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Duck Pond Clean Up Phase 2 Action Day

17 Oct 2017

Posted by Colin James in Castle Green

Okay folks I have just had a discussion with Keith and we have agreed Sunday 19th November 0900-1400 for 'Phase 2'. 


We obviously need as much help again and we will see if we can encourage the scout/cubs etc to keep us refreshed with beverages again. The plan of actions is to clear some of the outstanding dead branches and bushes and to paint the fence! We will also continue to try and break the back of the duckweed and also erect two additional signs. I have got the funding for some Hammerite and I will make sure that we have a dozen of so paint brushes to make light work of the 75 metre length.


Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Duck Pond Phase 2.jpg



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Brexit Is Finished.

17 Oct 2017

Posted by bobby47 in Open Forum
Friendless, despised by the French, treated with contempt by the European Commission, the majority of Parliament against our exit, the wealthy and famous constantly lining up to tell us how stupid we are, giant business conglomerates determined that we continue to fund their wealth, the French, the Germans, the Spanish and Italians determined not to up their payments to cover our 13 Billion contribution, the poor countries of the East of Europe desperate not to receive any less because of our wish to leave, the BBC, the Clintons, Obama, Branson and bloody Geldof repeatedly telling us what we should think and Juncker, Verhofstadt and Barnier joyfully sitting back happily watching our great nation being ripped apart because we chose not to remain aboard their failing federalist expansionistic policy.
They demand we pay them nigh on 100 Billion pounds to exit the Union and provide all the economic migrants who've settled here, were once resident here, together with all their close and extended family members who've yet to come to Britain and all of their unborn children who may never visit our Country must be guaranteed full rights that allow every single one of them to receive their free health care, their education, their housing and all the financial benefits that our ancestors worked so hard to win for us their indigenous British White, Black and Asian descendants.
No matter the absurdity of these demands from the EU Commision, which is essentially their dishonourable way of extracting money from us, the Commision will happily destroy our great nation so that no other member state will dare ever contemplate a life outside their totalitarian, neo communistic authoritarian federal state that rules from the centre by unelected politically lightweight British hating surfs to the will of Germany and France.
Despite the ongoing negotiations,the outcome is now unavoidable predictable. Unless some other member state brings about some other unforeseen challenge to the Commision that brings about the fall of this empire of dirt, we in Britain will now never leave this Union. Our money and our sovereign wealth will continue to be diverted Eastwards so that the poor nations will become richer and the Western nations poorer so that the logical outcome will be attained. Every single EU nation, with the exception of Germany and France, who are by design our future continental leaders and power brokers, will all become an economic area where big business can flourish on the back of Free Movement Of People and federalism of Europe will be complete. Cheap labour is the key and in Europe we have millions of people who are content to become a component part of this highly profitable economic excercise that sees the poor people paying for its existence and the rich and wealthy business giants reaping the rewards of the emerging economic markets that our money is now creating in the East of the EU zone.
Once the negotiations are done, and the demands will be nigh on impossible to accept, there will be a second referendum and the British people will understandable give up, surrender their sovereignty, concede defeat and give the ruling elite exactly what they wanted and expected in the first bloody place. A vote to remain in!

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26 Oct 2015

Posted by Denise Lloyd in Open Forum

Herefordshire Council is considering selling off its' 5 thousand acres of farmland. It could raise 48 million pounds - as massive chunk of the 60 million pounds the authority needs to save in the next 3 years. The land is a huge asset though and has risen in value every year for the last decade. At a meeting this afternoon the council's Scrutiny Committee will recommended either a partial sale will some starter and progression farms kept on OR the sale of the entire estate. The sale will leave 51 families without their homes and businesses. Ian and Lorraine Salmon farm 66 acres near Leominster - they've just had their first child Isobel and face an uncertain future.....................

Does anybody know the outcome of this meeting?

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Planning Committee Approves Southern Link Road

06 Jun 2016

Posted by Colin James in Planning

Herefordshire Council’s planning committee has approved the Southern Link Road (SLR) planning application today, Monday 6 June 2016.

The SLR marks the first phase of a bypass for the city and will assist in delivering new homes and jobs.
The road’s construction will also facilitate the implementation of active travel measures in South Wye. Plans include prohibition weight restriction on Belmont Road, shared use cycleways, new pedestrian crossings on Belmont Road and new speed restrictions in residential areas.
Councillor Philip Price, cabinet member infrastructure said:

 “Today’s decision is a significant move forward as it is the first step towards a long-awaited bypass. Hereford can now move towards a more financially sustainable future, with the provision of more homes and jobs.
We still have far to go, but this decision is the vital first step forward and allows us to continue to develop in line with the county’s emerging economic master plan. The Enterprise Zone at Rotherwas can now develop with the right infrastructure in place to support it. Although, to fully build out the Enterprise zone there is a requirement to have in place the bypass as planned; today’s decision goes some way towards that aim. This is good news for business and for Hereford as a whole.”
The SLR is scheduled to be completed by summer 2019. The rest of the bypass will be completed when further funding can be secured from the Government. Subject to funding the bypass in its entirety will be constructed between 2022 and 2027. The council has secured £27m of Central Government funding for the SLR.

