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    Hereford Cathedral Commonwealth Service Cancelled

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    By Hereford Voice,

    Hereford Cathedral commonwealth service has unfortunately been cancelled today because of the snow.

    Judge Criticises Herefordshire Council's Past Practice

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    Council receives judgment from Family Court


    Herefordshire Council has received a judgment from Family Court, which highlights specific past failures in the application of section 20 of The Children Act 1989 (which applies to Looked After Children and their parents). Herefordshire Council deeply regrets these past failings and has changed its practice to reduce the likelihood of similar cases occurring in future.  Herefordshire continues to work to keep children in Herefordshire safe and give them the best start in life.

    Director for Children’s Wellbeing, Chris Baird said:


    “In the past, Herefordshire Council has lacked a consistent focus in achieving permanency for children held under section 20 of The Children Act. We undertook a comprehensive review of our practice during 2016/17 and developed new guidance and processes to ensure children's needs are appropriately met.

    “Herefordshire Council now has a clear approach to managing and reviewing children admitted to care under section 20, which involves legal advice at the start and ensures children do not remain under section 20 for extended periods.”

    Mr Justice Keehan acknowledged the recent changes in our approach which should reduce the likelihood of similar cases in future and was positive about the current approach in Herefordshire.

    Professor Stephen Hawking dies aged 76

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    'We have lost a National Treasure'

    Professor Stephen Hawking dies aged 76 and was one of the most brilliant scientists of his generation.


    The man who made astro-physics understandable

    His most famous book 'A Brief History of Time' explained the origins of the universe in terms a non scientist could relate to. Published in 1988, A Brief History of Time became a huge hit, selling 10 million copies and being translated into 35 languages.

    He had visited Hereford several times, most recently in 2015 when the Professor dropped in on a Roller Derby training session and also back in 2014 as one of a party of eminent physicists visiting the city’s cathedral, where they saw the famous Mappa Mundi. 

    Following the cathedral visit, Professor Hawking and his colleagues visited Saxty's bar for a champagne tasting event.


    Denise Lloyd
    By Denise Lloyd,

    According to the FT Carillion could well go into Administration as early as tomorrow which could well mean the loss of thousands of jobs not just direct employees but also the thousands of sub contracted employees.

    Should this be allowed to happen?

    Should the Government bail them?

    There are so many unanswered questions not least of all why have the Government continued to give them contracts when they should have known about the Company's financial state - due dilligence? 

    The Banks have continued to prop them up why?

    Whichever way this goes it will affect the whole country

    Government holds crunch meeting with Carillion - Financial Times

    11 hours ago - The fate of Carillion, one of Britain's largest construction companies, looks set to be decided at a crunch meeting with government figures at 10am on Sunday. The meeting was brought forward as Downing Street grappled with the implications of the potential collapse of the group, which has numerous 

    Think About Your Parking - Emergency Vehicle Access

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    By Hereford Voice,

    Think about your parking in case of an emergency.


    This can mean no help for you! Think before you park! Are you blocking a route for an emergency services vehicle?  Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service #NoWayThru

    New Hereford Leader Announces Cabinet Changes

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    Leader of Herefordshire Council strives for continuity across the Cabinet portfolios 


    Councillor Jonathan Lester, Leader of Herefordshire Council, has announced changes to Cabinet and support members today.

    The Leader will continue to direct the council’s corporate policy and strategy and have overall budget responsibility. Councillor Roger Phillips will support the Leader’s national relationships, such as with the Local Government Association and County Council Network. Councillor Tony Johnson will support the Leader’s regional relationships, such as with the Midlands Engine.

    Councillor Nigel Shaw will step up to Deputy Leader and represent the Leader of the Council in his absence. This will be in addition to his role as Cabinet Member for Finance, Housing and Corporate Services with a breadth of responsibility from leading the revenue and capital budget setting process, to wide-ranging corporate issues such as legal and democratic services, human resources and health and safety.

    The Cabinet Member for Young People and Children’s Wellbeing will be Councillor Elissa Swinglehurst, who will focus on her responsibility for children and young people’s wellbeing, safeguarding, education and attainment.

    Councillor David Harlow will continue as Cabinet Member for Economy and Communications with a focus on economic development and regeneration, and will now be supported by Councillor Jon Johnson.

