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    Prolific Hereford Fly Tipper Arrested On Return To UK And fined

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Alexandru Croitoru skipped court hearings in 2021 and fled overseas

    A Hereford delivery driver has been fined for illegally disposing of waste for a second time in a case heard at Kidderminster Magistrates’ Court.

    Mr Alexandru Croitoru (26) of Grandstand Road, Hereford, failed to appear for his first court hearing at Hereford magistrate’s court on 9 January 2021, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Two years later, on Wednesday 18 January 2023, Mr Croitoru surrendered himself at Hereford Police Station having been alerted by the Home Office on his return to the UK.


    The court heard that in May 2019, Croitoru had thrown ten large parcel bags full of domestic waste over a bridge on Hunderton Lane, Hereford, which had landed in a farmer’s field. Paperwork found in the mass of rubbish led officers of Herefordshire Council’s Community Protection team to Croitoru, who failed to assist with the investigation. On returning to the UK after some time abroad, Croitoru told the court that he had made an error and he did not know how else to dispose of the waste.

    Croitoru pleaded guilty to two charges of depositing controlled waste without a licence and for failing to secure the transfer of waste to an authorised person.


    He was given a 12 month community order, ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work and pay fines and costs of £1090.

    Marc Willimont, the council’s head of public protection, says:“This is a clear case of an individual simply dumping rubbish rather than waiting for the next refuse collection or taking it to the nearest household waste site. He did not cooperate with our enquiries, left the country and only on his return did he surrender himself to the police.

    “Fly-tipping costs council tax payers tens of thousands of pounds each year and anyone found will always be prosecuted - this case is an example of what happens when the council traces the waste back.”

    The maximum penalty for fly tipping is a £50,000 fine and/or 5 years imprisonment.

    All householders have a duty of care to ensure that the waste they produce is disposed of correctly and they have documentation to show who they have transferred the waste to and keep those records for at least 2 years.

    Herefordshire Council’s Community Protection Team will investigate fly tipping which is reported by calling 01432 261761 or online at www.herefordshire.gov.uk/flytipping

    Generous Donor Presents Hereford Museum With Valuable Coin

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    A 1200-year-old rare coin has been donated by its owner to Hereford Museum.


    The silver penny dates back to the reign of King Offa, the famous eighth century ruler of Mercia.

    It was handed to Hereford Museum on Tuesday 28 February by Dr Jerry Davis who bought the coin at auction in 2022. In turn, Jerry offered the coin to the museum at minimal cost. Helped by public donations received through the Herefordshire Museum Service Support Group, the museum seized the chance to purchase it. In time, the coin will go on display in Hereford’s state-of-the-art museum and art gallery when the doors to the new building on Broad Street open in 2025.

    The ‘King Offa’ penny was found in a field in Marden, just a few miles north of the museum in which it will be displayed. The metal detectorist who unearthed it in February 2022 ensured it was correctly recorded with the Portable Antiquities Scheme, as all archaeological finds in England and Wales should be.

    The Marden and Sutton area was the location of ‘Offa’s palace’, the royal estate that continued to exist for centuries after the time of the kings Offa and Ceolwulf II, whose head appears on other coins that form part of the Herefordshire Hoard.

    It’s the same area where Offa is said to have murdered King Ethelbert of East Anglia and where Ethelbert’s decapitated body was laid in Marden Church before being transported to Hereford in 794. A shrine to St Ethelbert remains in place in Hereford Cathedral.

    The museum is delighted to acquire the penny, which was minted in Canterbury by coin-maker Babba between the years 783-792. Considering its age, it’s in very good condition. Its association with King Offa makes it of huge interest to Herefordshire, given his historical significance in the county.  

    Dr Jerry Davis says:

    “I’m delighted that the coin will ultimately be displayed alongside other fantastic treasures in Hereford’s redeveloped museum. Rare artefacts keep local people and visitors interested in the county’s history. They bring stories to life. They help people make a connection with history that words alone can’t always do. For example, people will be able to see how skilful coin-makers were even 1200 years ago, which may deepen their interest in that period. Their experience will be intensified when the penny is displayed alongside other fascinating finds like the Herefordshire Hoard. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the museum puts these significant treasures on display for people to enjoy and learn from.”