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Cyclists on Footpaths!

15 Aug 2017

Posted by Frank Smith in Open Forum

Cyclists on Footpaths!


Should cyclists be allowed on footpaths?


I ask the question because this morning I was walking along Belmont Avenue and a chap on a bike knocked into me from behind and almost knocked me to the floor as he came speeding past me on along the footpath on his bike. He turned around and shouted sorry pal but to be honest it not only startled me but I will probably have a bruise on my arm. I could have easily lost my balance and fallen into the road.


I thought riding a bicycle on a footpath was illegal? I appreciate that some people do not like riding on the roads and most of the councils in the country are implementing cycle lanes where they can but if the roads are narrow in the first place it makes it very difficult. I always remeber growing up that the police would tell you to get off your bike and walk on footpaths but that does not appear to happen anymore.


I have just seen this article on Sky news http://news.sky.com/...-hears-10989512


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New Greggs on Belmont Road Hereford

17 Nov 2017

Posted by Colin James in Belmont

BAKERY chain Greggs will be opening their latest store in Hereford over the next few days.


The new branch is located at 109-111 Belmont Road, next to the existing Domino's and aims to attract new and existing customers in South Wye Hereford.

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FastAsShi*e web site

24 Jan 2014

Posted by jnorris235 in Open Forum
Has anybody any news on faster broadband in our county? Anyone seen any engineers working? Please advise because I can get no detailed answers from the Cabinet member or from BT. They even admit they have no plan yet, and still promise certain exchanges will be done in 2014. More including letters and replies on jonnorris.co.uk

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Hereford City Link Road Video

06 Nov 2017

Posted by Colin James in Hereford City

The City Link Road opens in December. This short film will inform you how to use the road and surrounding streets.


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Hereford City’s Hidden Treasures

13 Nov 2017

Posted by Colin James in Historical Hereford

Hereford City’s Hidden Treasures

Hidden in the depths of the Town Hall in a small vault are the City’s hidden treasures.
Accessible to only the abled bodied and in confined space allowing only a maximum of 10 people at any one time access to view them, the vault is dark and damp it is not the ideal place or conditions in which to display and preserve the City’s hidden treasures.
At present there are up to 100 plate visits a year, a number restricted by the vault’s accessibility. When school classes attend they must visit the vault quite often in three lots and any children who are unable to manage the steep curved stairs down to the basement below the Town Hall miss out completely.
Coaches of tourists are dropped off outside the Town Hall almost daily to view the historic buildings magnificent architecture, completely unbeknown to them are the City’s treasures and deep seated history stored in the vault in the basement below them.
Every piece of silver, every charter, the oldest being 1189, older than the Magna Carta, makes up a piece of this City’s history. Every piece tells a story or bequeaths something to the City and the people that reside here.
These treasures should be accessible to all; every school trip, every tour party and every group/organisation who visit the Town Hall should be able to see the City’s fascinating collection.  
The land the Town Hall stands on was left to the people of this great City by the Johnson sisters, daughters of a former Town Clerk, to build a municipal building for the people of Hereford.
What better place to install a purpose built all accessible civic museum than in the Town Hall.
The no longer used Mayoress’s Parlour in the Mayoral Suite in the Town Hall will house this purpose built museum and will ensure the security and preservation of the City’s ancient artefacts for generations to come. 
The tourists who visit the Town Hall will now not only be able to view the buildings fascinating architecture but also City’s history and ancient treasures. 
Groups, organisations and schools will no longer be restricted to specialised visits restricted by numbers and accessibility. 
An underspend on the development of the new Tourist Information Centre for Hereford, a substantial application for a Heritage Lottery grant (if it is successful) and a saving on rent for the vault currently housing the City’s silver and charter will all support the installation of the new civic museum.

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Lest we forget

05 Nov 2017

Posted by Chris Chappell in Open Forum
Saturday,11th November at 11am, sees the annual commemoration at St.Martins Street cenotaph that former councillor Bob Preece and I have arranged for the last 15 years.
We comemorate the deaths of 79 men from the area who died between 1914 - 1919. None of the houses in south Wye today were there then, so this must have been a devastating loss of young men for the families and farms where they worked!
We also remember those who died in WW2 and countless other wars and skirmishes since. We are proud that within the grounds of St.Martins Church is a War Cemetery for the SAS.

