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    Planning Refused for Costa Coffee

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Planning permission was refused for a Costa Coffee to be located on a Retail Park on Holmer Road Hereford with concerns over lack of parking.

    Cafe 1.jpg


    Full details of decision below:

    THE COUNTY OF HEREFORDSHIRE DISTRICT COUNCIL hereby gives notice in pursuance of the provisions of the above Acts that PLANNING PERMISSION has been REFUSED for the carrying out of the development described above for the following reasons:

    1 The proposal would have insufficient parking and this would result in indiscriminate parking to the detriment of highway safety. In addition a lack of an allocated delivery vehicles unloading area would be likely to exacerbate this. The proposal is contrary to Herefordshire Local Plan – Core Strategy policies SS4 and MT1.
    1 The Local Planning Authority has acted positively and proactively in determining this application by assessing the proposal against planning policy and any other material considerations and identifying matters of concern with the proposal and discussing those with the applicant both at pre-application stage and during the consideration of the application. However, the additional supporting information has not overcome these concerns and has been found that it is not possible to negotiate a satisfactory way forward and due to the harms which have been clearly identified within the reasons for the refusal, approval is not possible



    Cabinet to Consider Hereford Bypass Routes

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Recommendations to approve the consultation will be made to Cabinet

    Hereford Bypass.jpg

    Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet will next week consider proposals to commence the next stage of public consultation on the Hereford Transport Package, which includes the Hereford Bypass and associated walking, cycling, bus and public realm improvements.
    The consultation will provide valuable feedback to inform the future decision on the preferred route for the bypass and other travel measures.
    Subject to Cabinet approving the process, the consultation period will consist of events to provide the opportunity to review proposals and feedback for residents, landowners and the public in early February.
    Councillor Philip Price, Cabinet Member Infrastructure said:
    “There has been talk of a bypass for Hereford for as long as I can remember. Since the 1960s Herefordshire Council has had aspirations to deliver the project; never quite making it across the finishing line.”
    “In 2018, there is a real appetite, both locally and regionally, to improve connectivity to the West Midlands, South Wales and consequently, the rest of the UK, to create the infrastructure to facilitate business growth, to build new housing, develop better options for walking and cycling and alleviate Hereford’s traffic congestion problems.” 
    ““Extensive work has taken place since we consulted on the scheme in April 2017. The core strategy corridor has been surveyed and assessed and we have gathered information on homes, businesses, heritage sites, woodland, landscape and conservation sites which we have considered in detail. Other areas we have looked at include impacts on flooding, noise and air quality.”
    “This information has helped us to consider a long list of route corridors. These have all been assessed to produce a short list which will be considered further following consultation with local people and businesses. This is an opportunity for the public to shape how we move forward.”



    Douglas Barrat, Chairman Invest Herefordshire added:
    “Hereford is at a crossroads, there are two directions the city and wider county can take; one route is to growth, investment, job creation and house building, leading to a sustainable future for generations to come. The other route is not such a bright prospect.
    “The Hereford Bypass is the most significant infrastructure development the county has ever seen and the biggest opportunity to secure the future of our communities and businesses.
    “I urge those businesses based in Hereford to make sure they get involved in this next stage of consultation and help to shape the business landscape for years to come.”


    Litter - A clean sweep

    By megilleland,

    In the Hereford Times today:

    Campaign hopes to tackle litter by making it socially unacceptable

    MORE than £1m of taxpayers' money is spent on collecting litter and emptying bins but a group of like-minded campaigners want to change this.

    The first Herefordshire Litter Forum was held this week and brought together more than 40 pro-active litter picking groups, businesses and organisations

    The Stop the Drop Litter Pledge campaign was launched which aims to get at least 100 pledges from individuals, community groups, businesses and schools to organise litter picks around their premises and to promote measures to stop litter being dropped in the first place.