    Judy Stevenson, museum team leader, says:

    “Everyone at the museum is so very grateful to Dr Davis for donating this wonderful artefact, linked to one of the region’s most significant historical figures. The museum loves both the support and generosity of people and their enthusiasm for their local heritage and past stories.”

    The coin will go on temporary display in Hereford Museum from March 1 to May 31, 2023.

    Hereford Woman Handed 12 Year Prison Sentence.

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Samantha Smith who is 56 years-old, of Waterfield Road in Hereford and who pleaded guilty to a single charge of attempted murder at Worcester Crown Court on Thursday 1 December has today (Friday 24 February) been sentenced to 12 years in prison.


    Smith’s conviction relates to an incident in Rothesay Mead, Hereford on Sunday 3 July 2022 for which she was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

    Smith had attacked a 59-year-old man with a knife leaving him with significant injuries.

    The investigating officer, Detective Constable Emma O’Hare said: “This brutal attack could have very easily have meant this was a sentencing from a murder trial. Fortunately, the victim was strong enough to work with us in preparing the case and I’m happy to report he continues to make a good, physical recovery.

    “This case is a reminder that domestic abuse isn’t isolated to women victims. Many men are in abusive, coercive, controlling, and violent relationships and quite often, they keep their abuse to themselves.

    “I want to reassure any victim of domestic abuse that we are here for you. Regardless of your gender, we will listen, we will investigate every report and we will support you.

    “I want to thank the survivor of this terrible ordeal for their trust in police, their courage and their openness. My only hope is that they can now perhaps close one chapter of this book and start to rebuild their life.”

    West Mercia Police will act on all reports made and offer our full support to anyone who feels they are a victim of domestic abuse.

    Herefordshire Council Secures Over £520,000 To Help Buy 12 Properties To Accommodate People Sleeping Rough.

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Cabinet members approved (Thursday 23 February) Herefordshire Council’s continued response to homelessness in the county.


    Project Brave began as a new way of dealing with homelessness and rough sleeping during the recent covid pandemic, when government notified councils to bring ‘everyone-in’ from the streets. In addition, this multi-agency partnership set out to create solutions for very vulnerable people at risk from substance use, mental health, criminal experience and exploitation. It zeroes in on those who aren’t eligible for, or fall between the cracks of, various statutory services.

    Since 2020, the project has evolved into an ambitious plan to end high-risk homelessness in Herefordshire and help former homeless people into new accommodation and with ongoing support.

    It recognises that homeless people’s needs are often complex. By working with partner organisations, it aims to provide personalised services to overcome the failings of historic services and systems.

    Project Brave achievements

    Since the project began, the council has secured over £520,000 in government funding to help buy 12 properties to accommodate rough sleepers.

    A further £5.6 million is being used to reshape our rough sleeping outreach team and drug and alcohol services as well as the way community, voluntary and charitable sectors work in this area

    The project has also helped provide more emergency accommodation, delivered cold weather accommodation and opened a new community hub to enable partner organisations deliver services to those affected. It’s also given over 300 people at risk of rough sleeping a warm, safe place to access services and live.

    Councillor Ange Tyler, cabinet member for housing, regulatory services and community, says:

    “It’s difficult to imagine how those sleeping rough are coping. Living on the streets can be dangerous, it causes serious health issues and it badly affects people’s wellbeing. We really must do all we can to end rough sleeping in Herefordshire. Project Brave is our answer to this and I welcome its continuation and wish everyone involved every success.”

    Visit Herefordshire Council's Webpage if you’re worried about someone who is, or may be at risk of, rough sleeping.

    Well Done To St Martin's FoodShare Volunteers 👏👏

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Some brilliant work achieved yesterday by all the wonderful volunteers who between them collected and redistributed over 1 tonne of surplus chicken to organisations across the city including The Kindle Centre and Hinton Community Centre plus hundreds of individual families.


    Fantastic effort! Well done and 'Thank You' to you all

    St Martin's FoodShare is a superb local initiative that Hereford Voice are proud to have supported since day one.

    Sir Bill Wiggin MP responds to Home Office plan to house asylum seekers in Three Counties Hotel

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Following the 'Breaking News' article from Hereford Voice 👉 https://bit.ly/Hfd3Counties and also on our Facebook page here https://bit.ly/hc3chotel that the Three Counties Hotel in Hereford is going to be used to house asylum seekers, Sir Bill Wiggin, Member of Parliament for North Herefordshire, has called on the Government to remove the Permanent Secretary at the Home Office.

