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HEREFORD MOVIE | Derelict Official Trailer Released

Hereford Voice

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The trailer for the new, British independent movie DERELICT, a harrowing and violent thriller of revenge and empowerment, has now been released online.


Filmed exclusively in Herefordshire in the UK on a budget of just £35k, DERELICT focuses on a daughter’s revenge and the circumstances that have led to the murder of her father. Soaked in the tradition of the British film noir, a series of unusual characters are thrown into situations that will have repercussions beyond their imagination.

Abigail is a socially isolated, angry young woman who is struggling to come to terms with the brutal murder of her father some years prior. When she learns that one of her father's murderers is about to be released from prison, Abi sets herself on a path of revenge. Matt is a young man whose life gets turned upside down by the return of his brother Ewan. The destinies of these lost souls crosses in ways that will tragically shape their lives.


Writer and film critic Guy Adams called it "Rashomon for the Sports Direct Generation!" and Wayne Kramer (The Cooler, Running Scared) said "DERELICT is the slow-burn anatomy of a brutal murder and its aftermath, one that puts the viewer on a collision course with both the victims and the perpetrators in the gut-wrenching crime drama from talented up-and- coming director Jonathan Zaurin. Following in the tradition of Mike Hodges, Shane Meadows and Ben Wheatley, Zaurin demonstrates a skill for digging just below the surface of England’s societal ills, exposing equal parts pain and redemption, all served up with a powerful cinematic vision."

The Derelict crew consists of producers Sarah Zaurin, Andy Piper, Pete Bird and Todd Rodgers. Michael Mackenzie and Kat Ellinger will both be working on the screenplay, Michael Sànchez will be composing the score and sound engineering by Ryan Jordan.

The talented cast features Suzanne Fulton (Cold Feet, Mum Said), regular LBS Films contributors Mikey JL Coombes and Pete Bird (both Wyvern Hill), Dean Kilbey (Boiling Point, Manfish, Top Boy), Nick Cornwall (Devils, Sky Sharks), Corinne Strickett (Housewarming), Joe Nurse (Santa Baby), Darren James King (April, Essex Boys: Law Of Survival), Clova Perez- Corral (The Antwerp Dolls), Ben Manning (The Snarling, Cursed), and Stacey Coleman (Polterheist, Emmerdale).

Trailer 👇


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