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Using a Mobile Phone Whilst Driving.


Posted by Clarkester in Police & Crime

I notice in the news and press that the fine and penalty points for using a mobile phone whilst driving, is due to increase next year.

I'm sure most people will agree that this is a good thing, even though there seems to be little enforcement of the law by our boys and girls in blue.

The point to this post?  Ah yes, that...

I was waiting to cross Yazor Road in Hereford today (Thursday 29th September 2016) at approximately 12:50, one of the cars passing me was a rather distinctively decorated driving instructors car, complete with personalised registration (nice touch.)  

As she, oops sorry, as the car passed me by, I noticed the driver, with one hand on the wheel, the other down by their side was doing a marvellous "nodding dog" impression, something down on her, or his (her) lap was taking up quite a good percentage of attention away from the road, that's for sure.

What chance do we have to expect people to resist the urge to use their mobiles whilst driving when a driving instructor is quite prepared to openly do just that?!

Still, it was probably important, wasn't it?

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You Ain't Supposed To Know About This. Yet!

12 Sep 2016

Posted by bobby47 in Open Forum
The local NHS, funded by yet another PFI arrangement, are about to rubber stamp the construction of a special purpose building, costed at around 18million, that'll be built upon the Railway Station Approach in near or close proximity to the new Road To Nowhere in the City centre.
The following general medical practices are in line to leave their current places of business that serve their patients and become a part of the new central hub for general medical care....Quay House, Moorfields, Sarum House & Greyfriars Surgeries.
It's my understanding that the medical practices that have already agreed to this will sell their existing premises, pocket the equity which they are perfectly entitled to do and pay the going rate to rent their space within this new community centralised medical treatment hub.
As to why this has happened and why it's happening? In years gone by qualified Doctors would be on the look out to buy their way into an established practice who owned their own premises. One old Doctor would retire, a new one would come in, the fifty thousand quid would be given to the retiring Doctor and so on and so on. That's the way it used to work.
Now, in these days of austerity, Doctor shortages, no money available to buy out the old retiring Doctor and a public service thirst for centralisation, privatisation and transformation, we've now reached a tipping point of no inward or outward investment and a model of care for the community that can be run from the centre with little or no sense of community or care about us the service users.
In short, slowly but surely every single public service, including our much cherished Health Service is being transformed toward privatisation through the backdoor and there seems no way we the people can halt this slide toward the surrender of everything we once held dear and took for granted.

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Sheltered Housing Belmont Ave Approved

25 Jan 2015

Posted by Colin James in Planning

A 3 storey sheltered housing project in Belmont Avenue Hereford has been approved. The new homes are to be built in the little car park with garages near to the footpath into Asda. I assume the footpath will remain?




West Mercia Housing Group applied to build a three-storey building with 10 one-bed flats, and three off road car parking spaces.


Full planning details here

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Redevelopment of former Records Office, Harold Street

28 Jun 2016

Posted by twowheelsgood in Bartonsham

Disposal of the former Records Office in Harold Street - selling it to Cathedral School - was put to and approved by Cabinet in November last year, and we now hear that the Cathedral School are shortly to submit a planning application to clear the historic site and build a 40+ bed accommodation block for foreign students. 


More details when we have them!

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Less disabled people in Spain compared to the UK?

24 Sep 2016

Posted by Colin James in Hereford City

We have recently returned from Calella, which is a very busy and popular town on the Costa Brava.


While travelling around we could not help but notice that in most of the very busy streets particularly around the commercial centres that there were very few disabled parking bays (unlike the UK where there are far too many in my opinion) and where there were disabled bays they seemed to be always empty. It was the same in Barcelona. So am I to believe that there are less genuine disabled people in Spain or are there just more scammers here in the UK?


Disabled Bay.jpg

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Hereford Council aka Asset Strippers

20 Sep 2016

Posted by Denise Lloyd in Open Forum

Yet another asset of the county has been put on the market.


How did the Council come by these properties - were they purchased as an investment when they were going cheap were they bequeathed or were they bought to be used when the Council is as cash strapped as it is now.  Anybody know?  Whatever the reason the less assets on the books the more the interest on the cash borrowed of which there is plenty.


Moor House Hereford a beautiful Grade II listed mansion.


There are prestigious estate agents in Herefordshire yet the Council continue to source out of county professional services so even the selling fees do not stay in the county









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October Half Term Drama Week

25 Sep 2016

Posted by melissaclarej in Open Forum

After a great response to my Drama Workshop Weeks throughout the summer holidays, I am now able to offer places for a Drama week in Hereford!
£70 per child for the week!

Monday 24th - Friday 28th October 2016! 9.30am - 3.30pm!