    The Government has promised to pass new laws to swiftly detain and remove illegal migrants. 

    However a Bill has still not been brought before the Commons.


    Sir Bill Wiggin said,

    “The recent incident in Knowsley shows that the criminal gangs and people traffickers who are exploiting illegal immigrants are exposing these people to the kind of horrible violence that we have seen.

    “Filling hotels in England with illegal migrants is encouraging extreme right-wing groups and putting police officers at risk.

    “I will not accept it in Herefordshire.

    “In addition to meetings that I have had today I have also recently met with the Prime Minister and so I know that stopping the boats is his number one priority, as it is mine.

    “So I wonder why this Bill is being held up.

    “I will support the Government and this Bill wholeheartedly but in the meantime genuine asylum seekers are being let down.”

    Three Counties Hotel - Additional Statement from MP Jesse Norman

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    "I am keenly aware of the plans to use a hotel in Hereford to house Asylum Seekers. I have issued a public statement on matter which is included below.


    Jesse Norman said:

    "I have been made aware of correspondence between the Home Office and Herefordshire Council regarding the potential location of asylum seekers in Hereford. I have requested an urgent meeting with the Immigration Minister so that all the facts can be established.

    “There is a national need to address this important issue, and Herefordians will naturally want to play their part. But there are also real concerns about the extra pressure which this could create on local services which are already stretched.

    "Herefordshire Council is currently under review by an independent Commissioner in relation to Children's Services; the Hospital remains under huge pressure in A & E; access to GP and dental care is limited at present.

    "It is essential that these fragile but crucial public services should not be further burdened."

    This additional statement follows the previous statement that we received and published and also in direct response to our 'Breaking News' article on Friday regarding the Three Counties Hotel https://bit.ly/hc3chotel

    📣 BREAKING NEWS |  Jesse Norman Statement 

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Hereford Voice have in the last few minutes received a reply from MP Jesse Norman in response to our 'Breaking News' article on Friday regarding the Three Counties Hotel 👉 https://bit.ly/Hfd3Counties and also on our Facebook page here https://bit.ly/hc3chotel

    MP Jesse Norman 

    Mr Norman told Hereford Voice;

    "I have been made aware of correspondence between the Home Office and Herefordshire Council regarding the potential location of asylum seekers in Hereford. I have requested an urgent meeting with the Immigration Minister so that all the facts can be established.

    “There is a national need to address this important issue, and Herefordians will naturally want to play their part. But there are also real concerns about the extra pressure which this could create on local services which are already stretched.

    "Herefordshire Council is currently under review by an independent Commissioner in relation to Children's Services; the Hospital remains under huge pressure in A & E; access to GP and dental care is limited at present.

    "It is essential that these fragile but crucial public services should not be further burdened."

    'Remember Where You Heard It First'

    Hereford Voice 'Leading The Way For Others To Follow'

    Herefordshire Badminton Academy Local Teams Win At The Finals 🏸🏆

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    In January 8 schools competed in seperate boys and girls semi finals. After some tough close games Weobley and Fairfield qualified for the boys finals and Wigmore and Fairfield qualified for the girls. 

    Eli Jones led Weobley to the title after 10 tough matches against Fairfield. The team consisted of Alek King, Tom Dyer, Eli Jones, Rubyn Dimond and George Stevenon who was absent for the finals. 

    Wigmore then went on to beat Fairfield in the girls final with captain Bethany Preston lifting the trophy. All the Fairfield players are in year 10 so aim to come back stronger next year after this first taste of the finals. 

    The schools were lucky enough to have Phil Preston from Herefordshire Badminton Academy to present the trophy. 

    Phil commented on how impressed he was with the standard of badminton and invited all high school aged pupils to HBA every Sunday 3-5pm at The Acadmey School on Ross Road. 

    "HBA is always open to new members and wants to work closely with the schools association to increase the numbers of young people playing badminton in the county."





    BREAKING NEWS UPDATE | Three Counties Hotel Hereford Commandeered By Government.