    Cllr Barry Durkin, Herefordshire's Council's cabinet member for transport and regulatory services, said at the forum: "It is not a one-off. I want this to be a collaboration and a movement forward and spread it into the community.

    "We spend £1m of council taxpayers' money picking up litter and emptying bins which could be spent elsewhere."

    Cllr Elissa Swinglehurst has pushed for the council to write to central government to propose a tax on fast food (take away) outlets, confectionary and crisp manufacturers, alcohol and soft drink companies and tobacco companies since these are the main items which are littered. She said the money can then be used to clean and tidy the streets and countryside.

    Jane Denny, from Herefordshire Council's Stop the Drop campaign, said the council is aiming to address the problem of littering by educating the public.

    She said: "We need to generate a culture where it is not acceptable to drop litter."

    She has spoken to 59 assemblies across the county and reached 10,000 young people.

    Wendy Harvey regularly carries out litter picks in Grafton Lane. She said: "I have always been amazed at the amount of litter. I can't understand how people do it so regularly when it just makes such a blight everywhere for everybody else."

    She said communities are getting fed up of seeing so much litter and groups across the county need to join forces so they do not feel alone in fighting the problem.

    Ms Harvey said they need to make dropping litter as socially unacceptable as drink drinking and not picking up dog mess.

    Emma Jones from the Hereford Community Clean Up Group spoke about their work around the city. The group regularly goes out and carries out litter picks: they are all volunteers.

    Linzy Outrim, from Balfour Beatty Living Places, said Cusop Parish Council agreed to have their litter bins removed which actually reduced the amount of litter as she said people took their litter home with them.

    Dave Hough, from the council's community protection team, explained how littering is a criminal offence and there are four enforcement officers. People who drop litter can be fined £80. Officers need to observe the litter being dropped or have credible eye witness accounts. Since April 2017, 37 fixed penalty notices have been issued for littering.

    You can plan your own litter pick. To borrow a litter pack call 01432 261800. Go to herefordshire.gov.uk/stopthedrop to find out litter picks in your area and to sign up to the pledge or call 01432 383449.


    I hope they have moved those bins in Cusop to a more deserving area.

    Talk by General Sir Adrian Bradshaw entitled Stories From a Soldiering Life

    By megilleland,

    From Hereford Times today:


    Vowchurch Hall, Herefordshire presents a talk by General Sir Adrian Bradshaw entitled Stories From a Soldiering Life

    VOWCHURCH Hall, Herefordshire presents a talk by General Sir Adrian Bradshaw KCB, OBE on Friday, February 16 entitled Stories from a soldiering life, plus defence and security in the post-Brexit era.

    General Sir Adrian Bradshaw was Deputy Supreme Allied Commander NATO Europe from 2014 to 2017, responsible for commanding operations on behalf of the 28 member states and partner nations.

    From 2010-11, he was Deputy Commander of NATO Forces in Afghanistan where he was responsible for an alliance of 50 countries including 140,000 coalition personnel and 350,000 Afghan National Security Forces.

    From 2005-08 Adrian Bradshaw was Director of UK Special Forces where he designed and delivered a series of new task forces in an emerging theatre of operations. He gained governmental support at the highest levels in the UK Ministry of Defence for non-traditional innovative methods and concepts to achieve key strategic effects against high risks.

    The doors will open at 6.30pm for a welcome drink and canapés followed by the talk at 7.15pm. Afterwards, there will be the opportunity to ask questions.

    The bar will be open before and after the talk.

    Advance tickets £10 from Jane Wheatley on 01981 550791 or by email: janewheatley@gmail.com or £12 on the door.


    Regarding Brexit maybe he will be able to tell us if we are keeping our own armed forces or using the proposed EU army? If anyone is going from Hereford are they able to offer a lift?


    Denise Lloyd
    By Denise Lloyd,


     15th Oct 2015  Midlands  Storm Rannard


    A number of defence and security companies are eyeing investment opportunities at Hereford's enterprise zone following an industry event.