My name is Melissa and I'm a London based professional actor originally from Ledbury. I got into drama school in London when I was 19 and have lived there ever since. I've worked in both TV and theatre and In between acting jobs I run drama workshops for children and young people and will be running a drama workshop week in Hereford in the October half term Monday 24th -Friday 28th October at Hereford lads club.

The week will be full of drama games & warm ups, acting techniques, impro & comedy and a show for parents at the end of the week.

We welcome children and young people aged 7-16 (They will be put into one of 2 groups, 7-10 and 11-16)
It doesn't matter if this is their first drama experience or if they're a little pro! Drama really can be for everyone. It's about forming a group and finding out what their skills are and what they can bring to a theatre company. It's about building self esteem, friendships and HAVING FUN! The cost will be £70 per child for the week with a deposit of £10 by October 8th to secure a place :)

What: Drama Workshop week
When: Mon 24th Fri 28th October
Where: Hereford Lads Club
Cost: £70 per child for the week
Deposit: £10 by October 8th
Contact: Melissa - 07500801337

Many Thanks,
Melissa Johns :)

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Tutorial: How To Create New Topic & Add A File/Photo

21 Aug 2013

Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

To add a picture/photograph to a new topic do the following;

First of all, you need to select the correct forum or most appropriate, to do this go to the top of the front page and select Forums from the drop down box in the Navigation tab.
(or click on the word Forums on the right hand side menu)


You then need to select the Forum that you want to use (i.e. The Oval, which is a sub forum of the Newton Farm forum)



Once inside the chosen Forum (In this case The Oval) select Start New Topic

You will now be in the posting screen (the area where you type your post) Select an appropriate topic title (please use your imagination and keep it as brief as possible but clearly it needs to represent the main topic in question, so please do not just put something like HELP, something more appropriate would be i.e. Help Required Disposing Of Old Bed) you can also add Topic Tags (Click it and you will see various choices, select as many that are appropriate, this makes it easy when searching for topics in the future)but it is not essential.


Type your message in full then near the bottom left hand side you will see Attach Files underneath this you will see Choose File, click this tab and choose your file or photograph, then you need to click Attach This File, you will then see a little circle spinning while your file is uploaded, once uploaded click Add to Post


Then it will look something like this


That's it!! You need to do this for each file or photograph that you add, then just click Post New Topic at the bottom.


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The Battle that's Mine

02 Apr 2016

Posted by greenknight in Open Forum
Hello dear friends...it's been a few months,seems longer in fact but I've been away fighting a battle of hearts and minds well actually mine.
It's great under anonymity that such a post can be made so forgive me for posting it.
Battles with sword have never been a problem for this old knight but skirmishes involving the heart have always been a little trickier and this old boy has fallen victim to a most modern of gadgets....the texting device. Together we have been Mrs Knight and I for 18 wonderful years and like everyone we have shared love and endured pain but it's been together.
Without enlarging on this personal tradegy I chanced upon the fact that my younger lass has been secretly texting a work colleague whose name I do not know but it extended into our time. It's gone on for a few months and now found out she explains to me that there was nothing in it but he was there during a time when she needed support which for this old boy hurts because I always felt that was my role. It doesn't help that hides disguised and is fifteen years my junior. What is the definition of a special friend and when does a friendship become affair? My wife has friends at work both male and female most are known to me and plenty are stored on her phone but this guy works in the shadows ...she felt she needed to do this knowing it would hurt if I knew...but again why would it be a threat it were just a friendship.
So my friends my apologetic wife who won't reveal,wants me to get around this but not give up this "special friendship". Our marriage was founded on love, friendship, loyalty and trust but the trust is now broken and my friends I cannot get round the fact that secrets have entered our marriage, our friendship our lives. For me it's simple perhaps that's a blokes way of dealing with it but why would someone gamble on an 18 year relationship for the preservation of one that's just a few months old ...unless of course there is more to it..you see people the battle is mine and I'm losing it.

Texting and Facebook ...ultimate weapons in the creation and destruction of relationships..apologies friends.

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A University for Hereford

16 Mar 2015

Posted by Harry Beynon in Hereford City
Unless I have missed something, there does not appear to have been much mention on Hereford Voice of the new University project.

This project is quite possibly the most positive news the city has had in decades. As Herefordshire is one of only three counties without a University, the initiative is government-backed and will happen! This opens up the prospect of thousands of new students and teaching staff coming to Hereford, boosting spending and stimulating the local economy.

More excitingly, the University plans to take up many of the redundant buildings in the city centre and use them as teaching spaces. So, we could see new life breathed into Maylords Orchards; Chadds; the old Odeon site etc etc.

Please back the new University project - it's great news for Hereford!

