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  1. Tom Smith

    Hereford twinned with Polish City Jaworzno

    Not entirely correct. Hereford City Council have agreed to formulate a 'Link' with Jaworzno not a Twinning arrangement.
  2. Tom Smith

    Town Hall Scaffolding

    The Town Hall became the property of Herefordshire Council the unitary authority in about 1998 I don't recall much upkeep being done on the building since then so 20 years of neglect. The Town Hall is used by the City Council, HBid, Registrars, Coroner, Elections and Parking enforcement.
  3. Tom Smith


    This is not street art it's tagging.
  4. Poison Polly Andrews as I understand she is known should have been informed by officers at Herefordshire Council. As others have said not her idea to have the memorial restored and bench placed so very sour grapes, well done Hereford City Council.
  5. Tom Smith

    Taste of Raj raided today

    Herefordshire Council need to take a firm hand here and start revoking licences permanently
  6. Tom Smith

    Plans to demolish the Broadleys Pub!

    Yep there is an ACV on the Leys