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  1. Businesses in trouble

  2. Businesses in trouble

    Lakeland trying to negotiate a rent reduction just shows their Hereford store isn't doing as well as they hoped , the town is struggling
  3. Former Council Office , Bath St.

    So Herefordshire Council sell a property to Hfds Housing and the business/ commission etc goes to a Gloucester based firm . You could not make it up . I run a small business and try hard to keep work I farm out elsewhere in Herefordshire , if these free loaders were running their own show they wouldn't last five minutes ffs.
  4. They can't help themselves . Think they above the law . Never a British owned shop is it .
  5. £1.25 Million Towards Pot Hole Repairs

    The pot hole crew were doing their thing down the road recently and I really hope they try a bit harder to sort the mess we have to put up with as it was half a job at most , trying to make it look professional but I can see through the slap dash bodges . Could try harder .
  6. FREE Parking in Hereford

    Why ? Do they actually think this is a generous move or a make up for the slow and sorry slaughter of the town with their parking charges . They really are so out of touch with what is going on in this sorry place ( their making b t w ) When the weeping window display has gone things will return to the festering mess they are creating . Seriously clueless
  7. More power for Police dealing with beggars

    There was a young bloke who travelled around the country to different locations he was from Hereford but was exposed by a daily newspaper and it was on TV , a few years ago now.
  8. On Street Pay and Display parking

    Someone from the Independant quarter was saying how when the meters were installed their trade went downhill , but it has now picked up on Church St , I wonder how these folk are in business at times , as soon as the window display goes and the reality that parking charges have increased then maybe it will sink in what has happened .
  9. On Street Pay and Display parking

    We drove in to town earlier , and the traffic was very slow and busy but interesting there were a lot of parking spaces at the end of town closer to the weeping window display , so what is going on besides the mess this council has created folk from out of the area must think we are a laughing stock . Really is pitiful what is going on here .
  10. On Street Pay and Display parking

    And so the knife is twisted just months after installation of the meters. Whoever made this decision is so out of touch it is pitiful. We will see a couple of businesses leave soon I fear .
  11. Elevate Property Group Purchase The Booth Hall

    Is the passage way going to be reinstated ??
  12. Concerns for Hereford Motorcycle Legend Bob Gallier

    Inc the Hereford Times story recently which was his doing . I have known Bob for years but he should not have done it.
  13. The Ship Inn Proposal

    It was / is for sale but what use is it on its own , limited access etc . As others said the cottages should have been purchased as well as the land and do a proper job instead of half baked affair .