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Land at Three Elms

04 May 2015

Posted by Colin James in Kingsacre

I have just received this:


Subject : Land at Three Elms Community Planning Weekend, 15-19 May 2015

Dear Sir / MadamLand at Three Elms, Hereford Community Planning Weekend
Friday 15, Saturday 16 and Tuesday 19 May 2015
Whitecross Hereford High School, Three Elms Road, Hereford HR4 0RN
The Church Commissioners for England invite you to the Land at Three Elms Community Planning Weekend to inform the drawing up of an illustrative masterplan for a sustainable new neighbourhood to the west of Hereford.
Land at Three Elms has been identified in Herefordshire Council’s draft Local Plan as a location for a mixed use development to the west of the city. The Council has identified the land for around 1000 new homes, 10 hectares of employment land, new open space and recreation areas, which will form a sustainable new neighbourhood. This development can also help to bring long term investment into the city, including the delivery of new infrastructure.
John Thompson & Partners, architects and community planners, has been appointed by the Church Commissioners for England to work with the local community to inform and influence the development of an illustrative masterplan for the land. The Community Planning Weekend will be an opportunity to share local knowledge and contribute to planning the new neighbourhood through workshops and hands-on planning groups. There will also be an exhibition explaining the background of the site.  
Key dates
·         Friday, 15 May, 1.45pm-7.00pm: First day of Community Planning Weekend
·         Saturday, 16 May, 10.45am-4.00pm: Second day of Community Planning Weekend
·         Tuesday, 19 May, 6.00pm-7.30pm: Report Back of the New Neighbourhood Concept
For more information on the programme, please see the attached flyer. Please share this event with your networks – everyone is welcome!
Following the Community Planning Weekend, the design team will move forward to prepare an Outline Planning application for the site, which it is anticipated will be submitted to Herefordshire Council in early autumn 2015.
I look forward to seeing you at the Weekend.  In the meantime, if you would like any more information please contact me at on 020 7017 1780.
Yours faithfully
Charles Campion, Partner
John Thompson & Partners


Attached File  Land at Three Elms Community Planning Weekend.pdf   560.98KB   229 downloads

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26 Oct 2015

Posted by Denise Lloyd in Open Forum

Herefordshire Council is considering selling off its' 5 thousand acres of farmland. It could raise 48 million pounds - as massive chunk of the 60 million pounds the authority needs to save in the next 3 years. The land is a huge asset though and has risen in value every year for the last decade. At a meeting this afternoon the council's Scrutiny Committee will recommended either a partial sale will some starter and progression farms kept on OR the sale of the entire estate. The sale will leave 51 families without their homes and businesses. Ian and Lorraine Salmon farm 66 acres near Leominster - they've just had their first child Isobel and face an uncertain future.....................

Does anybody know the outcome of this meeting?

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Corporate governance - who’s running the ship?

05 Sep 2016

Posted by twowheelsgood in Open Forum

There is a statutory requirement for a Section 151 Officer in every local authority - arguably the single most important post in the Council, with huge responsibility for corporate management, financial management, supporting the democratic process etc, etc.

Here in sleepy Herefordshire Council, this has been the job of one Peter Robinson, who came to us from Bristol Council with a well reported, shall we say, ‘history’ - google it, you might be surprised, clearly those doing the appointment didn’t.
Well, as we know from the Hereford Times, PR’s whereabout’s have been a mystery for some 5 months now, seemingly triggered by Cllr Bob Mathews asking some pertinent questions about accounts for the link road, which were some £10m adrift, prompting wider wider questions to be asked, not the least by the Hereford Times in the form of a FOI request to the Council, which wasn’t answered. 
As we know now again from the Hereford Times, a secret meeting had been called by the Council for last week - press and public to be excluded - to discuss the conduct of a senior officer. On the eve of the meeting, we understand PR resigned, having been on paid ‘gardening leave’ for the last 5 months. In his absence, we must assume that the statutory responsibility fell to his Deputy, Josie Rushgrove, and we hope she had her salary increased for the additional burden. We now understand Ms Rushgrove herself is to take an extended leave for personal reasons.
So, with no Section 151 Officer or Deputy, who is running the ship? We’ve seen councillors sitting on their hands yet again and not reacting to this latest scandal to engulf the Council. No doubt this latest one has cost us dear, yet no one is called to book. A rudderless ship will in the end flounder on rocks - is anyone looking out for them?

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Some of our Instagram photos

27 Mar 2016

Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

Here are just a couple of recent photographs I created using Instagram. If you would like to follow Hereford Voice on Instagram Click Here


Old Market.jpg


Neil Powell Butchers.jpg



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Plans for New Pub on Widemarsh Common Hereford

11 Sep 2016

Posted by Colin James in Planning

Online plans have been submitted to Herefordshire Council to build a pub on the site of the former Sportsman pub on Widemarsh Common Hereford. 


Planning application number : P162165/O and details can be found here




I hope this project gets the green light, it would make a refreshing change to having a pub opening rather than closing.

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