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Shame of EU wasn't it?

14 Nov 2015

Posted by Steve Major in Open Forum

I remember the topic that bobby47 started called the Shame Of The European Union...It should be renamed to the European Union SHAME! 


Angela Merkel - this is blood on your hands.


One of the Paris terrorists passed through Greece in October as a Syrian refugee! So where are all the looney left wing tree huggers now?

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Neglected Garages Usk Close

13 Dec 2015

Posted by Colin James in Redhill

The garages in Usk Close Redhill are a complete disgrace! These unmaintained garages not only make the surrounding area look terrible but are also an advert to invite vandalism.  


Who owns or is responsible for these garages? Would this be Hereford Housing?


Redhill Garages 1.jpg

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Your typical day Nursing and it's cost to the NHS.


Posted by bobby47 in Open Forum
The Nurse glances at the screen and views the next patient who needs a huge raft of treatments for a serious medical condition. For arguments sake let's say it's diabetes. The notes on the screen also add that the patient can't speak English.
The old chap walks in accompanied by his daughter. He's near or past retirement age, he's in the UK for a few weeks to receive treatment and he's staying with his daughter who's English language skills are quite poor and certainly not adequate for the purposes of interpreting.
The Nurse attempts a feeble and pointless exchange between him/herself, the patient and the daughter in an attempt to avoid the huge cost that'll be incurred telephoning the NHS preferred Partner for Interpretation of conversations between the Nurse and the Patient.
To err on the side of caution the Nurse telephones the Reception and requests a telephone conversation with an Interpreter who can speak English and translate a conversation involving the East European patient.
After sitting there twiddling their thumbs for ten or fifteen minutes the Nurse picks up the phone and speaks to the Interpreter who's command of the English language is clearly good but their accent prevents a straightforward conversation. The Nurse tells the Interpreter what's required and what treatment is needed and passes the phone to the patient. Unfortunately the patient can't hear particularly well so the daughter takes up the conversation.
The daughter and her father and then the Interpretor jibber jabber for a few minutes in their mother tongue and then after some five minutes the phone gets passed back to the Nurse who then asks the Interpreter a series of salient questions that are then to be directed toward the patient.
Once again, the daughter, the Interpreter and the patient jibber jabber for another five minutes until the phone gets passed back to the Nurse.
Unsure of one or more particular responses, the Nurse directs a question back to the Interpreter who then, after another conversation with the daughter, clarifies whatever it was that gave concern to the Nurse in the first place and then, some twenty minutes into the ten minute appointment slot the Nurse administers the treatment, prints off the Prescription that directs the chemist to serve the patient perhaps four items of medication.
Having carried out the treatment and delivered the patient his Prescription, it's then necessary for the Nurse to explain to the patient what the medication is, when it's to be taken, why and how often. Again, the Interpreter speaks to the Nurse, the daughter speaks to the Interpreter, the daughter speaks to her father and the Nurse speaks to the Interpreter who, by this time, after near on forty minutes of chitchat has earned her employers, the Interpreters Help Line nearly one hundred and thirty quid.
The bad news for every single Herefordian taxpayer is that this is a typical encounter that's repeated many many times during the working week for all our public services. The costs incurred to all of us are staggeringly high and account for many, many millions of pounds spent ensuring that the NHS delivers a high standard of patient care to every EU citizen registered for free NHS treatment.
The happy ending to this tragic but very typical tale of woe? Because the patient is over sixty years of age, he's an EU citizen and can provide a Hereford address that is occupied by his daughter, the four items of medication are free of charge instead of the usual thirty odd quid that I have to pay whenever I've got enough money to cash in on my prescription.
Now tell me that the NHS is sustainable!

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The Family at War in Herefordshire


Posted by Aylestone Voice in Open Forum

During 2017 the commemoration of World War 1 will focus on the effects on families in Herefordshire. There is an introductory event tomorrow - 7 May 2015 at HARC in Rotherwas.

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Tory Election Fraud

05 May 2016

Posted by lpusseycat in Open Forum

Why are the BBC keeping quiet over the Tory Election Fraud



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Illuminati,NWO,conspiracy theory's & the impendin...

08 Jan 2016

Posted by lpusseycat in Open Forum

The thing to note is After the shooting BBC interviewed 2 witnesses one was American one was English you did not see there faces .Ask yourself the question no French people around in that part of Paris seems odd it is the contrived plan by the Illuminati to put everyone in a false sense of fear. They create a problem wait for the peoples reaction then offer a solution that fits there agenda. Go on you tube and read about Albert Pikes letter to Manzzini written in 1878 then try and tell me i am wrong in what i have just written.

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26 Oct 2015

Posted by Denise Lloyd in Open Forum

Herefordshire Council is considering selling off its' 5 thousand acres of farmland. It could raise 48 million pounds - as massive chunk of the 60 million pounds the authority needs to save in the next 3 years. The land is a huge asset though and has risen in value every year for the last decade. At a meeting this afternoon the council's Scrutiny Committee will recommended either a partial sale will some starter and progression farms kept on OR the sale of the entire estate. The sale will leave 51 families without their homes and businesses. Ian and Lorraine Salmon farm 66 acres near Leominster - they've just had their first child Isobel and face an uncertain future.....................

Does anybody know the outcome of this meeting?

