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Duck pond day

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Just a quick reminder that duck pond day part 2 is next Sunday 7th October 9am -3pm.

We will continue painting the metal fencing and have a general clean up of the area.

We also have two new duck feeding signs kindly donated by vets for pets & printed by print plus to put up.we will try & arrange refreshments again.we are sure that castle house will help out like they did last time.

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Hi mate, Jim called here at 10.20am and was coming down with paint. He has literally just called me to say nobody was there. I will have to re-organise mate for in the Spring now as there was supposed to be a few people there. I will put something on the Duck Pond thread too because I left it with Keith Marston and he was not there either.

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I am not sure what happened today guys, I am a little disappointed. I left it with Keith and Jim to sort a few weeks ago because I am recovering from being in hospital for 8 days and waiting for an operation, so I was unable to attend.

Andrew (Ragwert) and his mrs were there at 9am with the replacement signs etc but he texted me to say nobody else was there. 

Jim called at my place at 10.15am to collect the paint but he has also just called me (10.50am) to say nobody was there, I appreciate JK was an hour later than scheduled but to be fair he thought others would be already there etc...

I am not sure what happened to Keith Marston

It is now late in the year and the weather is now unpredictable, so I will re-arrange now for the Spring.

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We were there till 10.30 am.my drill failed to start so went off to get a replacement.. managed to remove most of the over grown 

When.I got back corden was there  so we both had a good go at the tree branches coming out of the stonework around the pond.

I will go back tomorrow morning and attach the signs to walls if I can get hold of a decent drill.




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