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    Weeping Window , Hereford Cathedral 2018

    By Ubique,

    The below is a resume of a recent meeting organised by the Council which I thought you would be interested in .

    Weeping Window - Hereford Cathedral 2018

    About the weeping window: This breath-taking sculpture was initially conceived as one of the key dramatic sculptural elements in the installation Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red at the Tower of London in the autumn of 2014. It will be open to the public from the 14th March 2018 to the 29th April 2018.

    Why Hereford Cathedral:

    Herefordshire WW1 story is different from the other locations; focus on Home Front.
    Geographical location as first time in the West Mids.
    Home of the Mappa Mundi.
    Quality of bid.

    Benefits for Herefordshire:
    Increased visitor numbers; this is a unique opportunity.
    People will have learnt about our WW1 heritage.
    Events programme including working with schools and community.
    Volunteering opportunities, leading to ongoing volunteering.
    Plan to signpost visitors to other sites such as the Museum & Library, All Saints, Black and White House Museum and Town Hall.
    We want to spread the benefits!

    Project Costs: The project is going to cost at least £120,000 and includes the following roles and items.

    Events Manager
    Volunteer Co-ordinator
    Volunteer equipment & expenses
    Additional toilets
    Leaflets, posters & banners
    Fork lift & Cherry Picker for install
    Art Handlers for install
    Home Front themed events programme
    Schools learning programme
    Closing celebration event

    How can you help? We have secured a total contribution of £60,000 towards the projects costs so far, but are still looking for:
    Cash donations
    Sponsorship of items on the list
    Marketing & Publicity
    To discuss a donation, sponsorship opportunity or another contribution please call Clare Wichbold on 01432 374214 or email poppies@herefordcathedral.org

    Alternatively, you can contact Kevin Ebsworth, our Event Manager on 07772 391918.

    Overpaid Herefordshire Council Officers

    By HJ1,

    Herefordshire Council Website

    Hinton Hitman
    By Hinton Hitman,

    Tried to log onto the Council website to report a pot hole, again, getting some very strange error messages from the website and warnings from my web security, tried the link through Voice and the same happened, running my security scans just incase.

    Just to let you know.

    Local Democracy Reporter for the HT

    Denise Lloyd
    By Denise Lloyd,

    Hereford Times has now recruited a Local Democracy Report his name is Carmelo Garcia.  Interesting times ahead perhaps!

    Owner Maxii Mini Market Convicted for Selling Contraband

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    The owner of the Maxii Mini Market in Commercial Road Hereford has been convicted of selling 4 counts of contraband cigarettes.

    Sentenced to a 12 month community order and 120hrs unpaid work. Costs approx £1500


    New Stores Opening in Hereford

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    On a more positive theme there have been some encouraging discussions about new stores opening in Hereford.


    Ragwert has informed us that the designer store Flannels is one of those shops due to open in the former H&M store in Commercial Street



    photo courtesy of ilovenewcastleuk


    Who else is opening in High Town Hereford?

    Businesses in trouble

    Denise Lloyd
    By Denise Lloyd,

    Toys R Us


    Chimi ................. eating place in the OLM

    The first 2 have gone into administration and the last one closing places throughout the country and those are the ones that have been announced today.  What is causing these hard times?  Should the Cons be worried that a recession is on it's way?

    It would be very interesting to know how many jobs in this country have been lost since Christmas and how many jobs have been created.

    Halfords Hereford Rubbish Responsibility

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    This is Halfords rubbish on the Spur Retail Park that has AGAIN blown all across the car park and onto Perseverance Road. 


    There is one odd cage which is open with cardboard in from Hobby Craft next door but 99% of this rubbish belongs to Halfords. We have seen this many times and nothing is ever done about it.

    Halfords really do need to be aware of their surrounding area and neighbours and secure their waste cardboard and rubbish more securely in a compound. 

    We are aware that environmental services have spoken with them in the past but this is the total mess evident again today.

    The Hereford Community Clean Up Group only cleaned around this area a few weeks ago, come on Halfords you can do better than this! You have a responsibility to keep your immediate surrounding area clean, we will speak with the store manager today and highlight this issue.


    Poppy Display

    By ragwert,

    Took a few of the poppy display

    pop 2 opti.JPG

    pop opti.JPG

    Former Council Office , Bath St.

    By Ubique,

    The sale of Herefordshire Council’s former county office in Bath Street, Hereford has officially completed today (Monday 9 April), with Herefordshire Housing taking ownership of the city centre site.

    The site will be re-developed by Herefordshire Housing to create 75 new apartments, including 28 affordable units, within walking distance of Hereford’s historic city centre.

    The council office closed in September 2014, when staff moved to alternative buildings in order to reduce the number of council properties across the county.  The property was formally placed on the open market with Gloucester based Bruton Knowles in February 2016, with a sale initially agreed with Herefordshire Housing in September 2016.  The not for profit housing provider has spent the last 18 months developing its proposal and obtaining planning permission, which was granted in February 2018.


    | In order to allow building work to commence, the car park located on the Bath Street site will close to the public from Friday 27 April.  To find your nearest alternative car park, please visit the council car parks webpage: http://socsi.in/CB54K

    Commercial Street Hereford Refurbishment

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Commercial Street Hereford to undergo refurbishment in May.

