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    Hereford City shopkeeper fined for selling illegal tobacco

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Herefordshire Council’s Trading Standards carried out a joint raid as part of a Multi Agency Targeted Enforcement Strategy operation


    A Hereford City shopkeeper has been fined for selling illegal tobacco in a case taken to court by Herefordshire Council’s Trading Standards service.

    Adam Ibrahim, 26, of Bank Street Dudley, pleaded guilty yesterday (Monday 1 October 2018) at Hereford Magistrates’ Court to six offences of possession and sale of illegal tobacco, all of which was non UK duty-paid. The former owner of the Zabka shop at Eign Gate, Hereford, was fined and required to pay costs totalling £2472. Mr Ibrahim is the fourth consecutive owner of the Zabka shop in four years to be convicted of selling illegal tobacco. 

    In January 2018, Herefordshire Council's Trading Standards, Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service and West Mercia Police undertook a joint raid as part of a Multi Agency Targeted Enforcement Strategy (MATES) operation. 1580 packets of illegal cigarettes and 132 pouches of illegal hand rolling tobacco were seized; products were found in sophisticated concealments hidden in the floor and in false backs to large fridges.

    Marc Willimont, Herefordshire Council’s Head of Regulatory & Development Management Services, said:


    “The sale of illegal tobacco severely damages honest local businesses, as well as costing the tax payer £2 billion nationally. We will continue to work in partnership with the police to clamp down on this organised crime which is often associated with other criminal activity. This case was yet another successful outcome supported by multi-agency targeted enforcement which clearly shows the value of working in partnership with other agencies.” 

    Sergeant Duncan Reynolds from West Mercia Police said:



    "The trade of illegal cigarettes and other commodities is not only harmful to health, it is the type of crime that can be linked to organised crime groups working across our county borders. Serious and organised crime has a devastating effect on communities. I would urge members of the public to work with the police and Trading Standards to recognise the signs and report them so they can be investigated thoroughly.

    "This is yet another example of successful partnership working to tackle organised crime in our community. Alongside MATES, West Mercia Police’s Protect campaign will see neighbourhood officers continuing to work closely with other organisations using all the powers available to bring offenders to justice.”


    There is further information about Herefordshire Trading Standards on the Herefordshire Council website at www.herefordshire.gov.uk/trading-standards


    The New University - Herefordshire

    By megilleland,

    Since the article in The Hereford Times alerting citizens that Herefordshire Council has overwhelmingly backed the principle of passing its offices and other estate on to the countys university project.

    The groundbreaking motion went through with just one abstention and no votes against at full council this morning (Friday). Support for the motion means fundraising for the project can begin in earnest.




    The New University-Herefordshire is being conceived as a not-for-profit institution, with mixed funding, and operating with input from The John Lewis Partnership model. The assets and endowments of the university will be held in trust by The Herefordshire Tertiary Education Trust.

    A working Development Team has been in place since late 2012, and is comprised of local business people and educators.
    The Trust Board of Trustees will initially be comprised of nationally and internationally recognised educators and business leaders drawn from Herefordshire and from around the world. This group will have a 2-3 year mandate to design and fund the university and identify and retain the initial executive leadership team.
    With seed financing of £3-4 million and an additional £10-13 million to open the university in 2017, the Board will be tasked over succeeding years with securing an additional £50-£75 million in financing; integrating resources from personal and corporate philanthropy, the social capital market, private investment, UK & EU Government funding, public sector asset transfers, and industry sponsorships.
    The New University will be working in close collaboration with Herefordshire College of Arts, Hereford & Ludlow College, and the Royal National College for the Blind to ensure that Herefordshire is recognized as a national centre of excellence in education.

    My first thought - money no object. Where did the seed finance come from? Not the council I hope as they will have to have parking meters along all the roads of Herefordshire to bring in any money to support this. Can any councillors explain as they all voted for this worthy cause, except one who abstained.

    Noticed that the Blackfriars building used by the council has been vacated and fenced off completely. Did someone mention that the Robert Owen school was to be given the building?

    Bob Gallier's to become Little Princess Charity

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    The former Bob Gallier motorcycle warehouse in Berrington Street Hereford is to become 'Little Princess Trust' Centre of Excellence if plans submitted this week are approved.