    More than 45 businesses met with representatives from the Skylon Park enterprise zone at the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) at London’s ExCel arena.

    It has now been revealed that up to ten businesses are set to enter further discussions regarding the availability of land and existing accommodation at the site.

    Bill Jackson, chairman of the Hereford Enterprise Zone, said: "This is very positive news for the zone and Skylon Park, especially as this was the first time that we have been represented at this prestigious event.

    "As the only enterprise zone in the UK to have a dedicated defence and security focus, we feel that we have a very attractive offer to these organisations."

    Skylon Park is currently home to more than 80 defence and security companies.



     Will this add fuel to the argument for the SLR?

    More Shop Raids in Hereford and Ross

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    RAIDS to discover illegal tobacco were carried out at two shops in Hereford and one in Ross-on-Wye and led to 21,000 cigarettes being seized.



    On Tuesday around 20 officers from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), with support from West Mercia Police, Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service and Herefordshire Council visited three shops.
    At International Food in Commercial Road, Hereford, officers discovered cigarettes inside a hidden compartment that was fitted with an electro-magnetic lock and operated by a key fob.
    When the fob is pressed, the electromagnet is switched off and the inside of the wall slides out on runners.
    Raids were also carried out at Europe Quality Food in Brookend Street in Ross and Zabka in Eign Gate in Hereford.
    Across the three shops there were 21,000 cigarettes seized as well as 8.7 kilos of hand-rolling tobacco, which are suspected to be illegal.
    In addition, £1,600 was seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act.
    Sergeant Duncan Reynolds, of West Mercia Police, said: "We are continually building up our intelligence picture to identify those individuals and businesses who are operating outside of the law and a number of future enforcement operations are planned."
    A tobacco dog and their handler helped officers uncover cigarettes hidden in various parts of the shops.
    Herefordshire Council’s principal Trading Standards officer, Tim Thorne, said: “We will continue to work with partner agencies to tackle serious criminals and protect honest local business and consumers."
    All three shop owners were interviewed by HMRC officers and investigations are ongoing.
    Richard Young, assistant director of the Fraud Investigation Service, HMRC, said: “Disrupting criminal trade is at the heart of our strategy to clampdown on the illicit tobacco market, which costs the UK around £2.5 billion a year."
    He added: "We encourage anyone with information about the illegal sale of tobacco to contact our fraud hotline on 0800 788 887 or report it online."
    Information about any type of tax fraud can be reported to HMRC online at www.gov.uk/report-an-unregistered-trader-or-business.

    When local authorities run down and disappear who cleans up?

    By megilleland,

    When local authorities run down and disappear who cleans up? Is this the future trend - private sector compies hitting people over the head with fines.

    Tory-run council runs out of money to meet obligations

    (extract from The Guardian)

    A Conservative-run county council has signalled it is close to effective bankruptcy after admitting that “severe financial challenges†mean it is unable to meet its financial obligations in the current year.

    Northamptonshire county council issued a section 114 notice on Friday afternoon imposing financial controls and banning expenditure on all services except for its statutory obligations to safeguard vulnerable people.

    A section 114 notice is effectively an admission that a council does not have resources to meet current expenditure, that its financial reserves are depleted and that it has little confidence that it can bring spending under control in the near future. It is understood Northamptonshire is the first local authority to issue a section 114 notice for two decades.


    From the BBC:

    The council announced in December that it was looking to increase council tax by almost 5% as it sought to make savings of £34.3m. It was then revealed in January it was considering selling its new £53m headquarters, which officially opened in October. Last month, the government said an inspector would look into allegations of financial failings at the authority.

    So here are our saviours! From the Daily Mail today:

    Britain's first 'private police force' has caught 400 criminals with a 100 per cent conviction rate after taking on cases regular officers are too busy to look at. It comes as police chiefs admit they do not have the money to investigate high- volume crimes such as shoplifting and stretched officers complain that they are at breaking point.

