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City centre High Town.

24 Jul 2016

Posted by DILLIGAF in Hereford City
Was out on the town last night. First in a while. The new Hogwarts pub is well presented and maintained. A group of lads were getting a little over excited and had their ear bent by security, allowing them to continue their enjoyment but toned down. Well tackled. I digress......
Walking from one establishment to the next I encountered a 'bare' High Town - and what an eyesore! The place was covered in litter from the day traders, it consisted of pop bottles coffee cups wrappers of sorts fast food tubs etc etc. Does it not get cleaned after hours? It really was a shocking sight. Disgusting. Why do I pay my council tax again?

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Choose How You Move - hollow Council rhetoric

28 Jun 2016

Posted by twowheelsgood in Open Forum

This is the reality of cycling in and around Hereford (and the County at large). Potholes and dangerous surfaces everywhere. Take your eyes off the road for a second and, at best, you've lost a tyre (3 this year so far - £105) or, worse, you're off and costing the NHS a lot of money.

This is Three Elms Road - the surface of which up by Grandstand Road can only be safely cycled by moving into the middle of the road. Potholes can't be seen when it rains, making things even more dangerous, because gullies are no longer cleared, meaning surface water builds up very quickly along the sides of roads.
Still, at least this hole has a white circle around it for a passing Balfor Bodger to aim a shovel of tarmac at. Don't get me started on marked up potholes that never get filled - that must be some sort of racket.
Perhaps we can use this thread to record some of the daily hazards that cyclists face - for a tiny fraction of the money spent on the SLR, for instance, we could have safer surfaces that would encourage more people to cycle and reduce car use.

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Syrian refugee in Germany kills women with machete

24 Jul 2016

Posted by Steve Major in Open Forum

Another one..


Syrian Refugee Wielding Machete Kills Woman

Footage from the scene shows a man running away before cutting to him lying on the ground, his face bloodied and his hands cuffed.
A suspect was detained and a large knife was found nearby

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And yet another Syrian suicide attacker in Germany


Posted by Paul Jones in Open Forum

Who lets all these Syrian's into Germany I wonder? 


Three people have been seriously injured after a man carrying a backpack "deliberately" detonated a device in a city centre.


A suspected suicide bomber has killed himself and injured 12 others, three seriously, in an explosion outside a wine bar in the German city of Ansbach.

Detectives have said the attacker was a 27-year-old Syrian man who had been denied asylum in Germany.
The pack used to carry an explosive device in Ansbach
Security officials say he detonated an explosive device after being turned away from a music festival being attended by thousands of people because he didn't have a ticket. 
Joachim Herrmann, Bavaria's interior minister, said the contents of his backpack had the potential to kill and injure many more victims as they included both explosives and metal parts. 
"Due to the situation in Syria, he was not deported. In spite of the rejected application, he was given exceptional leave to remain," Mr Herrmann said.   
The suspect was known to the authorities and had repeatedly received psychiatric treatment, including for attempted suicide.  

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Authorised Travellers’ sites public consultation


Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

Authorised Travellers’ sites public consultation



Herefordshire Council has launched a public consultation on potential new sites and site extensions for Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Show People, as part of the preparation of the Herefordshire Local Plan Traveller Site policy.
Research carried out to assess current and future accommodation requirements of Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Show People has identified a need for additional authorised and transit pitches.  As a result, action is being taken to address the shortfall of available sites for those needing a base in Herefordshire as well as those travelling across the county.
Detailed studies have identified the level of need in our district as being 19 permanent pitches, 5 for Travelling Show People and 3 temporary stopping pitches in the first five years of the plan.
The locations under consideration, following the ‘call for sites’ that ran from December 2015 to February 2016, are:
Ross on Wye
Lower Bullingham
Sutton St Nicholas
The establishment of transit pitches will enable the movement of Travellers through the county to be managed more harmoniously, providing greater certainty for Travellers and local residents.
The council is still inviting land to be put forward for consideration of possible new sites as further sites will be required for 2020 onwards.
The consultation runs from Monday 25 July to Monday 19 September 2016 and can be found at www.herefordshire.gov.uk/traveller-sites-consultation
Hard copies can be viewed at information points such as libraries and customer service centres across Herefordshire.
Drop in sessions are also being arranged at the following venues:
Holmer Parish Church Hall on Monday 5th September from 4-7pm
Larruperz Centre, Ross on Wye on Thrusday 8th September 4-7pm
Leominster Community Centre TBC

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Another terror attack in Germany

22 Jul 2016

Posted by Paul Jones in Open Forum

Yet another attack in Germany




Shots have been fired at a shopping centre in the German city of Munich, according to local police.

