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  1. These measures are temporary and its fluid, what utter nonsense. This council is pushing its self satisfying agenda, the method is beg forgiveness if caught out. This council is less than transparent about what it is trying to achieve and its policies are driven by a very odd and flawed green thought process. It is quite clear that this council is going to destroy any prospects Hereford might have and when challenged all it has to offer is a patronising tone and little justification for anything it WANTS to do.
  2. I thank the cyclists who think removing road space is a great idea but you are the minority less than 10% of the community?! As much cycling should be part of any city’s transport options the removal of road space clogging up our already congested city Is nonsense. The enabler for cycling lanes is to provide alternative routes for traffic. The current Council continues to demonstrate that it is less about cycling and more about anti-car due to its misshapen green ethos. This council is turning Hereford into an archaic backwater, that will have high unemployment no money and and be unsustainable location for businesses. This council will be responsible for the demise of Hereford as it cares little for the community and more about its members personal agendas.
  3. The council has put out a you tube post asking what to do with Maylords because it purchased the complex without a plan. I do hope somebody is challenging the investment decision because this situation at best is gross incompetence and at worst smells very fishy.
  4. This council got in on a Brexit protest vote and has achieved nothing. The focus on cycling will destroy Hereford business as the congestion will increase and make Hereford even less appealing as destination to shop. Put simply Harrington and his deluded cronies haven’t got a clue what they’re doing apart from pandering to the 5% of Herefordians that like to cycle. They will be remembered for missing the opportunity to move traffic away from the City Centre and destroying any chance for the city to flourish.
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