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Southern Link Road preferred route

08 Nov 2014

Posted by megilleland in Planning
Herefordshire Council Newsroom 7th November 2014
On Thursday 13 November Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet will consider route SC2 as the preferred route for the Southern Link Road.
A total of eleven route options for the new road have been considered and appraised by the council’s consultants Parsons Brinkerhoff and the results are set out in a preferred options report which will be considered by cabinet.
The assessment has concluded that in order to address the transport problems and promote growth within the South Wye area, a new Southern Link Road from the A49 to the A465 (with a link to B4349) is necessary. 
Public consultation took place in July and August 2014 looking at four shortlisted routes. Following consideration of the feedback, a detailed appraisal of a three alternative routes suggested by the public and third parties also took place.
Each of the three additional routes were appraised to the same level of detail as the four options consulted upon. Each of the final routes were appraised in terms of engineering considerations, economic outcomes, impact to the environment, and an assessment of the social implications.
The Southern Link Road forms part of the South Wye Transport Package, which aims to promote economic growth within Hereford while tackling specific problems in the South Wye area.
If Cabinet approve the SC2 route, a planning application will be submitted before the end of the year.  The cabinet report and the preferred option report can be viewed on the council’s website.


According to the report and Hereford Times this route will cost £25 million which appears amazingly cheap when compared with the costs for the city Link Road. Note that this route is furthest out from the city - no doubt so it can be infilled with housing. The loss of woodland at Grafton Wood should be compensated with planting of trees and screening along route.

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What would you do to protect that 90k salary!

23 Nov 2014

Posted by flamboyant in Open Forum
Hi all

I have a question...

What would you do to protect a 90 thousand pound a year salary?

Would you for example-
Embark on a path of wrong doing, that could effect your wife, husband or children?
Lie to someone who was vulnerable?
Break the law?
Put vulnerable children at risk?

How low would you sink for 90 k a year?

Evil flourishes when good men do nothing...

I'm really interested to know if their really are any good men out there?

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Petition: Reverse Decision To Reduce Grass Cutting

22 May 2014

Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

I have been asked by several people if I would create a petition about the lack of grass/verge cutting in the County due to severe cut backs in Herefordshire Councils budget. 


We the undersigned want Herefordshire Council to REVERSE it's decision to reduce grass cutting frequencies from 7 times a year to just 3 times a year in this years budget. This is a massive reduction of almost 60%!! Yet Herefordshire Council has  increased the Council Tax by almost 2%.
The Old Market shopping centre has recently opened at a cost of over £90 million, which will hopefully attract more people to Hereford and grow our local economy, however, Hereford looks a mess, all the grass and verges are overgrown and this will lead to treble the amount of work required when they eventually get around to it, which is false economy. 
This online petition has been launched in a bid to persuade Herefordshire Council to reverse the decision and restore Hereford back to a more attractive standard.
Why is this important?
We believe that this is a necessary course of action in order to attract investment and economic benefit back to Hereford.
The state of our Herefordshire also discourages potential investors and tourism alike from visiting the County, this is potentially an economic disaster for Hereford.




You Can Sign The Petition HERE

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Tony Johnson Tells H & W Radio Building On Football G...

22 Oct 2014

Posted by chrisbull in Open Forum

Tony Johnson was asked today on radio what was going to happen to Hereford United in the future and he said he did not care who owned the leases and that the barrister at mondays court hearing in London had tried to get the club closed down and when questioned on development at the ground he made it clear both ends will be developed hence no future for Hereford United remember me over 18 months ago making a statement the council want to move the ground well i was right the council has wanted to develop that area for over 20 years remember the chairman Peter Hill he tried hard when he sold the leases to developers now you will soon see some big back handers going on do not kid yourself Hereford council has been doing it for years people like Tony johnson make me sick they spin one story telling you they support the club and then turn things around when it suits them this is now the end of football at edgar street when on December 1st the next appearance at the high court will seal the fate of a football club that has put Hereford on the map and the council could not give a damn private companies are running this county not people for the county i suggest we all vote UKIP at least we will get a response to the pertinent questions regarding expenses and private company costs acting for the council.