German media is reporting that there have been multiple deaths following the shooting at the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum (OEZ) - Bavaria's largest shopping centre.
The Muencher Abendzeitung newspaper is reporting that up to 15 people have been killed in the shooting, while the German NTV says 10 people have possibly died.
A witness live-streaming from outside the mall said: "(The gunman) ran into the underground station. Police are looking for him. I don't have a description of the shooter."
An employee who is still inside the shopping centre told Reuters by phone that "many shots were fired" and they have seen at least one person with serious injuries.
People gathered around the shopping centre 
One person has been confirmed dead so far and 10 are injured, according to the AFP news agency.
There are currently no details on who was responsible for the shooting, but Munich Police are urging locals to stay in their homes as a "large police operation" is under way.
Footage from the scene appeared to show people running away to seek shelter - and there are local reports that some civilians are still trapped inside the shopping centre.
A wide area around the complex has been cordoned off.
This is the second attack in Germany in less than a week. On Monday, a 17-year-old Afghan wounded four people in an axe and knife attack on a train near the Bavarian city of Wuerzberg.


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Money well spent?

24 Jul 2016

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum

As we were going off topic regarding "Choose How You Move - hollow Council rhetoric" ie cycliing hazards and moving into financial matters concerning how others spend our taxes this topic is to draw attention to how the other half live.


The Guardian - Sunday 24 July 2016
Heads of taxpayer-funded independent chains are making claims that include fast cars, first-class travel and Marco Pierre White dining while schools struggle
The leaders of academy schools are spending taxpayers’ money on luxury hotels, top-end restaurants, first-class travel, private health care and executive cars, a joint investigation by Channel 4’s Dispatches and the Observer can reveal.
Expense claims released under the Freedom of Information Act lay bare for the first time what critics claim is an extraordinary extravagance by some academy chain chief executives and principals, at a time when schools are struggling financially.
The taxpayer is paying Ian Cleland, the £180,000-a-year chief executive at Academy Transformation Trust, to lease and have joint insurance with his wife on an XJ Premium Luxury V6 Jaguar car, it can be disclosed. Included in nearly £3,000 worth of receipts is payment for servicing the car and the purchase of new tyres.
Cleland has also spent £3,000 of taxpayers’ money on first-class rail travel, while dining expenses racked up on his taxpayer-funded credit card include a meal with other staff at Marco Pierre White totalling £471, and the Bank restaurant in Birmingham, at a cost £703.45.
Cleland announced in March that the Trust was looking to save £500,000 from its 21 schools in the Midlands and east of England and had asked staff to reapply for their jobs.

The Guardian - Friday 22 July 2016 
Concern as members of Welsh government use procurement cards to pay for goods at toy shop, luxury yacht supplier and five-star hotel in Beijing
Items from Toys R Us, rooms at luxury hotels, entrance to the prestigious Plage Goéland in Cannes and payments to a company specialising in luxury yacht equipment have been charged to cards held by members of the Welsh government.
Over the past five years spending on 237 procurement cards held by Welsh civil servants has averaged £1.5m a year, raising concerns about their use.
The first breakdown of spending, for 2015/16, reveals that £279.90 was spent at Toys R Us, £103.91 at Victoria’s Secret and £832.81 at Ikea, despite the government having a contract with a furniture and office supply company.
The 259-page list from the Wales Audit Office reveals that Welsh government credit cards were used on three occasions to pay for rooms at the Hotel New Otani in Tokyo, at a total cost of £1,450.76. The luxury hotel features manmade waterfalls, a golf driving range, tennis courts, the largest hotel pool in central Tokyo and a traditional Japanese garden.
Other hotel charges made on the cards include £9,043.79 on rooms at the five-star Raffles hotel in Beijing, whose website says it has been “for nearly a century been the choice of visiting royalty and diplomats, VIPs and film stars”.
Herefordshire Council credit card transactions - quarter ending 30 June 2016 - £4,406.91 spent. Quite frugal compared to the two above.

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HT allowing Comments or not !

23 Jul 2016

Posted by Ubique in Open Forum
Why are the Hereford Times allowing comments on some Drink Drive Cases and not others. When I first read the below a couple of hours ago article comments were allowed - now mine has been deleted and
" Comments are closed " it did flash through my mine that perhaps the Reporter uses the Managers restaurant ........I am sure that's not true . I am sure that the Hereford Times can defend their decision - but they should be consistent

From the Hereford Times website today ......
A RESTAURANT manager was found to be three times over the drink drive limit after police found her car blocking a junction.