    But critics fear the rise of private policing could lead to a two-tier system where only the wealthy get protection from criminals.

    Metropolitan Police Federation chairman Ken Marsh described the rise of private detectives as a staggering indictment of the state of policing.

    Eventually there will be a two-tier system with the haves and the have-nots, and if you have money and live in a £20million house in Chelsea you can pay for private security, he said.
    Critics fear the rise of private policing could lead to a two-tier system where only the wealthy get protection from criminals

    My concern would be, where is the public scrutiny if it goes wrong? If they are allowed to go and do polices job for them, that is a dangerous status quo.

    Last week official police figures revealed the largest recorded annual increase in crime for more than a decade, with surging levels of violence, sex attacks, knife and gun offences across the country.

    Money to be made here:


    Fury as mum fined £600 and threatened with jail for putting cardboard box in WRONG BIN

    Alison Mapletoft says she was warned she could be sent to jail and the outrageous threat reduced her eight-year-old daughter to tears.

    Enforcement firm 3GS, who were hired by Brighton and Hove City Council, fined the 39-year-old after the bin blunder.

    It seems the local authorities and the government don't want to create local jobs, but to employ a corporate body who will fine you and still leave the council to clean up the mess. Do we get a reduction in our council tax as a result of more outsourcing?

    Hereford Council aka Asset Strippers

    Denise Lloyd
    By Denise Lloyd,

    Yet another asset of the county has been put on the market.

    How did the Council come by these properties - were they purchased as an investment when they were going cheap were they bequeathed or were they bought to be used when the Council is as cash strapped as it is now.  Anybody know?  Whatever the reason the less assets on the books the more the interest on the cash borrowed of which there is plenty.

    Moor House Hereford a beautiful Grade II listed mansion.

    There are prestigious estate agents in Herefordshire yet the Council continue to source out of county professional services so even the selling fees do not stay in the county


    SAS individual linked to this Council statement

    By megilleland,

    In Herefordshire Council latest news


    Statement in response to media enquiries, 17 January 2018

    Herefordshire Council can confirm that it is actively working with this individual to secure accommodation within the county.

    Unfortunately, to date the individual has not provided all the documentation needed to legally register for housing.  However, regardless of this, the council’s housing team has found and offered two different forms of accommodation, in areas which were agreeable to the individual, but which have subsequently been turned down.

    We are continuing to work with the individual to help them secure appropriate housing.

    Published: Wednesday, 17th January 2018


    Ubique could this be a response to these articles which appeared in the Daily Express and The Sun?


    By Ubique,



    AS plans to remove the hutted wards at Hereford County Hospital progress, the council has offered office space to the NHS trust.


    Wye Valley NHS Trust will move health records currently stored in the hutted wards corridor to Herefordshire Council's former record store in Harold Street.

    Office accommodation for finance, HR and estates will be moved to Franklin Barnes to accommodate the decant of the hutted offices.


    Both properties are presently vacant.


    The trust will pay rent for the accommodation and have been told Harold Street is available for five years and Franklin Barnes for at least two years.

    Future resilience of Herefordshire Council's Museum Service

    By megilleland,

    In the Hereford Times today:


    Report proposes new trust to run county council's museum services

    A NEW stand-alone trust has been proposed to run the county council's museum services.

    A report has been written about the future resilience of Herefordshire Council's Museum Service, as the council continues to face budget cuts.

    Consultants Prince & Pearce suggest transferring the operation of the service to a newly-formed charitable organisation (trust).

    The trust would then put together a long term plan for the service and would seek funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund/Arts Council, private donations, local businesses, NMiTE and the council.

    The council was awarded Heritage Lottery Funding for the Resilient Heritage review of the museum service, with the Herefordshire Museum Service Support Group (HMSSG) as a community partner.