    Proposed change of use from a former motorcycle showroom and warehouse building into one single entity which will become an operations and office building for a charity. Works include a first floor extension to increase existing floor space.

    The Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs free of charge to children and young people up to the age of 24, who have lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other conditions.

    Planning application P192461/F

    Here is a link to the wonderful charity's website where you will find full details of what they do - The Little Princess Website

    Burger King Hereford Opens Monday 12th August

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Burger King to open in Hereford on Monday 12th August. 



    To celebrate the grand opening, BK staff with be in the city centre giving away 1,000 FREE Burgers!

    Missing Persons


    Please share and help find Lyndon. Big into RC community. Also a friend. Thanks



    Green Dragon Hotel Launches New Cocktail Bar

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    The Green Dragon Hotel Launches New Cocktail Destination for Herefordshire

    This week sees the opening of the eagerly awaited Offa Bar at The Green Dragon Hotel in Hereford. A key area of restoration for the hotel’s refurbishment programme, bringing this historic hub for agricultural business and community back to life as a high-end cocktail venue for Hereford’s social scene. 

    Historically, The Offa Bar was a place to meet all of the county’s most influential people and socialise with them, something the new owners are aspiring to. The bar will now boast the best mixology in the county, supported by Chase Distillery who will be the house vodka of choice and who sponsored a recent competition to find the bars lead mixologist, Henry Partridge. Henry will be devising an array of classic and seasonal cocktails that will be changed on a regular basis and focused on local drink suppliers.

    Managing Director Julian Vaughan comments:


    “ It has been an exciting time bringing the Offa Bar back to life with its rich history of being the social hub for the city, which we hope to create again. Our focus is on local and seasonal so visitors can expect the best cocktails made with the best local ingredients.” 

    The local focus is apparent with many local brands already on-board British Cassis, Chase Distillery, Ludlow Gin, Penrhos Gin and an extensive list of local ciders curated by Susanna Forbes author of “The Cider Insider” and co-founder of Little Pomona cider.

    The Offa Bar will be open from 6 pm to 11 pm on Thursday - Saturday. On other days of the week, the bar can be hired for exclusive use, mixology classes and private cocktail parties. For more information contact Ananda Hill ananda@greendragonhotel.com


    Thank you to Kie Cummings for the photographs.


    Maylord Orchards Toilets Closed

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Maylord Orchards shopping centre in Hereford has closed their public toilets due to financial pressures. A spokesperson said it's no longer viable for the toilets to be kept open due to the cost of maintaining them.

    Simon Whiting, centre manager, said:


    "It is with much regret that as from today the Maylord Shopping Centre toilets will be closed until further notice.

    "The closure is a reflection of the current retail climate whereby the financial strain has meant maintaining and managing the toilets is no longer feasible.

    "We will continue to monitor and review with the hope being that we will be able to reopen in the not too distant future."

    A notice on the Maylord Orchards Facebook page yesterday said: 


    As from today the Maylord Shopping Centre toilets will be closed until further notice. Apologies for any inconvenience.


    Lugg Meadow ground work activity.

    By greenknight,

    Well hello...it's been a while but I'm liking the revamp.

    Been away with work and doing a bit of my own rebuilding and I guess that brings me to the topic in question.

    Does anyone know what's going on in the fields next to the Barrett new development and opposite the road that leads out from the old Herefordshire Nature Trust building ?

    No Cash or Free Speech

    By megilleland,

    With the banks working with the government and mega corporations to abolish cash and use our smart phones for continuing surveillance, is this what will happen after Brexit. This government's proposed white paper on Online Harms centered on Internet Censorship will be the final nail in British democracy for the future. Nice piece concerning Jeremy Hunt in the video which will no doubt raise his popularity in the PM contest.

    Proposed Government white paper on Internet Censorship Policy:
    Online Harms consultation ends midnight tomorrow. Follow the video to grasp the consequences of what the government will allow you to say.

    Yet another knife incident linked to hunderton

    Eymerk Hunt
    By Eymerk Hunt,

    4 of the last high profile incidents (iirc) involving knives in Hereford all have links to Hunderton. 

    Christopher Bagley left a house in Hunderton and was killed, Robert Ecock was from Hunderton (originally), The non local women who went on a speed in hunderton. And now another one where a man ( use that word loosely) stabbed his partner in hunderton. 

