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    Only in Hereford

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    Only in Hereford, excessive speed cameras...


    Severe Weather Warning for the UK

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    Severe Weather Warning.

    Severe Weather Alert.jpg

    Herefordshire Council is preparing to keep the county moving as the ‘Beast from the East’ moves in.

    The council’s public realm contractor, Balfour Beatty Living Places, is continuing to monitor conditions around-the-clock to ensure the county’s 14 priority routes are kept clear during extreme weather conditions.

    In preparation, over the past 24 hours, the Balfour Beatty Living Places team has gritted over 1,000 miles of road. This includes 600 miles of priority routes and over 400 miles of secondary routes.

    The county’s salt barns are fully stocked with 4,800 tonnes of salt available to the 30-strong gritting team, which operates 16 frontline gritting vehicles, four snow blowers and two quad bikes.

    Balfour Beatty Living Places contract director, Andy Williams, said:


    “Throughout the winter period, Balfour Beatty Living Places undertakes essential winter maintenance activities across Herefordshire, with our gritting team on stand-by 24/7 to treat the county’s routes.

    Using real-time Met Office data and the latest tracking technology on our fleet of gritters, we can deliver effective gritting services at short notice.
    “We are committed to keeping the local community and travelling public on the move and will be gritting again this evening and throughout the coming weeks as necessary to ensure optimum road conditions during this exceptionally cold period.”

    Councillor Barry Durkin, Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport, Roads and Regulatory Services, added:


    "Weather conditions can change quickly and can make a significant difference to your normal driving experience. All routes can become treacherous, even once they have been salted. Rain can wash salt off the roads and, in very cold weather, even salting will not stop ice from forming.
    “I would advise drivers to take extra care when driving on winter roads – avoid fast turns and sharp braking, use low-beam headlights to prevent glare and keep a respectful distance from the car in front."

    Precautionary salting normally takes place in the early morning or evening but additional action may be required during extreme weather.

    You can find the latest gritting route information on Twitter @HfdsStreets

    The latest information about Herefordshire Council services affected by severe weather, such as road and school closures, can be found at www.herefordshire.gov.uk/severeweather


    By Ubique,

    From Herefordshire CC Press release

    Cllr Tony Johnson has today announced his resignation as Leader of Herefordshire Council, which will take effect at the next full Council meeting on 9 March 2018.


    Councillor Johnson has been a councillor with Herefordshire Council for more than seven years and has been Leader of the council for five years. He is stepping down to spend more time with his family and on his hobbies, and will remain a ward councillor for Hope End.

    Councillor Johnson said:



    Over the past five years, I am lucky to have been involved in projects that have really put Herefordshire on the map. The new Enterprise Zone at Rotherwas brought new business and jobs, the new Livestock Market provided a purpose-built venue which enjoys growing trade and the Old Market has revitalised the city centre.

    I am proud to have worked with Herefordshire Councils dedicated teams of professionals and would like to thank them for the support during my time as Leader. My work continues as a councillor for Hope End ward, as I support the council and my constituents. I look forward to following the progress made as I take life at a slower place and take time to enjoy this beautiful county.


    In line with the council constitution, the new Leader will be elected at the meeting of full Council on 9 March.

    First accident along the new city link road

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    A woman was taken to hospital and a child received minor injuries following an accident at the junction on Widemarsh Street along the new city link road yesterday evening at 5.50pm (Sunday)


    Widemarsh street crash 2.jpg.gallery.jpg

    Photo courtesy of OPU Herefordshire

    Has Jesse Norman died or gone missing?

    By megilleland,

    Where's Jesse. Not much noise from Jesse about Council tax rises, bypass routes and business rates in the town centre. Any comments?

    Bike Stolen

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    A black Carrera road bike has been stolen from an address on St Martins Street, Hereford. It was taken during the early hours of Tuesday 20th Feb 2018.

    It was taken by an unknown male who was caught on CCTV heading to the river path towards the back of ASDA. 

    If anyone has any information in regards to the whereabouts of this bike, please contact Police on 101 with reference 0550S 200218.

    Stolen Bike.jpg

    New Safety (speed) Camera on A465 Belmont Road Hereford

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    New Safety (speed) camera currently being installed on the A465 opposite the Three Counties Hotel Belmont Road) Hereford.

    Speed Camera Hereford.jpg

    This is been in discussion for sometime so no real surprises here however, the traffic queues along this part of Hereford are constant so we do not envisage high earnings to come from this one...


    Your thoughts?

    NEW Volunteer Pub for Marden Approved

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    New Volunteer Pub for Marden plans approved.

    Proposed Volunteer Pub.jpg

    Plans have been approved for the demolition and clearance of the existing public house ('The Volunteer Inn') and erection of new family public house with rooms to include 8 bedrooms.
    Customer car park and relocated vehicular and pedestrian access.
    Planning Application P163159/F

    Hereford Bypass Proposed Routes and River Crossings

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    Hereford Bypass proposed routes and river crossings video in full HD showing the proposed western bypass.


