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Hope Pole Changing To BBQ Bar

26 Jul 2014

Posted by Alex in Hereford City



The Hope Pole in Commercial Road closes it's doors on September 8th and re opens as BBQ and Brew on September 25th with 24 additional staff


A carnivorous celebration of the American Deep South pit barbecue. Forget the sad burnt banger on the Barbie at home, this is barbecue as it’s meant to be.
In true Southern style, BBQs & Brews slow cook their meat in imported American smokers for up to 18 hours. Locally-bred Herefordshire meat takes centre stage here, coupled with authentic barbecue rubs and sauces inspired by the Texan masters. The open kitchen gives customers ringside seats to the smoking process before they tuck into some of our mouth-watering dishes on offer.
And the tribute to America continues at the bar, pitting punchy American Craft beers and smooth bourbons against delicious English cask ales and local craft cider.
This is a fun-loving, family-friendly barbecue joint, offering something for everyone. Whether you want to celebrate an event, catch up with a group of friends, enjoy a family treat or just to enjoy the game in the bar with friends, there’s always a good reason to visit BBQs & Brews. Even if it’s just for the love of meat.


BBQ And Brews Website


Email: lovemeat@bbqsandbrews.co.uk
01432 355675
Commercial road
Hereford, HR1 2BP.

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Hereford Police Seize Cigarettes From European Shop

29 Jul 2014

Posted by Colin James in Police & Crime

Police were loading bags of cigarettes seized tonight from the European shop in Eign Gate.


Zabka 2.jpg  

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Changes to Hereford City Bus Services from 31 August 2014


Posted by megilleland in Open Forum
Herefordshire’s bus services will reduce from 31 August 2014 as part of the council’s aim to save £33m by 2017. Following the public consultation our priority is to retain support for the core network and rural lifeline services.
The table below shows those services which will be affected by the changes. For more information on individual services, please:
Whilst every care has been taken to ensure accuracy , this is a first draft of the August 2014 timetable and is indicative of the new services and may therefore be subject to change. We will update our website with any changes as soon as we can.

71/71A Hereford - Credenhill 
Revised timetable, evening journeys Mondays to Thursdays withdrawn but provided without subsidy by First on Friday and Saturday evenings. Revised Sunday service provided without subsidy by First. Most journeys will terminate at Hereford City Bus Station
72 Hereford - Bobblestock 
Revised timetable, evening journeys Mondays to Thursdays withdrawn but provided without subsidy by First on Friday and Saturday evenings
74/74A Hereford - Newton Farm 
Revised timetable, late evening journeys Mondays to Thursdays withdrawn but provided without subsidy by First on Fridays and Saturdays. Revised Sunday service provided without subsidy by First
75/75B Hapton Park - Hereford 
Revised timetable. One early Saturday morning journey, evenings and Sunday service withdrawn
78 Rotherwas - Hereford 
Off peak service withdrawn. Alternative journeys provided by revised 454 service
79A Hereford - Putson - Redhill 
Revised Sunday service provided without subsidy by First
88/88A Hereford - The Pastures/Saxon Gate 
Minor revision to timetable


The 74/74A service I use has the following last daily buses scheduled to run at:


Last bus back to Newton Farm Monday to Thursday evenings 7:05pm.

Last bus back to Newton Farm Friday evening 9:05pm.

Last bus back to Newton Farm Saturday evening 11:35pm.

Last bus back to Newton Farm Saturday evening 6:15pm.


Where the subsidy is withdrawn can the over 60's still use their bus passes?


Has Cllr Rone declared an interest when deciding these cuts as he appears to have a pecuniary interest in us using taxis later in the evening?


Cllr Rone's statement from Council News today.


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Hereford Parking Review Survey

07 Mar 2014

Posted by Bill Thomas in Hereford City

The Herefordshire Council have an online survey about the parking in Hereford. In my opinion, there are far too many disabled bays along broad street and in King Street and Bridge Street they they could increase the maximum parking time to 2 hours, at least this way you have a little more time to shop etc.. The traffic wardens are too keen to issue tickets too, all of this does not encourage people into our city.

This of course is just my view but there is an online survey which I think is worth completing, see below.



We are undertaking a review of on street parking arrangements in the historic core of Hereford city centre. National good practice indicates that we should review on-street parking restrictions periodically in order to check that they continue to meet the needs of all road users. In addition the review will aim to support current schemes in the historic core including street de-cluttering through rationalising existing signage, 20mph zones and more cycling facilities.

We are consulting with businesses, residents and visitors who use on street parking in the historic core of Hereford. Questionnaires for residents and businesses will be delivered to properties within the city centre area. In addition our survey staff will be out in the city centre talking to people who are using on street parking and providing them with questionnaires. Surveys can be returned via the Freepost address supplied.

Alternatively you can complete the questionnaire online.

