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  1. H.Wilson

    Green dragon sold

    I do not agree, this hotel is smack in the city centre and if done right will be the centre piece hotel, good to see people investing locally.
  2. H.Wilson

    End of an Era for RBS Bank in Hereford

    Good luck to everyone at RBS
  3. H.Wilson

    Statue planned for Old Market

    A lovely tribute
  4. H.Wilson

    Hotel Chocolat Opening in Hereford

    Then 3 hours later the HT catch up... https://www.herefordtimes.com/news/16308832.Plan_for_Hotel_Chocolat_to_open_Hereford_branch/?ref=mr&lp=4
  5. H.Wilson

    Fire at Breinton park homes

    OMG that looks bad, hope that nobody was hurt.
  6. H.Wilson

    Bikes seen stacked up under old bridge

    You could be right there
  7. H.Wilson

    Bikes seen stacked up under old bridge

    I just read this, were this taken from the river bed?
  8. H.Wilson

    Former Magistrates Court sold to NMITE

    This is interesting
  9. H.Wilson

    Weeping Window , Hereford Cathedral 2018

    This has been a huge success for the city and attracted thousands of people, money well spent imo
  10. H.Wilson

    Search & Rescue Underway at Aymestrey

    I am saddened to learn of this news. RIP
  11. H.Wilson

    Weeping Window Sculpture


    The weeping window sculpture is absolutely fantastic, we visited yesterday and took some lovely photographs.
  12. H.Wilson

    Hair Salon and Education Centre in Former Möben Shop

    Good to see that they are moving along nicely with this.
  13. Hereford has a lack of modern decent hotels, this ticks all those boxes.
  14. H.Wilson

    Professor Stephen Hawking dies aged 76

    RIP, this is very sad.