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    That's the view of local Councillor Polly Andrews who wrote to us over the weekend saying;

    "I understand that the hotel has been commandeered( if that is the right word ) directly by the Home office - the council has no input into this. I know that city councillors, especially those that represent the area are very worried about the proposal - but so far we have been given no further details"

    Following on from our 'Breaking News' article HERE and on our Facebook page HERE

    Hereford Voice continues to lead the way by revealing import local news, which is in the public interest.

    Three Counties Hotel, Belmont Road Hereford 

    Councillor David Summers told us;

    "It is my understanding that the CEO and multi-agency partners will be meeting with Government Officials next week to discuss the matter and like others I await the outcome of those meetings."

    Councillor Tracy Bowes told us;

    "At the moment we have very limited information from the government and a meeting is being held on Thursday with representatives from Herefordshire Council and the government to discuss those concerns."

    Councillor Ann-Marie Probert told us;

    I've had an email from our chief executive……

    At this stage we have no further information than that contained in the letter. The next step is a meeting with Government Officials and local multi agency partners (including Police and health) which is due to be held later next week. We will then update all members on progress and any next steps.

    I'll speak with other councillors to advise me what we will be doing to get it stopped.

    Cllr Probert"

    There is currently a live hybrid planning application submitted on behalf of Lidl to demolish the Three Counties Hotel and build a new supermarket, Hereford Voice also broke that news last year in this article - https://bit.ly/HVLidl

    And apparently at the time another local social media page said our story was just a rumour, before realising it was actually fact then ironically 'jumped on the bandwagon'...

    Hereford Voice once again leading the way for others to follow..

    We will continue to provide genuine updates on this story and other local news.

    Changes To Parking Charges In Herefordshire

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Following a decision taken by Full Council on 10 February, Herefordshire Council will apply an inflationary increase to its parking charges from April this year.

    Residents and businesses will also be asked for their views about on street parking in roads that surround the historic centre of Hereford.


    The new parking charges will take effect from Monday 3 April 2023 where a 20p per hour increase will be applied to all zone 1 and 2 car parks in the county. Charges at zone 3 car parks, however, will be frozen so that it becomes increasingly more cost effective for drivers that are able to, to park further away from our central areas.

    The review of on street parking is in line with the Local Transport Plan (LTP), approved in 2016, which sets out the council’s strategic objectives for parking. This includes managing the supply and pricing of parking to encourage the use of active and sustainable travel choices, and supporting our long-term growth proposals in Hereford through the delivery of longer-term parking provision, such as Park and Choose, and to rationalise and reduce the supply of commuter parking in the centre of the city.

    Cllr John Harrington, Cabinet Member Infrastructure and Transport, said: “We need to be proactive when setting our parking charges as we are faced with inflationary pressures on the costs of the parking services and those services which parking income is used to support, such as public transport. I am pleased that we are once again able to freeze the prices in our outer zone 3 car parks so that those that use them daily will not be affected by this small increase.”

    “We understand that there will be some local concern that the introduction of parking charges to free parking areas will mean that the city centre footfall will reduce as a result, but in fact, better management of parking facilities leads to reduced congestion, improved air quality and road safety, promotes the local economy and ensures good accessibility.

    “Professional surveys undertaken in the identified locations have recorded an average of 541 parking events between 30 minutes and 2 hours each day, excluding residents with permits. An estimated 40% displacement into off street parking or other travel means would see nearly 70,000 parking trips displaced from our city streets annually, improving space availability for businesses and residents, creating more turnover and helping our visitors.

    “We are keen to hear the views of residents and businesses in the streets where these proposals will apply. Letters will be sent to affected properties, along with Ward Councillors and other stakeholders, in the coming weeks so they can get in touch directly as part of the process.”

    Would You Like To See E-Scooters Made Legal In England?

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Hereford Voice were the first local Social Media platform in Hereford to start the debate on e-scooters, here is one of our original topics here 👉https://bit.ly/hfde-scooter.


    We also broke the news in March 2021 that Herefordshire Council were unsuccessful in their first bid for e-scooter trials however, all is not lost because the council have been advised that they are still being considered for any expansion of the trials, an option that could be with Beryl, who are already trailing e-scooters in various cites across England.

    E-scooters are popular all over the World and if used properly could be another option to help reduce congestion...