Most years we have students from the local schools attend. This year as it is a Saturday we probably will not. So I hope that residents from south Wye will join the veterans and pay respects to the fallen of south Wye, including the women from the munitions factory at Rotherwas, at our cenotaph.

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Hereford Times Offline Again?

14 May 2017

Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

Hereford Times Offline Again?

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Hereford Civic Society

25 Jan 2017

Posted by Denise Lloyd in Open Forum

The Winter 2016/17 Place magazine is now available to view online.  There is quite a well informed lengthy article on the trees in King George's PF alongwith much else to read and inwardly digest

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Water flooding across Kilpeck Avenue

07 Nov 2017

Posted by megilleland in Newton Farm

I came out of my house yesterday at 5am to go to work and saw water cascading from the pavement next to the stores on the corner of Kilpeck Road. The day before, Welsh Water had alerted us earlier that evening, through an automated telephone call, that we would be experiencing discoloured water. 35 hours later the water is still running. Anyone know what is going on as there is no statement on the WA website? The loss of water must be fantastic and wasteful.

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Is the council witholding financial information from us?

17 Oct 2017

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum

The council used to publish its expenditure figures for each month very promptly. However the council have since made a decision to publish its expenditure figures only every three months for the periods ending June, September, December and March. This seems at variance with the government's Local Spending Data guidance which states that:

Data should be published monthly, as soon as possible after month end but no later than 30 days after month end.

Authorities may wish to publish the data for longer reporting periods e.g. quarterly, year to date, etc. There is no reason why they should not do this, but this should be in addition to the individual monthly files.


The council's delay in publishing their expenditure figures promptly would appear to delay and prevent the public and councillors from seeing the ongoing state of their council's expenditure as in the case of the Blueschool House and Link Road fiascos. Maybe it would be better to go back to the old system, which this council practiced quite easily over the past years, and these problems would be picked up much earlier.

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The New University - Herefordshire

08 Mar 2014

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum

Since the article in The Hereford Timesalerting citizens that Herefordshire Council has overwhelmingly backed the principle of passing its offices and other estate on to the county’s university project, I have discovered the New University - Herefordshire website which provides further interesting information.


The groundbreaking motion went through with just one abstention and no votes against at full council this morning (Friday). Support for the motion means fundraising for the project can begin in earnest.



The New University-Herefordshire is being conceived as a not-for-profit institution, with mixed funding, and operating with input from The John Lewis Partnership model. The assets and endowments of the university will be held in trust by The Herefordshire Tertiary Education Trust.

A working Development Team has been in place since late 2012, and is comprised of local business people and educators.
The Trust Board of Trustees will initially be comprised of nationally and internationally recognised educators and business leaders drawn from Herefordshire and from around the world. This group will have a 2-3 year mandate to design and fund the university and identify and retain the initial executive leadership team.
With seed financing of £3-4 million and an additional £10-13 million to open the university in 2017, the Board will be tasked over succeeding years with securing an additional £50-£75 million in financing; integrating resources from personal and corporate philanthropy, the social capital market, private investment, UK & EU Government funding, public sector asset transfers, and industry sponsorships.
The New University will be working in close collaboration with Herefordshire College of Arts, Hereford & Ludlow College, and the Royal National College for the Blind to ensure that Herefordshire is recognized as a national centre of excellence in education.


My first thought - money no object. Where did the seed finance come from? Not the council I hope as they will have to have parking meters along all the roads of Herefordshire to bring in any money to support this. Can any councillors explain as they all voted for this worthy cause, except one who abstained.


Noticed that the Blackfriars building used by the council has been vacated and fenced off completely. Did someone mention that the Robert Owen school was to be given the building?

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Robert Owen Free school

25 Jun 2014

Posted by gdj in Open Forum

The £3 million pound renovation of the £1 million pound land and building at Blackfriars that the council handed over is continuing - it should look good but to spend this much money on so few children (20 to 30 at the moment) - is questionable.


As mentioned on previous threads, the Principal (headteacher) resigned in January after one term in charge and an interim from Manchester was put in charge.  They advertised for a new Principal and now have announced who has been selected.


It is a Mr Andrew Hubble.


Coincidentally, a Mr Andrew Hubble resigned as principal of an academy in West Walsall earlier this year after it was found by ofsted to be inadequate in nearly all respects including leadership and management.  I wonder if this is the same Mr Andrew Hubble.  And, if so, what the kids at the school have done to deserve someone with that track record. 


Still,  the nearby Barrs Court School appointed a principal with a very dodgy reputation and track record and has had to suspend her so it seems that some schools for vulnerable kids who can't fit into mainstream education can provide a dumping ground for failed leaders.  I say `some' because I know that other special schools and Pupil Referral units have excellent leaders and they and their staff do a great job that should continue. 


Normally the Hereford Times would trumpet any development at the ROVS - they have been strangely quiet on the new appointment.

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