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  1. I have just read this article: It is a pity that there is mention of Colin or Hereford Voice within any of this publication.


    HEREFORDSHIRE Council leaders say they will consider proposals for ultra-light rail to reduce congestion in the city

    The Herefordshire Sustainable Transport Group has submitted evidence to the Department for Transport answering its call for submissions on opportunities to introduce new light rail systems into towns and cities in England.

    The group says it was encouraged by Hereford MP Jesse Norman, who they say has been instrumental in preparing and instigating the call for evidence.

    Chairman Carole Protherough said: “HSTG has paid close attention to important land use changes in the city, the need for regeneration especially of the urban core and the availability of potential ultra-light rail routes already in public ownership.

    “Working with representatives from the light rail industry and environmentalists the HSTG response is a significant step forward in future transport planning for the city.”

    Council infrastructure cabinet member John Harrington said they would explore the options for ultra-light rail in Hereford.

    “The council is determined to respond to and work within the principles of the climate emergency declaration that was unanimously supported by all parties early this year.

    “It is important that we have the city’s case for ultra-light rail properly examined.

    “The solution to reducing congestion and promoting access and movement around Hereford through sustainable modes of transport will be multifaceted, and ultra-light rail will be considered as part of that approach.”

    Coun Harrington also thanked Herefordshire’s voluntary transport organisations for contributing to the development of the county’s transport plans.

    Mr Norman said he was pleased to be able to publish the call for evidence on light rail when he was a transport minister..

    “There is a real potential opportunity not just for the county but for the country as a whole, through the creation of a new light rail industry.”


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  2. 12 hours ago, Tom Smith said:

    I understand some further work was carried out last November and after careful research the World War 2 names were added and paid for by Hereford City Council and a donation from Chris Jones. The RBL have arranged a dedication service at 2pm Friday March 15th with refreshments at Lads Club after. All welcome of course to honour these brave men.


    Good to learn that the remaining names have been added, it looks wonderful in all fairness. 

  3. On 12/11/2018 at 20:11, Roger said:

    I have no issue with this tent, and it's occupant, being there. As long as no mess is being caused. 

    I think you may need to have a walk past, bags and bags or rubbish and empty beer cans. There are plenty of place someone could pitch a tent but I draw the line with it being in a graveyard. 

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