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Herefordshire Council Statement - HUFC


Posted by Colin James in Edgar Street Grid



26 November 2014


As stated on two previous occasions (4 August and 29 October), the council’s General Overview and Scrutiny Committee will undertake a full and thorough review on the process through which Herefordshire Council and Hereford United Football Club (1939) Limited concluded the three leases and development agreement relating to the Edgar Street ground after all pending legal action against the club has been concluded.


For the avoidance of doubt, Herefordshire Council neither runs nor owns Hereford United Football Club (1939) Limited.


Councillor Sebastian Bowen
Chairman of Herefordshire Council’s General Overview and Scrutiny Committee


Statement Can Be Viewed HERE

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Seasonal street traders in Hereford

19 Nov 2014

Posted by Bilbobobby in Open Forum

It's that time of the year when the city is decended upon by the various seasonal street traders who take up position in the High Street (and nearby) selling 'tat' from a shopping trolley or store combi trolley.

Do you think its right that they are allowed to do this - bearing in mind they do not pay for a street traders licence from the council, pay no buisness rates to the county and are likely taking away trade from the various shops in and near the city centre?

I've asked the question of the council, who say that they have a pedlars licence and as long as they keep moving and don't cause an obstruction, its okay for them to trade.

Now my understanding of a pedlers licence (certificate) is that it is issued by the police and it allows an individual to travel from town to town - door to door on foot - selling goods.  2 'traders' have taken up a position at the junction of the High Street and Widemarsh Street and guess what - they don't move until they pack up for the day.


My point is unless they are paying a licence fee to the council - as the many do who run the market stalls in High Town - they should not be operating in the city taking trade away from the shops.  AND they are not allowed to trade in Gloucester, Cheltenham or Worcester and I would guess never in the Maylord Orchards or Old Livestock Market complexes.



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Another Link Road with housing + park & ride

23 Nov 2014

Posted by ragwert in Hereford City

Anybody else heard of this proposal by Bloor homes.
The proposal is for 460 homes on farmland off Roman Road opposite the Aylesbrook est near the racecourse with a link road running through the site joining the A49 just North of Holmer church.
A 350 car park and ride site will also be created.
Bloor homes will also be the first to pay into the 150 million fund to pay for Herfordshire councils vision of a Western by-pass.

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Why our Public Services are in ruin. History has the answ...

22 May 2014

Posted by bobby47 in Open Forum
In the seventies our nation was in ruins. Brought to its knees by the Callaghan and the Labour Government who'd literally bankrupted our economy, we all raced to the ballot box and invited Maggie Thatcher to dig us out of the hole we were in.
Back then public service was a place you went to work if you wanted a steady job, a job for life and a pension after thirty years. Of course back then, the pay for all public service workers was extremely low but the trade off was all the things I've mentioned previously and the chance to live in rent free housing. Also, back then, the hirearchy from within these public services had walked in everyone's shoes, done most of the jobs, they were not academically particularly bright but they knew how to get the job done.
That was true of all our emergency services and it was most definitely true of the Council.
But then something remarkable happened that changed the course of history for all our public services. What was that? Arthur Scargill and the Miners Union who challenged Thatcher.
As a consequence of this important period in our industrial history. Two significant things happened. Over a two year period the Police were awarded two huge pay rises which catapulted them into the high earners bracket and they began to become skilled in riot training.
As for the outcome, you all know what happened but it wasn't this event that impacted upon our public services. The huge pay rises awarded to the Police changed public services forever. Thereafter, the Police began to realise that they didn't have to empty someone who was tall and had some commonsense. No! They opened the doors to the high achieves. Those with a Degree.
In the meantime, the other public services who were still on their pittance of a salary wanted and got what the Police had been given.
Now the other public services were becoming high earners, like the Police, they to opened their doors to the highly qualified academics who then began their climb up the promotion ladder.
By the early nineties, tired of Margaret Thatcher and forgetful of what Old Labour had done to our economy, we raised out and voted in Tony, the liar Blair who, under the banner of New Labour decided to embark upon a vast public service job creation programme and a belief that Public Service Organisations should model themselves on successful private sector management styles.
And they did. Very bloody quickly. Out went the old, in came the new and before you knew it every single Public Service agent began to build its new model of leading from the Centre. Gone were the days when someone got promoted for their operational achievements. They were either cast aside, retired or simply ignored. Decades of knowledge and experience were lost to the new breed of leader who, armed with a fistful of Degrees, no operational experience and an inability to see anything in a straightforward way, they began their relentless change.
By the time we hit the year 2000AD, the public service chant of, 'If we want the best, we have to pay the best', had completely overwhelmed our public services resulting in no self control, a sense of self entitlement and worse than everything, a cultural ethos of outsourcing that saw the suits getting shot of all the dull and uninteresting things.
For them, filling in potholes, cutting the grass, emptying the rubbish and doing all the other mundane and boring stuff was no longer wanted. They thirsted for the interesting areas of business. The areas that they, armed with their degrees and their unusual language could challenge themselves and become involved in the exciting stuff. The sort of stuff you could corner, create an empire and better still, charge up the pole of success, get a bigger salary and a pension pot that you and I would die for.
Now, all the dull and boring stuff has moreorless been outsourced. All our public services are now dominated by the offspring of those who became grateful that Maggie Thatcher decided to give the Police a huge pay rise.
That one single political decision started off a chain of events that's sees you and I staggering around wondering why we've got long bloody grass, why the Council has become a bureaucratic beast of burden, why we've potholes you could hide a domestic cat in and why High Town has been destroyed and abandoned to a bunch if people who have a Degree in Making Love in Sixteen Different Languages.
Me? I regret the three day working weeks of the Seventies when, at four o'clock the power went off we all went home and sat behind a lit candle wondering how the Council still managed to fill in the potholes, cut the grass, empty me bloody bin and do it with a smile on their faces cognisant that we all appreciated their help, albeit their wages were very low and not many of us wanted to do their job.