    Chairman of HMSSG, Miriam Griffiths, said: “We welcome the report’s carefully considered proposals for the museum service.

    "A sustainable governance and business model is the key to a resilient future for the county’s museum.

    "This plan has three major strengths: it will safeguard the many thousands of priceless historical objects which are held in trust for the people of Herefordshire; it will increase people’s access to these collections; and it will enable the museum service to make a strong contribution to the new draft Cultural Strategy for the county.â€

    The county’s museum service comprises the staff, the county collections housed at the Museum Resource and Learning Centre in Friar Street, the Museum and Art Gallery in Broad Street, and the Black and White House Museum.

    The report said setting up a trust can take a few years to be fully operational so the report authors suggest an established and active charity acts as an interim host subsidiary trust until the other trust is set up.

    Initially the buildings and collections would remain assets of the county council. But in the long term the council's assets could be transferred to the trust at their discretion.

    The full Resilient Heritage report can be found at herefordshire.gov.uk/downloads/file/13328/the_future_resilience_of_herefordshire_councils_museum_service

    Along with other reports about the future of museum, library and archive services, this will be considered by the council’s cabinet on May 10.

    The HMMSG can be contacted at: herefordmuseumsupport@gmail.com or see the website herefordshiremuseumsupport.org.uk.


    Can't imagine NMiTE being able to help fund any trust which could be set up, after all they are going to need every penny they can get to operate themselves. I notice that following Churchill House occupation by the Art College, they have now left and Hoople Training and Education are utilising the building for meetings and conferences.

    Man charged with murder

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Man charged with Hereford murder


    A 22-year-old man from the West Midlands has been charged with the murder of Robert Eacock, who died in hospital in Hereford on Monday night.

    Anthony Boyd from Willenhall in the West Midlands was charged late last night (1 February). He remains in police custody and will appear at Hereford Magistrate's Court today (2 February).
    Mr Eacock died in hospital on Monday night (29 January), after being stabbed during an incident on Hereford's Commercial Street at around noon that day.

    Stop Talking About The War!

    By bobby47,

    When the lessons of history are ignored and the European continent slides ever closer to German domination of all its citizens, it's very hard not to talk about the war. After the cessation of hostilities of World War 2, the British and the Americans ensured that every country affected by German aggression waved their right for Reperation Damages that quickly resulted in Germany becoming able to develop into the European Economic Super Power that it is today. As early as 1960, only fifteen years after the conflict, Germany began its economic domination of Europe and it was all achieved because Britain and America paid for it and small countries like Poland and Greece were ignored. Without a single shot fired and without one act of aggression Germany has become the ruler of Europe and we are destined to repeat historical mistakes in allowing it to happen again.

    The mistake thats created German domination of Europe is all based upon a political decision made in 1945/46 that concluded that The Versailles Treaty of World War 1 was harsh upon Germany and it's people, and post World War2 the allies would ensure that Germany would be relieved of the burden of its shame to avoid a third German act of European aggression.

    It was all done with language. The War very quickly became the responsibility of the Nazis. The German people very quickly became the victims of the Nazis and over time Germany and it's people were moreorless exonerated from any responsibility because it was all the fault of the Nazis.

    Now to my point......that rejects the European Brexit Commission and German political leaders who say we should stop talking about the war. Recently, the Polish Government are introducing legislation that'll make it a custodial offence for anyone to refer to the Holocaust Death Camps as 'Poland or Polish Death Camps'. For decades since the passing of the Nazis it's become normality for these terrible places to be referred to as Polish Death Camps. Because of political language designed to be gentle toward Germany and it's people, these camps have never ever been referred to as German Death Camps. That shameful burden and cruel unjust label is one now carried by the people of Poland and quite rightly, despite objections from Israel, Germany and the EU commission, the Polish people no longer wish to carry the shame that belongs to the Nazis and the German people.