    It is suggested that the bypass will include 6,500 new houses, 6,000 jobs, a new university and the expansion of the Hereford Enterprise Zone at Rotherwas.

    The bypass will also include improving air quality, reducing HGV's vehicles travelling through the city, thus reducing congestion, encouraging walking, cycling, bus use and improving public space, reducing maintenance costs and improving safety on the A49.
    The video also claims that once complete the bypass will reduce morning peak hour traffic on the A49 northbound by eight minutes and five minutes southbound.
    The council has released a budget estimate with the most costly route listed as The Black 2 route at £135m to £140m. This is a preliminary estimate for the project.
    The consultation exhibition is at Hereford library until March 20.

    Nightmare Neighbour Next Door from Hereford on TV Tonight

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    Nightmare Neighbour Next Door from Hereford is airing tonight at 8pm on channel 5.

    Gordon Bell, 54, of Roman Way, Stretton Sugwas, was found guilty after trial at Hereford Crown Court in June last year of criminal damage and affray towards neighbour Emanuel Spencer.
    The incident dated back to August 8, 2016, when the relationship between Mr Bell and his neighbours had broken down.


    Earthquake hits England and Wales today

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    Earthquake with a magnitude of 5.0 hits parts of England and Wales this afternoon.



    The British Geological Survey has confirmed the tremor, saying it was "reasonably sized."

    Get a Range Rover and avoid the city centre!

    By megilleland,

    Great publicity video for Range Rover showing you that there are ways to avoid traffic congestion. Notice the speed camera half way up (only joking)!

    Advertising With Hereford Voice

    Colin James
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    If you are interested in advertising with Hereford Voice, please email us with your idea's.


    We offer very competitive rates from as little as £5 per week.


    Please send an email and we can discuss the various options to suit your budget etc..


    Brexit: If you agree sign this petition

    By megilleland,

    Brexit: If you agree sign this petition


    UK Government and Parliament

    Petition: We must leave the EU completely in March 2019 - No transition period, No delay

    Theresa May is betraying the British people who voted to leave the EU by making the UK stay in until 2021 and paying billions of pounds to the EU while we stay. No immigration control, no border control, no sovereignty - an absolute betrayal of the 17 million voters who chose to leave.

    Extra Govt Funding for County

    By Ubique,

    HCC Press release


    Herefordshire Council welcomes the announcement in the latest Local Government Finance Settlement, which will see additional funding for the county.


    The funding includes just over £1m in recognition of the extra costs associated with delivering services in a sparsely populated rural county. There’s also an additional £550,000 to support adult social care services, which continue to face serious pressures due to the rapid growth in the number of older people within Herefordshire and those living with a lifelong disability. The gap between demand for adult social care services and the resources available to provide them, is nationally estimated to be around £2.3bn.


    Councillor Nigel Shaw, Cabinet member for finance, housing and ICT, said:


    “We’re pleased the government has recognised the challenges we face when delivering services in a rural county, by awarding us additional funding.


    “Unfortunately, this additional funding is a one off payment for 2018/19, so can’t be relied upon going forward. We continue to face cuts to our ongoing funding from the government; it's reducing by £203,000 in the same year. As adult social care costs are significantly increasing, it’s imperative that we carefully consider how best to use this extra funding, to ensure maximum benefit for local residents. We will continue to ensure that residents are enabled to live safe, healthy and independent lives across Herefordshire.â€



    Just wondering if this additional funding will mean that the council,Tax for t2018/2019 will be reduced

    - I doubt it very much .

    Ledbury farmer moves fruit-growing to China over Brexit uncertainty

    By megilleland,

    British farmer moves fruit-growing to China over Brexit uncertainty




    Berry producer says government urgently needs to address shortfall in seasonal workers

    One of the biggest growers of berries in the UK is moving part of its business to China because it cannot guarantee it will find enough fruit pickers available to work.

    Up to 200 seasonal jobs have gone at Haygrove’s farm in Ledbury, Herefordshire, and some of the company’s raspberry and blueberry-growing will be relocated to Yunnan province in China because of uncertainty over migrant labour due to Brexit.

    Angus Davison, the founder of Haygrove, said: “In the UK we employ 230 full-time and 1,150 seasonal workers, but we are now reducing that to 950 because of Brexit nervousness.†The company has a turnover of £101m.

    “We are already out of time,†he says, explaining that he can’t afford to wait for Theresa May to reveal her immigration policy as this year’s harvest was planned last year.

    Davison has written to Theresa May, pleading with her to take urgent action. “Unless a seasonal workers scheme is put in place, you must expect to see the steep decline of this significant rural employer and source of food,†he wrote.

    “It is appreciated that treating one industry differently to another is difficult; however agriculture, unlike construction and hospitality, can be exported. If enough people are not made available to do the work, the work can be taken to the people.â€

    The prime minster has not replied.


    Can't get British workers, won't be able to employ workers after Brexit, so looks to China (free trade) to maintain his business. So he is not going to lose out under any circumstances - the situation for most major businesses and industries in this country. After China maybe Africa - does it matter?