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Spate of Road Works in Hereford City at the moment.

31 Oct 2014

Posted by John Harrington in Open Forum

Does anyone else find it odd that so many roadworks are being carried out around the city at the moment?
I know the Council has just been bailed out to the tune of millions by Central Government allowing resurfacing works (which perversely instead of embarrassed about the Cabinet are taking all credit for) but there seems to be literally dozens of other road works (with little indication as to what they are for). Whitecross Rd this week has been a nightmare, especially eastbound, which is unusual. I found the culprit not far from the Tesco Express/Old Buckingham Pub.Can anyone tell me why the lights are still there? The only obvious reason is a stretch of tarmac 2 foot a foot (ish), see photo. I lifted the cone, nothing dramatic lurking under it. The paint is bone dry and the tarmac is solid (and will only benefit from impaction). So what is going on. Is there an agenda to deliberately screw up traffic in Hereford further than it already was?


20141031_160908-1.jpg 20141031_161021.jpg



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Weekly list of planning public notices affecting the city

18 Apr 2014

Posted by megilleland in Planning

List of planning public notices affecting the city

It is a legal requirement for the council to give public notice of certain types of planning application and other planning matters by the display of an advert in a local newspaper.
If you wish to comment, please follow the advice contained in the notice.
The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) 
Order 2010 Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990, Sections 67 & 73 
Application Types: 
P - Planning permission 
L - Listed Building Consent 
AC - Conservation Area Consent 
SL - Affecting the setting of a Listed Building 
AC - Affecting a Conservation Area 
D - Not in accordance with the provisions of the Development Plan 
RW - Affecting a public right of way 
T - For a telecommunications mast 
Provision of a pedestrian and cycle link between the southern end of Station Approach and the northern end of Canal Road. Requiring demolition of existing store building in builders merchant. Proposal includes street lighting and associated landscaping at Jewson Builders Merchant, Canal Wharf, Canal Road, Hereford 
Extension to changing room at Bowling Club Rear Of Asda, Belmont Road, Belmont, Hereford 
Insertion of windows to the north, east and west elevations at Left Bank, Bridge Street, Hereford
Making safe existing garden and boundary walls at Hereford Cathedral School, 29 Castle Street, Hereford 
Site for the development of up to 135 homes (including 46 affordable homes), public open space, new access (including demolition of 144 Aylestone Hill). Structural landscaping, sustainable drainage including balancing ponds and infrastructure and associated works at Land at 144 Aylestone Hill and land to the east of Aylestone Hill, Hereford 
If you wish to make representations or comments you can during the period of 21 days beginning with the date of the publication of this notice quoting the relevant number: 
By the Website: Using the online comment form 
By e-mail to: planning_enquiries@herefordshire.gov.uk 
By post to: - Planning Services, PO Box 230, Hereford, HR1 2ZB 
ANDREW ASHCROFT (Assistant Director) – 10th April 2014 


Interesting applications concerning Left Bank, Cyclelink and land to the east of Aylestone Hill. Not sure where you find the online comment form?