The closing date for responses is 17 March 2014.




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Old Market Car Park Prices Announced

25 Apr 2014

Posted by Alex in Edgar Street Grid

CAR park prices at the Old Market in Hereford have been released.


The prices are exactly the same as the Maylord Orchards car park, although Maylords is cheaper on Sundays.


There will be 600 car park spaces available at the Old Market, including 31 disabled bays and 22 parent and child spaces.


Merton Meadow car park is  £2 all day.


Old Market Car Park Charges

1 hour: £1.20

2 hours: £2.40

3 hours: £3.60

4 hours: £4.80

5 hours: £6.50

6 hours: £8.80

Over 6 hours: £10.50

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We Need Better Lane Guidance On Hereford Roundabout

22 Nov 2013

Posted by Colin James in Hereford City

'Stay In Lane' Signs Would help here.


Note: The NEW 3rd lane in Edgar Street is for traffic heading for Whitecross or for traffic wanting to go all the way around the roundabout and back down Edgar Street ONLY! It is NOT for people to cut back across to go over the bridge! Traffic for Ross Road needs to be in the left lane and traffic for Belmont or Abergavenny please use the middle lane.


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Baptist Church Drinkers ....

22 Feb 2014

Posted by Roger in Police & Crime

I wandered into town today and the usual drinkers' were camped on the wall swigging bottles/cans of that strong cider ..... In front of the Church ... Sat on the wall as the seats have been removed ..... I walked by an hour later and they were still there .... Commercial Road ... Not a good advert for Hereford .... 


This was approx. 13.45 and 14.45 btw so hardly out of hours for the people who should sort this out  ..... 

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Cannot Purchase Hot Food In Hereford City After 1.30am

09 Sep 2012

Posted by Colin James in Hereford City

How pathetic that you cannot buy hot food in Hereford after 1.30am!


This stupid idea of Hereford Council I assume is designed to prevent a build up of people coming out of nightclubs...well guess what? It does not work! Because now people que at the sandwich bar in Commercial Road or in the 24 hour garage.
So why can we not buy hot food? It's no wonder many people think the nightlife and everything else is so poor and choose to avoid Hereford altogether! This Council needs to have a rethink and get into the 21st Century!
Hereford is becoming like a ghost town both during the day and night!

I have written to the Hereford Times expressing my opinion and quite a lot of other locals too

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Barrs Court Special School

16 Jul 2014

Posted by gdj in Open Forum

This situation has been referred to in other threads but it seems to be reaching the end game.  I am not party to all the details and facts but I do know some - and I do know some that I shouldn't know.  



A council Assistant Director called Kathy Roberts left her post in 2011 with a large pay-off : the Hereford Times reported it as over £70k.  When she left the building she was under investigation for wrongdoing.


She took up the post of deputy head of Barrs Court a month later.  The head of Barrs court was known to be nearing retirement


In September 2013 she became head of Barrs Court.


In January 2014 she was suspended for alleged wrongdoing.


She has now "resigned".


Some questions:

- On how many occasions during her 2 years in the council were there serious grievances and/or compensation paid to those working under her?  

- Was Barrs Court aware of any of the above either in 2011 or 2013?

- Has the alleged wrongdoing at Barrs Court been the subject of a completed investigation - ?

-Has she been allowed to resign before being held accountable?

-Has a compromise agreement been signed?

-Has money been paid to her in relation to her resignation?

-If so, who has paid it?

- What role did the council (who wanted to keep the whole situation top secret) play in the last 6 months?

-Why is the Hereford Times joining the council in keeping it all secret?

- Would anyone at all, from the school, the council or the governors like to explain and justify this whole sorry saga of failure and wrongdoing being rewarded and hidden, and vulnerable children being shortchanged - I suspect not.


Whilst not comparable in detail to this situation, the principle of allowing people suspected of wrongdoing to quietly move on rather than being held accountable has led to some dreadful situations in this country.  Yet it still, seemingly, goes on.  And no amount of temporary social workers can cure a mindset that safeguards managers as a top priority.






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Petition: Reverse Decision To Reduce Grass Cutting

22 May 2014

Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

I have been asked by several people if I would create a petition about the lack of grass/verge cutting in the County due to severe cut backs in Herefordshire Councils budget. 


We the undersigned want Herefordshire Council to REVERSE it's decision to reduce grass cutting frequencies from 7 times a year to just 3 times a year in this years budget. This is a massive reduction of almost 60%!! Yet Herefordshire Council has  increased the Council Tax by almost 2%.
The Old Market shopping centre has recently opened at a cost of over £90 million, which will hopefully attract more people to Hereford and grow our local economy, however, Hereford looks a mess, all the grass and verges are overgrown and this will lead to treble the amount of work required when they eventually get around to it, which is false economy. 
This online petition has been launched in a bid to persuade Herefordshire Council to reverse the decision and restore Hereford back to a more attractive standard.
Why is this important?
We believe that this is a necessary course of action in order to attract investment and economic benefit back to Hereford.
The state of our Herefordshire also discourages potential investors and tourism alike from visiting the County, this is potentially an economic disaster for Hereford.