    Councillor Jonathan Lester, Leader of Herefordshire Council, said:


    “Cabinet changes have been kept to a minimum to reflect the good work achieved by Members in the lead up to my election as Leader of the Council. I would like to welcome Councillor Swinglehurst to Cabinet, filling my previous role as Cabinet Member for Young People and Children’s Wellbeing. She is committed to keeping children and young people safe and giving them the best start in life and I look forward to seeing her leadership across the range of council children’s services.”

    The full list of Cabinet Members and their support members as of 13 March 2018:

    Councillor Jonathan Lester Leader of the Council / Corporate strategy and budget

    National external liaison support: Councillor Roger Phillips

    Regional external liaison support: Councillor Tony Johnson

    Councillor Nigel Shaw

    Deputy Leader / Finance, housing and corporate services

    Councillor Harry Bramer 

    Contracts and assets

    Councillor David Harlow 

    Economy and communications

    Economy and communications support member: Councillor Jon Johnson


    Councillor Paul Rone 

    Health and wellbeing


    Councillor Philip Price 



    Councillor Barry Durkin
    Transport and regulatory services


    Councillor Elissa Swinglehurst

    Young people and children’s wellbeing

    Young people and children’s wellbeing support member: Councillor Jenny Hyde

    WIN a Hot Tub for the whole weekend

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    By Hereford Voice,

    WIN a fantastic Hot Tub for the whole weekend! 


    We have teamed up with our very good friends over at 'Hereford Hot Tub Hire' to offer this fantastic PRIZE for the WINNER of our latest competition: 

    The winning package would be a 'full three day weekend hire' available for the weekend of either 16th March or 21st March. 

    Delivered Thursday, collected Monday.
    Gazebo, Tub Lights and Gazebo Lights.
    Delivery, set up and collection included.

    Prize value £175

    To enter simply across to Facebook:

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    A winner will be selected at random from all valid entries on Monday 12th.

    Good luck!

    Countrywide go into Administration

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    By Hereford Voice,

    COUNTRYWIDE, the Worcestershire-based firm supplying products to the rural community, has gone into administration.

    The firm has stores in Herefordshire including Hereford, Bromyard and Ledbury.

    The company is one of the UK's leading suppliers of agricultural goods including a range of farming, equestrian, harvesting and agricultural supplies, and employs more than 700 people and has 48 stores.

    Administrators have been appointed from KPMG, which say no "initial redundancies" have been made.

    On the company's website it says:


    "David Pike, Mark Orton and Will Wright have been appointed as Joint Administrators of Countrywide Farmers Plc (in Administration) on 7 March 2018".

    "It is the Joint Administrators’ intention to seek a purchaser for the business in whole or part and we have appointed Hilco Capital to assist in running the stores whilst we explore and develop available options."


    Plans for Delicatessen and Cafe for Heggies

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    Plans for Delicatessen and Cafe for Heggies 


    A planning application has been submitted by Mr Heggie for the proposed change of use of shop (A1) to Delicatessen and cafe (A3). With internal and external works. (Plans are for the property opposite the current shop, previously the Solo army surplus store) 

    The cafe would have a limited seating area of 22m2.


    Application P180732/PAA

    Building next to the Nuffield

    Denise Lloyd
    By Denise Lloyd,

    Having spent a few days at the Nuffield there is a beautiful building next door on the same side of the road.  I know it was a Care Home but is now closed down.  I am sure this was discussed on here and I have asked several people who know of it but nothing really about it.  

    To satisfy my curiosity does anybody know anything about the building and who actually owns it? 

    Motion for Eastern Bridge in Hereford Rejected

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    By Hereford Voice,

    A motion put forward by It's Our County for an Eastern Bridge in Hereford was rejected at a full council meeting this morning.


    The motion, was also backed by MP Jesse Norman (MP for Hereford & Herefordshire South) was put forward as an attempt to help ease the constant congestion issues within the city. 

    The idea was to have a bridge linking Rotherwas with the A438 Ledbury Road.

    Planning Committee Approves Southern Link Road

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Herefordshire Councils planning committee has approved the Southern Link Road (SLR) planning application today, Monday 6 June 2016.

