is 22 Eign Gate .... 


    Denise Lloyd
    By Denise Lloyd,

    Herefordshire Council is considering selling off its' 5 thousand acres of farmland. It could raise 48 million pounds - as massive chunk of the 60 million pounds the authority needs to save in the next 3 years. The land is a huge asset though and has risen in value every year for the last decade. At a meeting this afternoon the council's Scrutiny Committee will recommended either a partial sale will some starter and progression farms kept on OR the sale of the entire estate. The sale will leave 51 families without their homes and businesses. Ian and Lorraine Salmon farm 66 acres near Leominster - they've just had their first child Isobel and face an uncertain future.....................

    Does anybody know the outcome of this meeting?

    Clehonger Cordoned Off

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    The Police have cordoned off the whole of Clehonger this evening both ends and motorists are being advised to find alternative routes.


    We will publish further updates as they come in

    Money's too tight too mention

    By megilleland,

    Well not for some it seems. Looking at the expenditure of Herefordshire Council for June 2018 and surprised they paid out £32,088,600.02

    The following top 20 payments totaled £20,419,153.81

    £6,900,000.00      Worcestershire County Council
    £2,629,744.71      Balfour Beatty Living Places Ltd
    £1,962,747.78      Balfour Beatty Living Places Ltd
    £1,349,077.00      West Mercia Police & Crime Commissioner
    £1,349,077.00      West Mercia Police & Crime Commissioner
    £1,279,250.00      Hoople Ltd
    £955,141.94        Worcestershire County Council
    £953,819.45        Worcestershire County Council
    £560,874.30        Hereford & Worc Fire & Rescue Service
    £334,010.22        Fcc Environment Services (uk) Ltd
    £327,465.66        Fcc Environment Services (uk) Ltd
    £280,380.82        Integral UK Ltd
    £268,452.87        Shaw Healthcare (Herefordshire) Ltd
    £262,325.10        Shaw Healthcare (Herefordshire) Ltd
    £259,793.10        Shaw Healthcare (Herefordshire) Ltd
    £254,283.84        Integral UK Ltd
    £246,355.01        Whitecross@Stepnell Ltd
    £246,355.01        Whitecross@Stepnell Ltd

    On a lighter note secret video footage taken in the finance department confirms dodgy goings on.


    Where's the money going?

    By megilleland,

    Looking through the latest expenditure figures for Herefordshire Council December 2016 and this entry stands out.

    £481,700.54 REDACTED / Commissioning Capital (Expense Area) / Capital Expenditure (Cipfa T)

    Nearly half a million pounds and we have no idea who is receiving this payment. Is it a person, a business or another? We obviously won't find out. 

    A lot of expenses which are redacted are in the following expense areas. Including the above expense, a total of £876,326.27 was paid out in December. The next largest sum paid being £36,875. 

    Adults Operations
    Central Childrens Directorate Costs
    Commissioning Capital
    Education and Commissioning
    Environment and Place
    Growth Capital
    Housing & Independent Living Capital
    Learning Disabilities
    Mental Health
    Safeguarding and Family Support
    Including the above expense, a total of £876,326.27 was paid out in December - the next largest sum paid being £36,875. This single unknown expense represents 54% of the total redacted expenses paid out. I am sure it was going to a good cause.

    After Brexit more trouble around the corner

    By megilleland,

    Robert Reich was US Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration. Time Magazine named him one of the ten most effective cabinet secretaries of the twentieth century. He has been raising concerns about the direction we are heading and what he says, is now also happening here in the UK. 


    Plans for Fire & Police Station in Edgar St scrapped

    By ragwert,

    The plans for a new fire & police station on the Link Road Edgar Street have been scrapped with a new location being found on the former sports field of Painter Bros in Holmer Road.
    Up until a few weeks ago this site was still for sale with an asking price in excess of £850,000


    Morrisons car park

    By Fox68,

    Has anyone ever had a parking eye ticket  from Morrisons Hereford?

    heard a lot about ignoring them. Paid the car park fee / ticket. But over time limit as we met a friend in the car park. But nothing criminal. 

    Can anyone help on this?

    Haunted Old Crow Cottage, in Willersley, Herefordshire

    By Mick,
    I have just read this fascinating article, have a read it's a little spooky.
    Inside the haunted cottage with tragic past which has been left to rot with more than 300 years of valuables...clothes, pictures, clocks all left untouched
    Last owner of Old Crow Cottage, in Willersley, Herefordshire, was tragically killed last year
    David Edward Penny, 72, died in a car crash on the road outside the house in October, 2013
    Locals claim to have seen lights flickering inside the cottage, leading to rumours that the cottage is haunted
    The Grade II-listed cottage was built in the 17th century and had been a village pub
    The haunting signs of lives once lived still echo from every room in this long-abandoned ramshackle ruin.
    Old Crow Cottage, a Grade II listed building, now stands eerily abandoned since 2009 - the clothes, pictures and other remnants from former inhabitants are untouched and lying under a thick layer of dust.
    New photographs from inside the dilapidated cottage, in Willersley, Herefordshire, reveal the eerie atmosphere within the building which would once have been a family home.

    Over the last few years, locals have even reported to have seen lights flickering inside the cottage, leading to rumours that the cottage might be haunted.

    The last occupant was killed in a car crash on the road outside the home.

    Urban explorer Dan Circa ventured inside after reading about its history online.

    Dan, 28, from Manchester says: 'The cottage has been in the same family for many years and it looks like each generation has filled the house with their possessions.'