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Tony Agombar. We've got your club

23 Nov 2014

Posted by ragwert in Hereford City

Tommy Agombar taunts a Hereford United supporter via voicemail by saying, 'We've got your club, you've got nothing'.

Also in the background a voice that appears to be that of Hereford United chairman Andrew Lonsdale says that they plan to build a casino on the Edgar Street ground. Here is the link to the article and the recording.



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Whitehouse Pub

23 Oct 2014

Posted by dippyhippy in Tupsley

Does the Tupsley Community Group now own the old "Whitehouse Pub" up at Whittern Way?? Or is it owned by some other group??


I ask, because it is an absolute eye sore....a magnet for vandalism and appears to have been empty for months if not years with no clear plan for what it's future holds. I had a conversation today the gist of which was the good folks who run The Cock Of Tupsley very successfully, have enquired about buying it, as they would like to re open it, and run it as an extension to their thriving business.


No. Was the answer. Apparently just one person gets to say "No". No committee meeting, no vote, just one persons say so.(Who does that remind you of???)


So whoever does own this.....either get it tidied up, and open....or let someone else do it!!!


Letting it fall into an even greater state of disrepair should not be an option!

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Police and Crime Commissioner won't stand again

20 Nov 2014

Posted by Roger in Police & Crime

Police and Crime Commissioner tells "farcical" meeting that he won't stand for re-election




by Bill Tanner, Senior Reporter


WEST Mercia police and crime commissioner Bill Longmore has confirmed that he will not be standing for re-election in 2016.


The confirmation was one of the few answers Mr Longmore gave to a Q&A session with Worcestershire County Council  described by turns as “heated, farcical and bizarre.”


The £75,000 a year figurehead appeared before a meeting of the council for the first time in 18 months to be grilled by politicians.


Amid the scenes that followed:


- Mr Longmore turned up late for the meeting, meaning his appearance had to be delayed by around an hour.


- He asked his unelected deputy Barrie Sheldon to answer questions for him, leading to furious exchanges in the chamber.


- Mr Longmore then got into a dispute with Labour councillors, where he accused them of "sniping at him" and suggested they were trying to smear the police as "racist".


- The chairman of the council, Councillor Pam Davey, apologised to him for "discourtesy" and said the rows in the chamber were "showing a bad example to children".


Cllr  Richard Udal got things started saying: "It's been about 18 months since you were last here, at the time you said there are 'no racist police officers' and that racism in the police 'didn't exist'.


"You also said, and I quote 'domestic abuse didn't exist in the 1970s'."


Cllr Udall called the comments "insensitive and inaccurate" and asked Mr Longmore for his views.


Mr Longmore  was also asked a list of questions on budget cuts, the paperwork faced by police officers and the impact turning off street lights could have on crime, before his deputy stood up to try and answer them instead.


Cllr Luke Mallett said: "Nobody in Worcestershire elected Mr Sheldon to any role - he is an unelected aide.


"We all know Mr Sheldon will be putting himself up for election in two years, but it is up to Mr Longmore to answer these questions."


During the row, Cllr Davey intervened and said Mr Longmore has "been invited as a guest" and could stay quiet if he wanted to.


Cllr  Peter McDonald said: "We cannot stand this farce, he didn't say when he was elected that he'd refuse to answer questions.


"We want to hear from the organ grinder, not his monkey."


Mr Sheldon then stood down and Mr Longmore got on his feet to say he had gone to County Hall to "listen, and not be sniped at in every way".


He said Cllr Udall's views on his comments were "completely misconstrued", insisting he meant domestic violence was not reported as widely in the 1970s.


He added: "And to think you've tried to insinuate that West Mercia Police is institutionally racist is just wrong."


Hereford Times

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Who is running one's life - certainly not you!

