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  1. atm63

    Fatal crash on Ryelands Street

    Yes I was heading out on that road and got caught in the queues . Re the Ryelands St crash a motorcycle hit a parked car. A mate of mine lives there and went to try and help at the scene . It was very odd how it happened he said
  2. https://www.herefordtimes.com/news/16951041.fatal-crash-in-hereford-residential-street/
  3. atm63

    Swarovski store closed down

    Are the discounted rents coming to an end ? If so a few more will disappear in time . Hereford was boxing well above its weight thinking this development would be a success.
  4. atm63

    From Cider pressing to Brexit bashing

    What happened to the vote that was cast ?? In or out it has been cast . What do they want ? If another vote and it goes the other way then the leave voters demand ( throw teddies) until another vote is cast , it could go on and on and on . It has turned into a farce and those that brought it about have slowly slipped away with a big wage/ pension pot. Rewarded for failure yet again ...
  5. atm63

    Rubbish and Overflowing Bins in Hereford

    I don't get into town that often but it seems to be on a slow decline hygiene wise and otherwise . It really must be an up hill struggle for the independent traders trying to make it pay .
  6. atm63

    care homes

    Sorry , my mistake .
  7. atm63

    care homes

    Coldwells is residential , not care . There is a difference
  8. atm63

    Weeping Window , Hereford Cathedral 2018

    Lets hope some visitors return .
  9. atm63

    Businesses in trouble

  10. atm63

    Businesses in trouble

    Lakeland trying to negotiate a rent reduction just shows their Hereford store isn't doing as well as they hoped , the town is struggling
  11. atm63

    Former Council Office , Bath St.

    So Herefordshire Council sell a property to Hfds Housing and the business/ commission etc goes to a Gloucester based firm . You could not make it up . I run a small business and try hard to keep work I farm out elsewhere in Herefordshire , if these free loaders were running their own show they wouldn't last five minutes ffs.
  12. They can't help themselves . Think they above the law . Never a British owned shop is it .
  13. atm63

    £1.25 Million Towards Pot Hole Repairs

    The pot hole crew were doing their thing down the road recently and I really hope they try a bit harder to sort the mess we have to put up with as it was half a job at most , trying to make it look professional but I can see through the slap dash bodges . Could try harder .