    Read More: HERE

    Reinstate Peter Beadle.

    By bobby47,

    I’m now into my sixth day of a Hunger Strike. As I write this I’m experiencing feelings of disorientation, dizziness, I’m bloody hungry and my abdominal muscles are repeatedly cramping up and signalling to my addled brain that I need to eat before it’s to late.

    Why have I done this? Because Hereford Football Clubs Board decided to dismiss Peter Beadle. Not only that, his replacements, two of them, and a raft of others support staff, who’s antecedent history appears to be unblemished by any measureable football achievements, seem intent on following a unique and radical football philosophy that’s built upon a belief that we don’t need to score a goal.

    And the Chairman knows of my act of self sacrifice. Initially I told him that I was going to take my seat in the Merton Stand and engage in a Dirty Protest by covering myself in my own human excrement. His words to me, and I quote, ‘ not a chance you dirty bastard. The Stewards will not allow you into the ground’. Undeterred, I told the Chairman, ‘right then, you awkward sod, from hereon I’m on Hunger Strike and until such times as you lot reinstate Peter and rid our Club of the current management not one morsel of life giving nourishing food will be spooned into my fat face’. This cruel and insensitive power crazed Chairman then sent me packing telling me, ‘starve fatso. By the looks of your gut it’ll take twelve months before you meet your headstone.’

    And so, here I am, barely able to walk, unable to climb the steps to take my seat in E Block and more determined than ever to carry out my Hunger Strike. And let’s be clear shall we. If I die of starvation, and God knows it’s bloody likely, my passing will be down to two people. The Chairman of my club and my wife who disappointingly seems overly enthusiastic in her steadfast encouragement that I starve to death.

    And I won’t crack! I know what I’ll have, what I won’t have and what I might be forced to have if they hook me up to a drip to prolong my suffering and I ain’t having this. I demand the Board meet my demands and until such times as they realise what and who they are up against I’ll continue to starve to death unless Peter is reinstated.

    What can any of you do to support my quest? Well don’t send me any food packages for starters. My wife won’t give it to me and I’ll be damned if I eat it. If any of you have little or no desire to watch me wither away into a skeletal state and you want Peter Beadle back then tell the lads on the Meadow End who’ll surely support my cause. If you can, Get on Twitter # bobby47 must eat or # Save the Merton 1 &Sack the Board.

    And that’s it. My mind is set and there’s no going back. And should I die, my headstone will read, ‘Christ I was hungry’.


    Development and regeneration programme Hereford Football Stadium

    By megilleland,

    13/11/2018 Herefordshire Council

    Development and regeneration programme Hereford Football Stadium refurbishment preliminary appraisal

    Recommendations Approved (subject to call-in)

    Decision details
    Development and regeneration programme Hereford Football Stadium refurbishment preliminary appraisal

    Decision Maker: Cabinet member contracts and assets

    Decision status: Recommendations Approved (subject to call-in)

    Is Key decision?: No

    Is subject to call in?: Yes

    To approve the scope and cost of the first stage of appraisal services to be provided by the council’s developer partner, Engie Regeneration, in respect of a potential project to refurbish and redevelop part of the Edgar Street Stadium, the Blackfriars Stand and the West Stand, supported by funding from the provision of new commercial uses which meet the needs of the wide community of stakeholders and are complementary to the local area including the Old Market.

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    • megilleland  »  Ubique

      Having problems pasting on HV. Have contacted Colin several times, understand he is not well. Can you read this and paste it in the topic WMP and Warwickshire Police Alliance.
      Reminder of why they amalgamated:
      20th June 2012 - Hereford Times
      1,000 jobs set to go in £30m police cuts
      PLANS to shed £30 million from policing costs across the region under a “strategic alliance” between forces in West Mercia and Warwickshire are about to be finalised.
      West Mercia Police agreed to enter into a formal partnership yesterday, a move which is expected to lead to up to 1,000 job cuts in total.
      About £22.8 million of the savings will come from losing workers, with the cull set to take place between now and 2015/16.
      And £4 million is due to be saved from sharing IT, reviewing building costs and vehicles.
      West Mercia Police will take the brunt of the cuts, with the force aiming to save £20 million of the total figure.
      Warwickshire’s police authority is meeting today to finalise their side of the alliance, and will be responsible for the remaining £10 million.
      The exact number of the job losses have yet to be confirmed, but HM Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) revealed last year more than 1,000 posts were likely to go.
      Simon Payne, of the Police Federation, has hit out at the move, saying: “The key thing for our members is, are we being treated fairly? I think not.
      “The public will rightly be asking who is to blame for this.”
      Councillor Mary Drinkwater, who sits on the police authority, which approved it, said: “I think people want to see police kept on the streets and communities protected. Hopefully, it will work. Over last year police and officers have worked incredibly hard to put this together, it’s been a lot of effort.”
      The majority of the job losses will affect staff in “management and leadership” roles, rather than frontline police officers.
      Both forces will keep their chief constables and deputies, but expect to lose a significant number of other senior positions.
      All police stations have been placed under review, any new vehicles being bought will be funded jointly, and a single firearms unit will be created.
      Both police authorities will be defunct by November, when a new police and crime commissioner will be elected.
      Robin Walker, Worcester’s MP, said: “These are tough economic times and when there is not as much money to go round, prioritising spending on police officers while sharing assets and making back office savings is a better approach.”
      Looks like we drew the short straw paying for this and still expected to pay again for the "divorce". Marvellous savings for the ratepayers!
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