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Ice & Snow - Take it Slow


Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

Ice and Snow Take it Slow!


Avoid driving unless absolutely necessary.
Bus stuck at Lugwardine now and queues of traffic stuck coming up the hill into Hereford.

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Hereford City Link Road Opens Monday 11th December

05 Dec 2017

Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

The City Link Road will open to the public on Monday 11 December 2017.


Hereford Link Road.jpg


The road opens in time for the busiest Christmas Shopping period

The road will mark a significant milestone in the regeneration of Hereford City following on from the successful opening of Old Market in 2012.
Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd will remain on-site for some weeks to undertake some final minor works and to finish the associated works to Barr’s Court Road.
Once open the new road will provide an east to west route and a direct walking and cycling link from the Great Western Way to the hospital, railway station and colleges.  The road’s opening will also reinstate a second entrance to Merton Meadow car park in time for the Christmas shopping period.
Councillor Philip Price, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure said:

“I am delighted to announce that the road is opening on time and within budget and I would like to thank Alun Griffiths for the professional delivery of the road. More importantly, I would like to thank residents near to the road and the travelling public for their patience during the works.
The road marks another milestone in Hereford’s regeneration and we now look forward to making further improvements to High Town next year and Commercial and Blueschool Streets in the near future.
The new road unlocks previously unseen and under-utilised inner city land for development and plans can now be taken forward for the site to build new homes, a transport hub at the Hereford Railway Station, new public services buildings and university accommodation.”


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Christmas Lights Collapsed at Old Market


Posted by Colin James in Edgar Street Grid and Courtyard Theatre

The Christmas lights at the Old Market shopping centre have collapsed from the weight of the snow this morning.


Old Market Xmas Lights.jpg

Photo courtesy of Tracy Bowes

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Brexit Is Finished.

17 Oct 2017

Posted by bobby47 in Open Forum
Friendless, despised by the French, treated with contempt by the European Commission, the majority of Parliament against our exit, the wealthy and famous constantly lining up to tell us how stupid we are, giant business conglomerates determined that we continue to fund their wealth, the French, the Germans, the Spanish and Italians determined not to up their payments to cover our 13 Billion contribution, the poor countries of the East of Europe desperate not to receive any less because of our wish to leave, the BBC, the Clintons, Obama, Branson and bloody Geldof repeatedly telling us what we should think and Juncker, Verhofstadt and Barnier joyfully sitting back happily watching our great nation being ripped apart because we chose not to remain aboard their failing federalist expansionistic policy.
They demand we pay them nigh on 100 Billion pounds to exit the Union and provide all the economic migrants who've settled here, were once resident here, together with all their close and extended family members who've yet to come to Britain and all of their unborn children who may never visit our Country must be guaranteed full rights that allow every single one of them to receive their free health care, their education, their housing and all the financial benefits that our ancestors worked so hard to win for us their indigenous British White, Black and Asian descendants.
No matter the absurdity of these demands from the EU Commision, which is essentially their dishonourable way of extracting money from us, the Commision will happily destroy our great nation so that no other member state will dare ever contemplate a life outside their totalitarian, neo communistic authoritarian federal state that rules from the centre by unelected politically lightweight British hating surfs to the will of Germany and France.
Despite the ongoing negotiations,the outcome is now unavoidable predictable. Unless some other member state brings about some other unforeseen challenge to the Commision that brings about the fall of this empire of dirt, we in Britain will now never leave this Union. Our money and our sovereign wealth will continue to be diverted Eastwards so that the poor nations will become richer and the Western nations poorer so that the logical outcome will be attained. Every single EU nation, with the exception of Germany and France, who are by design our future continental leaders and power brokers, will all become an economic area where big business can flourish on the back of Free Movement Of People and federalism of Europe will be complete. Cheap labour is the key and in Europe we have millions of people who are content to become a component part of this highly profitable economic excercise that sees the poor people paying for its existence and the rich and wealthy business giants reaping the rewards of the emerging economic markets that our money is now creating in the East of the EU zone.
Once the negotiations are done, and the demands will be nigh on impossible to accept, there will be a second referendum and the British people will understandable give up, surrender their sovereignty, concede defeat and give the ruling elite exactly what they wanted and expected in the first bloody place. A vote to remain in!

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Is this the best way to fund a University?

09 Dec 2017

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum

Meeting: General scrutiny committee

Meeting date: Monday 11 December 2017
Title of report: Public Accountable Body for NMiTE
Report by: Cabinet member finance, housing and ICT

Purpose and summary
To review proposals that the council act as the accountable body for the new Hereford University, NMiTE (new model in technology & engineering), during its establishment phase.