    The second phase of work to upgrade Hereford City Centre will begin in May 2018 with the refurbishment of Commercial Street, High Town.

    Balfour Beatty Living Places on behalf of Herefordshire Council will carry out refurbishment works on the Commercial Street area of High Town from early May.

    The work is the second phase of a refurbishment project for the city centre that will create a consistent look with the recent refurbishment of Widemarsh Street and High Street. Future phases will include an enhanced walking and cycling environment. 

    Councillor Barry Durkin, cabinet member highways and transport said 


    “This project is key to the success of the city as a regional shopping destination, with longer term plans to improve Commercial Road and Blueschool Street, it will further enhance the city as an attractive and easily accessible destination for visitors and shoppers.

    Hereford has never looked as positive and vibrant as it does today and we need to build on the successes of the last few years and continue to support existing retailers and continue to attract new traders to ensure Hereford is a regional shopping destination of choice.”

    The work will be phased to ensure minimal disruption to businesses and shoppers. All access to frontages will be maintained. Work will continue through 2018 with a break for the busy Christmas shopping period. The Commercial Street phase of the scheme will be completed in early 2019.

    £1.25 Million Towards Pot Hole Repairs

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Herefordshire roads badly affected by the recent severe weather will benefit from an additional £1.25m of central government funding for repairs.

    This funding, which totals £1,252,647, will be used to repair more roads, addressing the equivalent of 23,000 potholes and build in protection to help make the county’s roads more resistant to future severe weather.

    Councillor Barry Durkin, Herefordshire Council Cabinet Member for Transport and Regulatory Services, said:


    “This winter has seen exceptional weather in Herefordshire, and the prolonged freezing temperatures have had a detrimental impact on the county’s roads. We have seen an 84% increase in dangerous potholes and our teams have been working hard to remedy this problem.

    “We welcome this additional central government funding which will be used to enhance our response to the challenges brought by the severe weather.”


    Historic England's view on Herefordshire

    Denise Lloyd
    By Denise Lloyd,



    Not sure if this has already been shown on HV but this report makes some interesting and thought provoking points 

    New measures to curb dog fouling

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    New measures to curb dog fouling and prevent problems with out of control dogs across Herefordshire came into force on 27 March 2018.

    The Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for dog control, which has replaced the previous dog control orders, gives council enforcement officers and police officers powers to deal with dog owners who fail to properly control or clean up after their dogs in public open spaces.

    Measures include offences requiring dog owners and walkers to:

    • Clear up after their dog

    • Keep their dog on a lead in some areas

    • Put their dog on a lead when asked to

    • Keep dogs out of some areas

    People with assistance dogs are exempt from this PSPO.

    Responses received during a consultation period last year show support for the rules contained in the order.

    Councillor Durkin, Cabinet Member for Transport and Regulatory Services, said: 


    “The majority of dog owners are responsible and keep their dogs under control and clean up after them, this order will allow action to be taken against the minority who do not’’.

    Herefordshire Council asks members of the public to report incidents of dog fouling via the link so that appropriate action can be taken.

    A place of worship in Eign St

    By K.Butt,

    I notice plans for a new place of worship have been submitted to change of use (A2) office premises to become (D1) place of worship, with site managers living accommodation. 

    I see no more details


    Plans can be found here

    More power for Police dealing with beggars

    M. Preece
    By M. Preece,

    Police want better powers to deal with beggars in Welsh city centre.


    A public consultation has been launched on measures to tackle anti-social behaviour in Newport which could see a blanket ban on begging in its city centre. 

    The city’s council is looking to update its Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) which was put in place in 2015 to prevent individuals and groups from committing anti-social behaviour in the city centre.

    The order sought to prohibit street drinking, touting for services and donations, aggressive begging, fly-posting and dogs not being kept on a lead. A breach of the order could result in a fine of up to £1,000.

    But now Newport council is considering a blanket ban on begging in the city centre after Gwent Police said the wording of the current order had proved “ineffective”. 

    Speaking at Newport council’s overview and scrutiny committee hearing on Monday, Gwent Police’s Newport city centre inspector John Davies said: “In regards to aggressive begging, there has been an enormous amount of interest. If you look at the PSPO, it’s how do you legally state that someone is acting aggressively.

    “We’re reverting back to legislation from the 1800s when dealing with begging rather than having something which is a workable solution. To prove aggressive begging is something that is difficult.”

    He added: “There are several strands to the begging issue. We have genuine homeless people. In the last count in November we had 18 rough sleepers and that increases coming up to Christmas.

    “But when you start looking at the number of people who are begging who have homes but are using begging as a source of income, there’s a difference.

    “I would say there’s a 50/50 split, 50% will be genuinely homeless and the other 50% will have addresses known to us in Newport.

    “We’re working with the council and the Rough Sleepers group to give assistance to the people who are most vulnerable. The ones who don’t want to engage with us are using begging as a source of income and the PSPO will allow us to deal with that.”

    Full article 

    This is a difficult subject but I am aware that are more and more professional beggars. We have recently just come back from a trip to Bristol we had for a few days and we were approached twice by quite aggressive beggars asking for us money. We do give to charities but personally, it is quite intimidating being approached in the street, especially, when we rarely carry cash anyway. One of these guys was sat more or less under the ATM outside a shop.