Erika Biro, 30, of Chesham, Buckinghamshire, was found asleep inside her Mini which was on the B4224 How Caple to Fownhope Road just after 3.30am on June 27.

The manager at the Old Market branch of Chimichanga in Hereford admitted to drinking three large glasses of wine earlier in the evening

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Picnic In The Park

16 Jun 2014

Posted by Colin James in Hampton Park and Tupsley

Picnic in the park.jpg

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Lady Rescued By Brave Neighbour

19 Jul 2016

Posted by Colin James in Holmer and Victoria Park

The aftermath of a fire in Holmer Hereford. Lady rescued by neighbours. You can see the fire crews cutting away and carrying out salvage.


From the Hereford Times:

Phil Fussell had returned to his home in Turnberry Drive in Holmer when he heard screaming, a smoke alarm and muffled explosions coming from next door.

He ran to the front of the house and saw Susan Kitson, who suffers from MS and is unable to walk, in her front room surrounded by flames and smoke.
Mr Fussell shoulder-barged the door and battled through the smoke to pick up Ms Kitson and drag her to safety.



Photograph courtesy of Adrian Lloyd (firefighter)

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Shame of EU wasn't it?

14 Nov 2015

Posted by Steve Major in Open Forum

I remember the topic that bobby47 started called the Shame Of The European Union...It should be renamed to the European Union SHAME! 


Angela Merkel - this is blood on your hands.


One of the Paris terrorists passed through Greece in October as a Syrian refugee! So where are all the looney left wing tree huggers now?

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Police cordon new skate park

21 Jul 2016

Posted by H.Wilson in Newton Farm

The police cordoned off the new skate park at Newton Farm last night and have been in attendance overnight. 


A young teenage lad was injured last night from an apparent fall with injuries to his face. Scenes of crimes officers (soco) are there today, so this is not looking good.



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Police Traffic stop

28 Mar 2016

Posted by DILLIGAF in Police & Crime

I'm going to post on here (as it has more clout) if I do not get an answer to my email from Southside Cops. Needless to say my 'stop' left me feeling very uneasy, and I was guilt free!
I will await a response from Southsides finest before I take this any further.

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Hereford Heatwave Advice

18 Jul 2016

Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

I love this, first day this year of any real heat and we are being given government advice on how to protect ourselves from this unusual summer weather.


Herefordshire may experience “heatwave” conditions over the next few days, according to Met Office forecasts. The Met Office declared a Level 2 heat-health alert this morning – so there is a high chance that temperatures will be high for the next two days and overnight.

Top advice for being sun safe:
try to keep out of the sun between 11am to 3pm
wear UV sunglasses, preferably wraparound, to reduce UV exposure to the eyes, walk in the shade, apply sunscreen of at least SPF15 with UVA protection, wear a hat and light scarf. Wear light, loose-fitting cotton clothes. This should minimise the risk of sunburn.
drink lots of cool drinks and when travelling ensure you take water with you
look out for others especially vulnerable groups such as older people, young children and babies and those with serious illnesses
never leave anyone in a closed, parked vehicle, especially older people, infants, young children or animals
Remember that it can get uncomfortably hot indoors too. Try to keep your bedroom and living space cool, by closing the curtains on windows that face the sun and opening your windows at cooler times of the day and overnight when you can. Turn off non-essential lights and electrical items as these generate heat.
While many people enjoy hot weather, high temperatures can be dangerous, especially for people who may be particularly vulnerable such as older people, young children and those with serious illnesses.
Everyone can enjoy the sun safely by keeping out of the heat at the hottest time of the day, avoiding sunburn and staying hydrated with plenty of cool drinks. The older people and those with long-term illnesses are particularly vulnerable to the effects of very hot weather, so it’s important to look out for them and keep indoor areas as cool as possible.
Please visit www.herefordshire.gov.uk/heatwave for further advice on keeping cool

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Double yellows by Co-op

11 Jun 2015

Posted by Adrian symonds in Holmer and Victoria Park

A order have been put in to have Double yellows by the co-op, about time as well. It is a accident waiting to happen and I am surprised that we have not had one yet, or maybe have.

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Anyone Remember Wilsons Hardware Store?

13 Jul 2016

Posted by Colin James in The Oval

Anyone remember Wilson's hardware store at the Oval? I have been talking with Mr Wilson's daughter Sarah who kindly allowed me to use these wonderful photographs.



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