    It’s like the estate is trying to revive its past “Shanghai” label. 

    Morrisons Supermarket (Hereford)

    By Roger,

    Morrisons posted a profit warning recently ... 


    Robert Peston (BBC) on the subject


    So why are they trying to aggravate customers by having a TalkTalk hit squad hovering as you leave? I let it go last night as these salesmen have to earn a living somewhere ... but I got grabbed again tonight by the same guys who had forgotten we had a conversation last night which had ended with me saying I was not remotely interested in their product. 


    I was also in a bad mood as the offer product I went in for was bare on the shelf.


    Also the car park now has so many rules that it puts you off going there. Machines that need you to type in your car registration number for instance. That loses my interest straight away! Plus ANPR cameras.


    And I've not even started on the till situation! 

    Volvo Crashed Into St Nicholas Church Wall

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    A Volvo car has crashed into the wall at St Nicholas Church in Barton Road this afternoon. We are not sure how the vehicle managed to crash into the wall with the car facing in the wrong direction...We understand that an elderly couple were in the car.IMG_3910.thumb.jpeg.3ff8e2c79c88c82120b735921260e5fb.jpeg

    There is a recovery truck on site and we do not believe anyone was seriously injured.

    So our question now is should people have a mandatory re-test every two or three years once they reach the age of 70-75?

    4Fs for farmers! - Family Funday on the Football Fields


    How do we go about getting this off the ground to happen on our side of the river? JimmyK  has been heavily involved with picnic in the park on his patch on the quarry with great success.  Any suggestions welcome.

    £10,000 Reward To Find Christian's Killer

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    BBC Crimewatch tonight at 9pm.

    The senior investigating officer (SIO) of the investigation, DCI Leighton Harding, said:

    We are offering this reward to encourage people to come forward with information to help us identify those responsible for Christians death.
    We firmly believe that someone has information which could lead us to those responsible for Christian's death but has not yet come forward. My appeal to them is to think about the impact Christians murder has had on his family, in particular his young daughter who faces a life without her father, and to do the right thing by contacting us.
    If you have any information it is imperative you come forward to police and allow Christians family the justice they deserve.







    Yesterday on my travels I noticed not one not two but three vehicles clamped and stamped by the DVLA for tax evasion - this was South Side only. One chappy looked rather miffed that his 16 plate was clamped right outside the school. Well done DVLA. This should become a weekly occurrence.

    I'd be more p******ed at the sticker they slap on the windscreen - damn it makes a mess!!! :Cool_32:

    Planning Submitted for Apartments on Widemarsh Common

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Planning submitted for apartments on the site of the former Sportsman Pub on Widemarsh Common.



    Construction of a single three storey residential building containing 6 no. bedroom apartments, together with associated infrastructure and access, new car parking, bin and cycle storage facilities and landscaped amenity space.

    Planning Number P192344/F

    Hereford Times Offline

    By Mick,

     I notice that the Hereford Times website if offline yet again, it has been down for several hours. It was offline a few weeks ago too, very odd, you would think a website like that would be more rigid and reliable

    Enterprise jobs fail to materialize

    By megilleland,

    A multi-million-pound government policy to boost job creation has failed to deliver, research has revealed.

    In 2011, the government announced "enterprise zones" in England to try to improve economic growth, forecasting 54,000 new jobs between 2012 and 2015.

    But BBC-commissioned research found by 2017 only 17,307 jobs had been created in 24 zones around England - and in two areas the number of jobs had fallen.

    The government said it had created 38,000 jobs since 2012.

    Enterprise zones offered cheaper business rates, super-fast broadband and lower levels of planning control.

    The research, which was conducted by think tank charity Centre for Cities using data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), showed the number of jobs created fell short by nearly three-quarters of the amount predicted in the government's initial announcement in 2011.

    The figure for Hereford was only 146 jobs. It's created more jobs for those involved in planning, building and promoting the site than actually working there.

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      This is the profile of a new terrace of brick-built houses near Birmingham city centre (designed by the Courtyard's architect Glen Howells) which is due to be unveiled later this month by the developer Urban Splash. What a pity something as architecturally well-mannered as this couldn't have gone up on the ex-Rockfield DIY site alongside Hereford Station, which will shortly be playing host to a student accommodation block which looks more like a STASSI training centre!

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