    Did you realise that there are actually over 50 cities in England currently trailing the use of e-scooters? see the current list of cities below;

    1 Middlesbrough

    2 Milton Keynes

    3 Hartlepool

    4 Redcar

    5 Northampton 

    6 Birmingham 

    7 Coventry 

    8 Stafford 

    9 Newcastle-under-Lyme 

    10 Norwich 

    11 Cheltenham

    12 Redditch 

    13 Liverpool

    14 Gloucester

    15 Cambridge

    16 Slough

    17 York

    18 Yeovil

    19 Salford

    20 Nottingham 

    21 Bath

    22 Bristol

    23 Taunton 

    24 Aylesbury

    25 High Wycombe 

    26 Derby 

    27 Isle of Wight

    28 Basildon Spin

    29 West Bromwich

    30 Kettering 

    31 University of Warwick 

    32 Chester 

    33 Scunthorpe 

    34 Bristol and Bath 

    35 Chelmsford

    36 Colchester

    37 Newcastle

    38 Oxford 

    39 Corby 

    40 Wellingborough 

    41 Rushden & Higham Ferrers 

    42 Clacton 

    43 Portsmouth 

    44 Southampton

    45 Crewkerne 

    46 Chard 

    47 Canterbury 

    48 Brentwood 

    49 Whitehaven 

    50 Braintree 

    51 Great Yarmouth 

    52 Sunderland 

    53 Rochdale 

    54 Barnstaple

    Witnesses Sought After Fatal Collision In Aylestone Hill Hereford.

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    West Mercia Police Officers are appealing for witnesses following a fatal collision on the A465 Aylestone Hill.


    The collision happened around 11.45am on Monday 30 January, between a silver ford mondeo and a black bmw near to the junction with Bodenham Road.

    An 82-year old was taken to hospital following the collision. On Wednesday (15 February), we were informed he had sadly passed away due to his injuries.

    PC Lee Palmer, Operations Policing Unit “This is a very sad update to what initially appeared to be a non-serious injury, our thoughts are very much with the family of the man who has died.”

    Our appeal now is for anyone who witnessed the collision or has any information or dash-cam footage which may help with the investigation to call me on 101 extension 772 2068 or email lee.palmer@westmercia.pnn.police.uk

    Upcoming Local Elections

    By megilleland,

    Replied to an article on The Slog about alternative political parties bearing in mind we have some elections coming up in May and a General Election in 2024 if we get there!. Also came across this YouTube video which has parallels with Worcester Warriors position. Not keen on Biden and the Democrats, but have always followed Robert Reich - he would make a good president talks a lot of sense.

    Had a leaflet delivered by the LibDems yesterday, but they are only going to do a deal with the major group.

    The Courtyard Hereford Shortlisted For FSB Award For Sustainability

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    The Courtyard is delighted to announce it has been shortlisted for the FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards 2023 in the West Midlands in the Sustainability category.


    FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) is a non-profit organisation and the UK’s leading business campaigner, making real change happen for its members and the wider small business community. The awards celebrate the achievements and contributions of small businesses and the self-employed across the UK.

    “We are absolutely thrilled to be shortlisted for an award that recognises our hard work in this field.” Says Courtyard Operations Manager Phil Pearcy, “Art and culture are at the forefront of generating awareness to the Climate Emergency, and we plan to use our experience to help accelerate other small, local businesses on their own journeys to net zero.”

    In 2018 The Courtyard joined forces with other arts and cultural organisations in the UK and Herefordshire Council to declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency. The arts venue pledged to work with and support local communities, council, and stakeholders in urgently tackling this Climate Emergency, and call upon others to do the same.

    The Courtyard has also been working alongside Julie's Bicycle and is part of their initiative working with Arts Council England to develop plans for greener, cleaner, more sustainable arts projects across the country.

    Over the past 12 months, The Courtyard has improved its waste management, working with Pedicargo to ensure greater separation for recycling and maintain zero to landfill. The venue has also installed solar panels on the roof which now generates 20% of its own electricity, rolls out green riders to visiting companies, installed additional sustainable transport facilities and has partnered with Beryl Bikes to encourage cycling to the venue.

    In spring 2022, The Courtyard joined ‘30 for 2030’ an initiative that forms part of the Greener Footprints campaign launched by the Herefordshire Climate and Nature Action Partnership. The initiative saw 30 private, public and third sector employers in Herefordshire pledge to track their progress and achievements along the way to net zero emissions by 2030.