Accountable body status means that the council will be accountable for funding allocated to the new university project by central government. Accountability involves receiving funds from central government, ensuring those funds are allocated and spent in accordance with any funding conditions specified, and providing reports on that expenditure.
The council has been approached by NMiTE to provide this role and, if approved, would work to support independence as soon as practical.

(a) the committee determine any recommendations it wishes to make to the executive to consider when determining whether to act as accountable body for public funding to support establishment of a new university in Hereford.

(b) the chief finance officer be authorised, following consultation with the monitoring officer and cabinet member corporate strategy and budget, to enter into such legal documentation as are appropriate to protect the Council’s interests.




3. On 26 October the Department for Education (DfE) announced up to £15m funding over three years to support the establishment of the new university in Hereford, NMiTE (New Model in Technology & Engineering). In addition to this funding, NMiTE is due to receive further funding, £8m, through the Marches Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). The recommendation is for the council to act as the accountable body for the DfE funding announced and a project accountable body role in support of the Marches LEP funding.

18. No council funds will be payable to NMiTE however the management of the flow of funds between the accountable body and NMiTE will require resourcing. The cost of resourcing these additional operational tasks is to be financed from a share of the grant allocation.

Risk management
23. The legal documentation will clarify the risks of entering this arrangement. Ultimately the Department for Education could require the Council to repay the grant funding that it has been received and which it will have paid to NMiTE. Whilst this obligation will also be passed down to NMiTE through the flow-down agreement, it is possible that NMiTE would not be able to make any required repayment, which would therefore leave the Council out of pocket. The risk of any claw-back can be managed/mitigated by ensuring compliance with the grant funding terms through the monitoring and reporting obligations that will be put in place.

24. In addition the council needs to be aware that if ineligible expenditure is incurred by NMiTE this would not be covered by the grant and could therefore cause a cashflow concern to NMiTE which may lead to a reputational risk.  

25. These risks will be identified and monitored within the corporate finance risk register.

26. The draft MoU has a right for the Council, the Department for Education and NMiTE to terminate on giving not less than three months’ notice. However, this document is not expressed to be legally binding and  appropriate rights of termination will need to be included in the legally binding funding agreements that will also be entered into


What could possibly go wrong with £23 million pounds under the council's management?

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Supporting Local Independent Traders in Hereford

05 Dec 2017

Posted by Colin James in Hereford City

Supporting Local Independent Traders in Hereford


Shop Hereford.jpg




2 hours FREE parking in Castle Street and 3 hours FREE parking at Greyfriars or the Town Hall car parks with the new vouchers, you can also park for 2 hours FREE along Conningsby Street.


#hvshoplocal #herefordvoice 

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Petition to Increase Parking Times in Hereford

08 Dec 2017

Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

Please sign Our Petition to Cllr Barry Durkin in an attempt to persuade him to reconsider and increase the on street parking times. Some streets such as Castle Street are limited to just 30 mins! We need at least 2 hours and by signing this petition you agree and are offering your full support to our local independent traders here in Hereford.


Only 2 Hours.jpg



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City of Culture? Don't make me laugh

06 Jul 2017

Posted by SON OF GRIDKNOCKER in Open Forum

Admittedly Hereford has been heavily 'marked down' by the bookies as an unlikely winner of the City of Culture 2021, the short list for which is due to be announced this month. Coventry is currently enjoying the shortest odds of the 11 competing conurbations. And is it any wonder they're favorites? They've pumped £250,000 into their bid submission. Hereford's paltry investment? 22K. Less than Council Leader Tony Johnson's take-home pay. And although the official government prize is only £3-million, current Culture City Hull estimates that incoming revenue from tourism will top 20 times that amount by the end of the year.

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Old Market Gateway

28 Oct 2017

Posted by Colin James in Edgar Street Grid and Courtyard Theatre

Breaking News | Old Market Gateway.


Old Market Gateway.png


The proposed development will comprise up to 13,000 sq ft (1,208 sq m) of retail accommodation with 38 dedicated parking spaces.
The property has planning consent for A1, A3 or A5 retail use (Herefordshire Council Planning Ref: P161446/F)
Rental/Lease Terms
Available as a single unit, or in a combination of smaller individual units. New lease(s) will be offered on F.R.I terms. Rental on application.
The unit(s) will be built to a developer’s shell speci cation with capped off services. A specification is available on request.
Business Rates/EPC
To be assessed following completion of works.
This is opposite the Old Market next to the Merton Meadow.
Completion expected Easter 2018
Full details can be found here

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FREE Christmas Parking Vouchers in Hereford

02 Dec 2017

Posted by Colin James in Hereford City

Hereford Parking Vouchers.png


Herefordshire Council has today issued vouchers for free parking to encourage customers to visit independent businesses in Hereford this Christmas. The scheme is in partnership with the Hereford Business Improvement District (BID) team and aims to promote independent businesses during the busy Christmas period.

