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Asda Hereford Multi Million Refurbishment

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Asda is currently investing in a multi-million pound revamp to improve facilities for shoppers in their Hereford store.

This will include the removal of over 7 checkouts to make way for self scanning facilities and a new look 'Fish & tips' counter.

Kids eat for FREE in the in-store café 
(subject to conditions)

Plus a lot more besides, completion is scheduled for May 2018


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5 hours ago, AndyS2992 said:

Not 24 hours anymore though by the look of it.

Asda Hereford is open 24 hours (restricted)

Most Asda supermarkets that open 24 hours are licensed for 24 hour alcohol sales but there are a number of 24 hour Asda supermarkets across the country that are not licensed to sell alcohol all night. There are also some Asda stores with licences to sell alcohol 24 hours that don’t sell alcohol at night due to Asda company policy (even though they have 24hr alcohol licences) – these stores are usually located in city centres and areas where there may have historically been problems with late night antisocial behaviour.

Hereford opening times...

Monday Opens at 7am

Tuesday 24 hours

Wednesday 24 hours

Thursday 24 hours

Friday 24 hours

Saturday Closes at 10pm

Sunday 11am - 5pm

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