    The SLR marks the first phase of a bypass for the city and will assist in delivering new homes and jobs.
    The roads construction will also facilitate the implementation of active travel measures in South Wye. Plans include prohibition weight restriction on Belmont Road, shared use cycleways, new pedestrian crossings on Belmont Road and new speed restrictions in residential areas.
    Councillor Philip Price, cabinet member infrastructure said:
     Todays decision is a significant move forward as it is the first step towards a long-awaited bypass. Hereford can now move towards a more financially sustainable future, with the provision of more homes and jobs.
    We still have far to go, but this decision is the vital first step forward and allows us to continue to develop in line with the countys emerging economic master plan. The Enterprise Zone at Rotherwas can now develop with the right infrastructure in place to support it. Although, to fully build out the Enterprise zone there is a requirement to have in place the bypass as planned; todays decision goes some way towards that aim. This is good news for business and for Hereford as a whole.
    The SLR is scheduled to be completed by summer 2019. The rest of the bypass will be completed when further funding can be secured from the Government. Subject to funding the bypass in its entirety will be constructed between 2022 and 2027. The council has secured £27m of Central Government funding for the SLR.

    Cllr. Jonathan Lester Elected Leader of Herefordshire Council

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Councillor Jonathan Lester has been elected the new Leader of Herefordshire Council at Full Council today (Friday 9 March 2018).

    Councillor Lester has served with the council since 2011. He is Ward Member for Three Crosses and has been a Cabinet Member for Young People and Children’s Wellbeing since 2015. More recently, Councillor Lester was Deputy Leader of the Council.

    Councillor Jonathan Lester, Leader of Herefordshire Council

    The new Leader of Herefordshire Council, Councillor Jonathan Lester, said:


    “It is a great honour to be elected Leader of Herefordshire Council. These are challenging but exciting times and I am really focused on the tasks ahead, such as improving the health and wellbeing of our citizens, providing them with greater opportunities, and ensuring that we continue to invest in our economy.

    “Herefordshire is a wonderful place to live, filled with innovation, creativity and a determination to succeed. I look forward to building on what has already been achieved so that everyone in Herefordshire can thrive and reach their full potential.”

    Councillor Tony Johnson is retiring following five years as Leader of Herefordshire Council, and wishes the new Leader well:


    “When I became leader in 2013, the council made the difficult decision to make £87m of savings by 2019/20, meaning we had to prioritise essential services alongside the ambition to improve. Whilst many councils have struggled with reduced income, Herefordshire has been agile, operationally focussed, had a clear strategic direction, strengthened its finances, and has delivered. I am confident that Councillor Lester will build upon this in the coming years and wish him well as the new Leader.”


    New Peterstow Village Stores & Post Office

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    By Hereford Voice,

    Peterstow Village Stores (Near Ross on Wye)

    Peterstow Village Stores.jpg

    Plans have been submitted for the proposed demolition of existing shop premises with post office and provision of new shop, post office with accommodation over.

    New driveway road with two semi detached affordable houses and two detached houses.

    Planning Application P174522/F

    Blue Badge Fee Waived for Ex-Forces

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Blue Badge application fee and renewal costs waived for eligible members of the Armed Forces community

    Herefordshire Council has today approved the decision to waive the Blue Badge application fee and renewal costs for eligible members of the Armed Forces community.

    A motion was put forward to Full Council by Councillor Mark McEvilly, a champion for the Armed Forces community and member of the Civilian Military Task group. The motion called for the Blue Badge scheme to offer greater support to Armed Forces veterans in receipt of disability pensions and was passed by Full Council on 26 January 2018.

    This decision reflects the council’s commitment to the Herefordshire Armed Forces Community Covenant which recognises the contribution personnel, veterans and their families have made to Herefordshire and the wider country. 

    Armed forces veterans who receive a war pensioners’ mobility supplement or receive a benefit under the Armed Forces and Reserve Forces scheme are automatically eligible for a Blue Badge from 1 April 2018.

    Councillor Nigel Shaw, Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Finance, Housing and Corporate Services said:



    “Thank you to Councillor McEvilly for putting forward the motion to Full Council. Herefordshire Council continues to support the military covenant by waiving the Blue Badge application and renewal fee for eligible Armed Forces members. This decision recognises the sacrifices made by the Armed Forces, especially those who were injured or bereaved.

    “By waiving the Blue Badge costs, we’re enabling veterans to keep their independence for as long as possible. We will also continue to support the delivery of healthcare, accommodation and education to the Armed Forces community through our support of the covenant.”


    Waived application and renewal fees for eligible Armed Forces veterans will take effect from 1 April 2018.

    Check Your Vehicle is Secured Overnight

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    By Hereford Voice,

    Police have had reports of people trying to open van doors in the Belmont area overnight.


    Please make sure your vehicles are secured and valubles removed.