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  1. Hereford City Parking - Meeting

    Lets hope that the powers that be change these limited parking times for parking. I have no real issue in paying a pound to park but I need at least a few hours.
  2. Acid spraying on cars!

    This is not good? Why are some people so vile
  3. Something to look forward to, I am sure that my niece will love this event.
  4. Road Safety

    Yes hi viz jackets are a legal requirement in Poland for each traveller within a vehicle.
  5. Man has died after falling from bridge in Hereford

    Very sad RIP
  6. Happy New Year.(If you're lucky)

    Happy new year to everyone at Hereford Voice
  7. Merry Christmas To Our Members At Hereford Voice

    Merry Xmas everyone hope you all have a good day
  8. Trampoline Arena plans approved

    This looks really good, not sure where this site is though
  9. BBC Question Time to broadcast from Hereford

    I have just applied
  10. Congratulations Bill Thomas

    Truly fabulous, makes you realise how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful city, well done Bill
  11. Duck Pond Clean Up Phase 2

    This is brilliant news well done you.
  12. Widemarsh War Memorial

    The stone mason has done an excellent job of restoring this memorial. Thank you to Cllr Stevens for organising this work.
  13. Gelpack Closure...

    I also have 2 friends that work here, still nothing on the HT website.