You Can Sign The Petition HERE

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Who is responsible for tree cutting?

29 Jul 2014

Posted by Slim in Open Forum

This is my first foray into asking you good people, who do I complain to; and is it worth it.  I work in Ledbury, and, on occasions, I bike ride from home(Bobblestock) to catch the train there and back instead of using the car. Kills me, but at least I can have a beer the night before and have no fear of our illustrious Police Service/Force pulling me over. My gripe is as I ride through Widemarsh Common and out onto Prior Street, who is responsible for cutting back the overhanging tree branches. Has this service gone the way of the grass cutting, or been forgotten entirely, as it is a slalom at 0600 to avoid trees, pedestrians and other riders going the opposite way.  Your help, acerbic comments and general lampooning is appreciated, and expected.

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A Highways Issue - Councillors? (Rotherwas)

28 Jul 2014

Posted by Biomech in Open Forum

I thought I would enjoy the sun recently with a leisurely ride on my bike.

Coming out of Rotherwas on that relief road (heading away from Rotherwas), the lane is absolutely covered in glass for about 1 mile from the Rotherwas roundabout end.


I don't know why this is, but there is A LOT of it, perhaps a special glass waste lorry drives past?


Anyway, it flicks up in to my legs and embeds itself in my tyres - as well as everyone one elses who uses that road I imagine - is there any chance that once a fortnight or something one of those road sweepers could head along the "hard shoulder" of that road and suck it all up?

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How Close Are These Houses To The Police Station!

29 Jul 2014

Posted by Colin James in Newton Farm

I am not sure I would want to live this close to the police station doors..


police 1.jpg


These are the new houses being built on the site of the Vortex and St Francis Saviour church


police 2.jpg


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18 Aug 2012

Posted by Colin James in The Oval

I was at the post office early this morning and noticed these WEEDS! I have no words...

How tall? how long they been here?

What I find very strange is that thousands of pounds of public money is spent on

'Brand New Shiny Notice Boards' (That I am sure nobody reads) yet, within only 4 metres of one of these notice boards we have MASSIVE weeds that nobody has botherd to have removed? Hmmm oh well, maybe it's just me...

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Harry Bramer

16 Apr 2014

Posted by bobby47 in Open Forum
I've been looking at his photograph. You can tell an awful lot by staring at the image of a local Councillor who's about to destroy something good and of importance to the people of Hereford.
For a starters, his eyes are to close together. I've never trusted a man whose got those eyes that imply, 'don't sit down and play three card brag with me because I'm a rotter, a cheat and a bloody big ninny.'
Course that ain't the whole lot. Not at all! You'd be a strange fish if you went around disliking everyone simply because their eyes were not to your liking. Im sure his loved ones would say, 'well, we like his bloody eyes just the way they are and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot and shouldn't have unfettered access to a keyboard.'
No! It's more than that. Much, much more than that. His head for example. Whilst its not overly huge, it ain't small and I don't like his hair cut. Where I come from you get a basin shoved on your cranium and the shears do the rest. This man takes great pride in his hair cut and that's another reason why I've come to the conclusion I wouldn't want to break bread with him. Anyone who takes that sort of pride in his hair cut instead of sitting down with a bowl on his head and getting his hair sheared off like the rest of us ain't to be trusted.
And I've been speaking to folk about Harry. He's not liked. I've yet to speak to anyone who says they like spending time with him fishing for barbel on the Wye. To a man, they say he's tight. Mean! So mean and tight, he'll turn the gas off when he turns the bacon over. That's bloody tight for you!
No! The facts here are speaking for themselves. This is a man with eyes set to close together, there's something about his head that I don't like, he ain't getting his hair cut like me and he's a man who's tight with his money.
Then there's the personality. Good grief! This poor man must have been badly scarred by his days as a child treading the boards playing King Herod every year until he reached puberty. It couldn't have been easy sat there when the teacher shouted, 'you boy. The one with the eyes set to close together. In all my days of producing Nativity Plays you are the best Herod Ive ever seen and whatsmore, if ever we decide to stage an Easter Play, you are my Pontius Pilate.
Yeah! You can tell an awful lot about someone by simply studying their photograph. And if you're reading this Harry, and you will be, unless you change course Im going to write you a part in a lurid tale about a man elected into Office who kept scurrying up my drainpipe demanding demanding something that I've yet to decide upon!
Leave the Working Boys Home be, build the Firestation that we don't need in some other place and stop destroying our heritage. Then, and only then will your torment end!

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