Cabinet Member for Transport & Regulatory Services, Cllr Barry Durkin said:
“I’m pleased to be working with the Hereford BID team. We have listened to businesses who are finding it tough in the current economic climate and would like to help encourage shoppers to shop locally this Christmas.”
The parking vouchers are available for local independent businesses to issue to customers. They can be used throughout December for 3 hours free weekend car parking at the Town Hall car park (access via East Street) and Greyfriars overflow car park (the section under the bridge) on Saturdays and Sundays. They can also be used for 2 hours free parking (Monday to Saturday) in the limited waiting bays on Castle Street. These locations are a short walk from the Independent Quarter on Church Street and the surrounding area.
Retailers who would like to receive vouchers for customers should contact the Hereford BID team on 01432 376830.
Don’t forget: Herefordshire Council car parks in Hereford city centre, including the Old Market and on-street pay & display, are free for shoppers after 4pm every Wednesday until Christmas.

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Chimichanga may close in the New Year

07 Dec 2017

Posted by Colin James in Edgar Street Grid and Courtyard Theatre

We spoke with the staff at the Mexican food giant Chimichanga this evening following rumours on social media that they will be closing their restaurant at the Old Market Hereford in the New Year.


We are informed by staff that a burger restaurant may be opening in their place but as we have stated this is only a rumour and nothing has yet been confirmed.

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​Belmont Library Celebrates 25 Years

04 Dec 2017

Posted by Colin James in Belmont
Join Belmont Library for coffee, cake and books on 7 December
Belmont Library.jpg
There will be a special celebration at Belmont Library this Thursday (7 December 2017) as the library celebrates being open for 25 years.
Located in the vibrant Belmont Community Centre, Eastholme Road. Belmont Library continues to provide a valued service to the local community, welcoming 22,500 visitors a year. The library is a gateway to over 200,000 books, DVDs and audio books held in Herefordshire’s public libraries. Customers can take out up to 12 books at a time. Reservations are free, computer and Wi-Fi access is free and there are no overdue charges for children or teenagers.
Jan Nesaratnam, Senior Librarian for Herefordshire Council’s library service, said:
“Belmont Library continues to inspire a love of books in both children and adults and we know how much it is valued by the local community. We hope lots of people will come along to celebrate the library’s 25th birthday with us.”


Drop in to Belmont Library on Thursday 7 December (10am-12pm). Everyone is welcome for coffee and cake and there will be book giveaways for young children.

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Litter, flytipping, graffiti and other eyesores

02 May 2014

Posted by Roger in Newton Farm

Just to say the rubbish is still there, but will soon be covered by the undergrowth again. Why won't they clean it up - two years now?




That split bag of rubbish has been outside the front door of The Town Hall for a few days ... Apparently it was still there this afternoon according to a comment on an article on the Hereford Times website ~ even tho the spokesperson for the Council said it should have been shifted by Balfour Beatty at 9 AM. If they can't deal with a bag of rubbish in town they are less likely to sort out rubbish strewn on the Great Western Way ...


Hereford Times

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New Signage In Hereford

26 Nov 2017

Posted by Colin James in Hereford City

Good to see some nice new signs in Hereford.


These were Installed by Hereford Business Improvement District. (BID)


Hereford Signs 3.jpg

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Cyclists on Footpaths!

15 Aug 2017

Posted by Frank Smith in Open Forum

Cyclists on Footpaths!


Should cyclists be allowed on footpaths?


I ask the question because this morning I was walking along Belmont Avenue and a chap on a bike knocked into me from behind and almost knocked me to the floor as he came speeding past me on along the footpath on his bike. He turned around and shouted sorry pal but to be honest it not only startled me but I will probably have a bruise on my arm. I could have easily lost my balance and fallen into the road.


I thought riding a bicycle on a footpath was illegal? I appreciate that some people do not like riding on the roads and most of the councils in the country are implementing cycle lanes where they can but if the roads are narrow in the first place it makes it very difficult. I always remeber growing up that the police would tell you to get off your bike and walk on footpaths but that does not appear to happen anymore.


I have just seen this article on Sky news http://news.sky.com/...-hears-10989512


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Congratulations Bill Thomas

03 Dec 2017

Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

Congratulations goes to Bill Thomas for winning our online photo competition. 


The winning photograph will now be used as our main background for at least the next 12 months.


Bill also wins £50 Miller & Carter voucher.


Thank you to everyone who entered, the standard was very high and we look forward to introducing more competitions in 2018.


This is the beautiful winning photograph 

Hereford Voice.jpg

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