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Hereford Library & Museum Update

07 Mar 2016

Posted by M. Preece in Historic Hereford Buildings

Copied from the Herefordshire Council website:

Herefordshire Council has agreed to extend the time frame for the Hereford Library Users Group to formulate their proposals for the refurbishment of the library and museum building.


The group has been campaigning for many years for a better library facility for Hereford and proposals include transforming the building into a centre for recreational, public and cultural services.


In December, the council’s Cabinet committed to work with the users group as they come up with future options for the library building, which also houses the Museum and Art Gallery and the Woolhope Club.


Since then the users group has been engaged in extensive consultation to find out if a major redevelopment is possible and feasible.  This included a public meeting where overwhelming support was expressed for exploring a major improvement scheme to turn the building into a cultural centre for Hereford.


John Faulkner of the Hereford Library Users Group, said:


“We have received considerable support for pursuing a significant development of the site and the council has agreed for us to have an extension of time until the end of March, to formulate the proposals in more detail.”



A report on the initial options for the future operation of the museum service, based on a recent independent service review, will be discussed by Cabinet this month. The report is available on the Cabinet agenda webpage.



Work to remove the asbestos is under way by Hereford Asbestos Services and it’s anticipated to be completed later this month.



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EU referendum - In or Out?

25 May 2015

Posted by megilleland in Open Forum

With the General Election now over - there is possibly only two years (2017) before we get a referendum on whether to stay in the EU or get out. Having believed we would have had a change of government, nationally and locally by now, I do not have much confidence that any referendum will be conducted fairly in order that the ruling poitical parties get the result they and the EU want.


What are the benefits of being in or out for Hereford and the county? Maybe some information and facts through this topic could help us make a reasoned decision when voting, although I think we will be staying in the EU at any cost. Not for the benefit of the citizens, but for all those entwined in the machinations of the EU political and monetary systems.

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Petition 'Turn Off Lights At Asda Junction Hereford'

05 Oct 2012

Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

I have created an online petition to turn off the traffic lights at the Asda junction in Hereford (Where the A465 meets the A49) as the traffic flows much better when they are off!!
if you agree, please sign the petition below.

Click Here To Sign The NEW Petition 


(Please ALL sign the new petition as the original council petition has since been removed from their website)

This will only take you a minute, Do It today!!

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​Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant calls in for a Curry

02 May 2016

Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

Singer and Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant called into the Sweet Chilli Saturday night for a curry and you don't see that everyday eh!



Photograph courtesy of Sweet Chill


Led Zeppelin superstar Robert Plant make a surprise appearance at Deborah Bonham's Hereford gig at the Left Bank earlier in the evening.


Full details of the gig and how the surprise all unfolded can be found on the Herefordshire Live Website

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Some of our Instagram photos

27 Mar 2016

Posted by Colin James in Open Forum

Here are just a couple of recent photographs I created using Instagram. If you would like to follow Hereford Voice on Instagram Click Here


Neil Powell Butchers.jpg


Queens Arms.jpg

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28 Aug 2014

Posted by Denise Lloyd in Open Forum

Am I correct in thinking that Brockington used to be the HQ for Tate & Lyle or British Sugar Corporation or something to do with sugar production?  At one time not so long ago a lot of sugar beet was grown in this county. Having lived in Hafod Road once upon a time I remember walking past this building and looking at it in awe.


I think it is a magnificent building and hope beyond hope that it is listed.  

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Jesse Norman M.P & Bill Wigan M.P...WHY??

26 Apr 2016

Posted by Solidus snake in Open Forum
I've just seen this post on facebook. It is about the vote to grant 3000 children right of refuge here in the U.k . It names all of the M.Ps who voted against the bill and to my horror both local Representatives of parliament are named on this list.

Here is the link if anyone is curious


Does anyone else here feel our "honourable" M.Ps need to explain their actions here? After all it isn't like these children are likely to be a threat to our national security. They are only kids and honestly I feel if we can help save even a few from the hell they are in currently then we absolutely must

Sorry about the rant guys,this has just left me quite angry at our M.Ps tbh

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Leak in H/H roof damages furniture

28 Apr 2016

Posted by ragwert in Open Forum

My Niece has had a leak in the roof of her flat that has caused damage to bedroom furniture (mould on wood slats/mattress & bedding).
Hereford housing are refusing to pay for their replacement.Surely this should not be the case.
Anyone else here had a similar experience?

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Widemarsh St pedestrianised hours

06 Apr 2016

Posted by Bilbobobby in Open Forum
As you know traffic is prohibited from entering or leaving the High Town side of Widemarsh St., between 1030 & 1630 daily. We all also know the council failed to put in place traffic regulations to prevent/manage parking at all times.
So what's happening
At great expense the road layout was upgraded with a defined road and footpaths. Now mornings involve cars and delivery vehicles filling the delivery bays and straddling the footpaths. This is further compounded with builders vans parking on the footpaths all day whilst working at the new fish restaurant.
Car owners have caught on quite quickly to beat the parking costs and parking all day for free. Cyclists ride along the street (road and footpath) in both directions all day.
So how long will it be before harm is caused to pedestrians through driver disregard and no enforcement.
Worcester has a similar problem in The Shambles with an elderly lady crushed by a lorry last year. The council there are undertaking a public consultation to see what the local needs are
Who is the enforcement authority and who will take responsibility and sort out the obvious dangers that I feel will get worse

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