21 Nov 2014

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum
Hereford Times News 20th November 2014

A MOTHER cleared of trying to poison her daughter is pleading with the authorities to reunite the pair.
Mary Kidson has not seen her 16-year-old for seven months, after the teen was taken into care when her mother was jailed ahead of her trial.
The 56-year-old, from Ledbury, was acquitted of giving her daughter unnecessary medication this month following a three-week trial.
But she has been left furious at the actions of Herefordshire Council, who she accuses of ruining her child’s life.
“I just want my daughter home,” said Ms Kidson. “I haven’t seen her since April and am only allowed a 15-minute phone conversation every fortnight.”
She says the council has let her family down throughout the process, starting by not telling her that concerns had been raised about her care of her daughter.
Why Herefordshire Council acted as they did is still totally unbelievable and completely out of order,” she said.
“They have ruined my daughter’s life and torn our family apart.”
Ms Kidson, who specialises in helping children develop reading, language and learning skills, said her daughter has a history of health issues including a form of general dyspraxia, plus speech problems and weight issues.
She went to NHS doctors in search of a cure but said they couldn’t help her child, leading to her looking online.
This led to her and her daughter visiting a doctor in Brussels, Dr Thierry Hertoghe, who prescribed the youngster with medication not offered by the NHS doctors, causing a “dramatic improvement” in her condition.
“In her own words, she felt better than ever,” said Ms Kidson. “Her speech issue had gone.”
The first Ms Kidson knew of any problem was in March 2013 when police and social services arrested her before taking her daughter away.
“It was a huge shock and totally out of the blue,” she said, adding she later learned the girl’s father, to who she is estranged, had sent letters to health professionals citing concerns over her treatment.
“I just wish he had told me,” she said. “My daughter just wanted to be fit and well.”
She was later charged and remanded in custody from April this year.
However, she says her time in prison wasn’t as bad as first feared. She became a maths mentor helping out fellow inmates, and says she struck up friendships with others inside.
But she admits the thought of spending 10 years behind bars, the maximum sentence should she have been convicted, was “horrendous”.
“When I heard about the acquittal, I sobbed my heart out,” she said.
Since being cleared, a friend of hers launched an online petition calling for the mother and daughter to be reunited.
It has already attracted almost 2,000 signatures.
Ms Kidson says she has gained a great deal of solace knowing people have supported her throughout her ordeal.
A Herefordshire Council spokeswoman said the authority is aware of the petition.
“Decisions on placing a child in care and ending a period of care are taken by the family court, not the council,” she added.
“The family court reaches its decisions after considering evidence presented by a range of experts and interested parties, including parents and the young person involved.
“The council is in contact with both parents about the next steps.”
* A court order that was made ahead of the trial prevented the press from naming Ms Kidson's child but ruled that she can be identified as her daughter.


Slowly society is moving into a world of police state regulation, after considering evidence presented by a range of experts and interested parties. In Scotland it is planned that every child will have a dedicated social worker to keep an eye on the parents. And Herefordshire Council expect us to believe that they didn't instigate proceedings and present evidence to a secret court - it just happened, but then if anything goes wrong, there is no one to blame is there.

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Islamic Centre Hereford Application Rejected.

20 Nov 2014

Posted by Colin James in Hinton

Herefordshire Council have rejected an application for an Islamic Centre in Holme Lacy Road Hereford.


THE COUNTY OF HEREFORDSHIRE DISTRICT COUNCIL hereby gives notice in pursuance of the provisions of the above Acts that PLANNING PERMISSION has been REFUSED for the carrying out of the development described above for the following reasons:

1.The proposal fails to provide safe, convenient access and parking provision within the site and would therefore be detrimental of highway and pedestrian safety contrary to the requirements of policy DRS and CF5 (4) of the Herefordshire Unitary Development Plan and to guidance contained within the National Planning Policy Framework.
2.On the basis of the information provided, the proposed use is likely to significantly impact upon the amenities of neighbouring residents contrary to the requirements of policy DR2 and CF5 (3) of the Herefordshire Unitary Development Plan and with the guidance contained within the National Planning Policy Framework.

Full details of this application here


Original application form and Decision notice attached.


Attached File  AppForm.pdf   519.08KB   21 downloads


Attached File  Decision Notice 167100.pdf   1.88MB   22 downloads

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