    The Courtyard works with its staff, stewards, and audience members to explore ways of decreasing its carbon footprint, through an Eco Group, staff training, Carbon Literacy and initiatives such as Good Journey. For more information about The Courtyard’s commitment to environmental sustainability, visit courtyard.org.uk/ the-courtyards-eco-declaration.

    The finals of the FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards for the West Midlands will be held on Wednesday 22 March 2023, where the winners will be announced.

    Trees Vandalised Outside City Centre Pub

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Vandals have decimated soon to blossom apple trees on the corner of the Herdsman Pub in blue School Street in what the Hereford Business Improvement District (HBID) describes as a “pointless act of sabotage”.


    Planted by the HBID team in 2021 and maintained on a regualr basis, Mike Truelove, Chief Executive of HBID said “sometime between Friday 3rd February and early Saturday morning our crab apple trees were pulled from their planters and broken into bits. It is such a shame when local businesses funded them to make the area look nice for visitors - they were quite established and about to blossom in the coming months’’.

    02_vandalisedtreesrepaired(2).thumb.jpeg.1d303c4d78bd5f2dc77a749ea031090a.jpeg 02_vandalisedtreesrepaired(3).thumb.jpg.a77d02352730384edf16d718faa9721c.jpg

    Discovered by Chris Wood, manager for HBID’s planting and street enhancement operations, Chris quickly went about repairing and replacing the trees that sit inside the four cedar wood planters lining Blue School Street, another investment by HBID in 2021 and 2022 . Chris said “one of HBID’s top priorities now is to get the city ready for Spring and we wouldn’t let something like this get in the way”.


    HBID is currently preparing for the arrival in May of over 450 hanging baskets and planters that will be given to HBID members who fund the company. Mike added “this year has been a challenge with rising prices and our previous fantastic supplier who sadly folded. Whilst the bar was set high, we have sourced a great product that I am confident will showcase the city and our businesses who invest to make Hereford the attractive place to visit and shop that it is”.

    Plans To Extend Leominster Police Station To Include Fire Training Facility

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Plans have been submitted by Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service for Leominster Police Station


    Proposed single storey extension to the existing police station to create additional vehicle garages and the construction of a new 2 storey specialist fire training area with associated works including at-grade external training area, hard and soft landscaping, car parking and cycle storage facilities.

    View from North West

    View from North East

    📷 Bond Bryan  

    Herefordshire Council Approves Budget And Council Tax For 2023/24

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    The council has agreed the 2023/24 budget


    Following a period of public consultation held in the December of last year, and consideration by the Scrutiny Management Board, and Cabinet agreement, the 2023/24 budget proposals were today (10 February) approved by Council.

    The budget includes a council tax increase of 4.99%, made up of:

    A 2% adult social care precept which is ring-fenced to support the delivery of social care services

    A 2.99% increase in core council tax which will fund all other areas of council service

    This will increase the band D equivalent charge to £1,786.61 representing an increase of £7.08 a month.

    Councillor Liz Harvey, Cabinet Member for Finance and Corporate Services, said:

    “It continues to be a challenging climate locally and nationally, and the pressure on Local Authorities across the country is as intense as ever. Council Tax makes up around a third of the Council’s budget, so this increase is needed to support the continued delivery of vital services across the county.

    “Our priority is to get the best possible value for every pound spent, but we acknowledge that with substantial increase in the cost living it is a difficult time for many local households. This is why we have ensured that the discount on the council tax reduction (CTR) scheme for any struggling family which qualifies will remain at 100% for the coming year – irrespective of the price banding of their home.

    “Additionally, some residents will continue to pay no Council Tax at all, such as young adults who have left care and also all of the council’s Foster Carer families, and we have allocated a further £1.7million to provide other forms of support to hard up households.”

    The final setting of Council Tax, which will include the precepts for all the county’s parishes plus Police and Crime Commissioner and Hereford & Worcester Fire Authority charges, will take place at the Full Council meeting on Friday 3 March 2023.

    Residents on a low income may be eligible for help to pay their bill through the Council Tax Reduction scheme and household hardship schemes.

    More information and advice on reduction schemes and allowances can be found on Herefordshire Council’s website at www.herefordshire.gov.uk/counciltax

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