    Why shouldn't Poland pursue this aim? They didn't build the camps, they didn't exterminate millions of Jewish people. The only reasons they are called Polish Death Camps is because of political language and a strategic and geographical decision made by the German Armed Forces to build these evil places in a location that was far away from German conurbations and not to distant into the east of the continent. Because of easy established rail and transport links the German Reich picked Poland and that was that. Now, over time, they've become The Polish Death Camps and the people of Poland should be supported and not accused of trying to dilute the story of the Holocaust.

    The story of the Holocaust will never be lost. Neither will their geographic locations in Poland and other neighbouring countries. Everyone will forever know where these atrocities took place but it is now very wrong that Poland or Polish people should take on the ownership of these terrible places. The ownership belongs to The Nazis and the Germans and this is where the ownership belongs.

    With one word from Germany the British people would receive a kinder and better Brexit. One signal from Angela Merkel and she'd be able to call the attack dogs off the Polish and all the other member states who are clinging onto their sovereignty. And with just one single thought for the people of Greece, who are now essentially owned and run by German financiers, the Greek people could once again claim back their sovereignty and begin to live their lives free of German influence.

    Stop talking about the war! How can you?

    Attempted armed robbery

    By ragwert,

    A man has been arrested tonight after the attempted robbery of the Welcome fish bar in Widemarsh Street.
    Earlier report of a man having a gun pointed in his face on Greyfriars Bridge.

    Fraudsters Target Residents in Warwickshire & West Mercia

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,


    Fraudsters target residents across Warwickshire and West Mercia
    Officers from Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police have received eight reports of attempted frauds, which have targeted residents across three counties.
    Working in conjunction with Action Fraud - the UK's national fraud and cyber crime reporting centre - we are now investigating reports of two incidents in Warwickshire, five in Herefordshire, and one in Shropshire. All were reported to us on 25 January.
    In one incident in Rugby, a woman received a phone call from a man claiming to be a police officer from 'the serious fraud office in Westminster'. The caller asked the woman to provide her bank details and to withdraw £5,000 from an ATM. The woman refused.
    In an incident in Wrexham, Shropshire, a woman received a phone call from a man claiming to be a police officer at Hammersmith Police Station in London. He said that two people had been arrested using bank cards with her details on, and he needed her home address to continue his policing work. When the woman refused, the caller threatened to have her arrested for perverting the course of justice. The woman did not reveal her personal or financial details.
    In five of the incidents, people were phoned by someone pretending to be from HM Revenue and Customs. The caller then stated that the people owed money, which could be paid in some sort of voucher (these turned out to be music or games vouchers). In three of these incidents the caller said that a courier would visit to collect the vouchers.

    Detective Sergeant Paul Bent from the Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police Economic Crime Unit said:
    Fraudsters like this can be really convincing, offering false job titles and lots of detail to support their claims. They try to rush you or put you on the spot - even threatening legal action in some cases, like the one in Shropshire - to pressure you into making a quick decision.
    In most cases like these, people trust their instincts and make the right decision, which is putting the phone down and reporting the incident to Action Fraud.
    We urge you to remember that a genuine bank or organisation will never contact you out of the blue to ask for your PIN, your password, or to move money to another account. Always question uninvited contact like this - you can contact the real organisation yourself using a known email or phone number.



    Trust your instincts: if a phone call, text or email seems dodgy it probably is.
    To report fraud or a suspicious incident like the ones above, phone Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or visit www.actionfraud.police.uk.


    For more advice on how to spot fraud, visit the Take Five website takefive-stopfraud.org.uk. Take Five is a national campaign that offers straightforward advice on avoiding preventable financial fraud. It's led by Financial Fraud Action UK (part of UK Finance) and backed by the UK government.

    Hereford 2020 Vision of Commercial Rd

    By ragwert,

    Have you seen the latest 2020 visions on Hereford Times?

    Have a laugh at this pic of Commercial Rd,One way & no traffic lights  :Grin: