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  1. Herefordshire 4x4 Response is an organisation made up entirely of volunteers. In times of bad weather we assist the NHS, Fire & Rescue, Police and Search & Rescue teams. Our volunteers transport essential NHS Staff, Nurses, Doctors, Paramedics as well as essential medical supplies. If you work for the NHS, Police, Fire Service, Care Homes and even Meals on Wheels, and require transport during the snow please get in touch with the the Herefordshire Council Resilience Team on 01432 260223 and they will arrange for our team to be deployed. (Unfortunately we can not accept assistance requests from the public directly.) To find out how you can help please visit: Herefordshire 4x4 Response or their Facebook page
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    Gardeners Question Time - Gardening For Climate Change Chairman: Sir Roy Strong CH Panelists Duncan Coombs (RHS identification expert & adviser, ex Pershore College) Nick Dunn (Trees for Life, Frank P Matthews. Leading authority on fruit and ornamental trees) Tamsin Westhorpe (Former Editor at Large, The English Garden Magazine, now freelance gardening writer) Tickets £20 include a glass of wine and canapés For information and tickets contact laura@hone.net Tel 07815 615424
  3. Only in Hereford, excessive speed cameras...
  4. Italian restaurant chain Prezzo is preparing to close around 100 of its 300 stores in an attempt to rescue the... https://t.co/GdIWomiewx

  5. Italian restaurant chain Prezzo is preparing to close around 100 of its 300 stores in an attempt to rescue the business. The chain - which is owned by private equity firm TPG Capital - employs around 4,500 people. Prezzo is also expected to completely close its TexMex chain Chimichanga, which has 33 restaurants in the UK. The closures would form part of a deal to renegotiate debts owed by the company to its landlords. Specialist restructuring firm AlixPartners is understood to be drafting a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) - a step short of going into administration - on the company's behalf. The CVA would allow Prezzo to continue trading without being pursued for the money it owes. We are not sure at this time if the Prezzo restaurant in the Old Market Hereford is listed to close although we understand that Chimichanga will be closing.
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    Pop up Greek Night coming Friday 2nd March will be a night not to miss. We have authentic Greek chefs and traditional Greek food - Join us for a amazing night of Delicous Greek food without the airfare
  7. @mysterylad01 @HTnewsroom @HfdsCouncil I wonder?

  8. New Projects forum added to the website today.

  9. @JRPenney We did reply...

  10. We have today created a NEW - Hereford Voice Projects forum. This is a sub forum of the Open Forum. Over many years Hereford Voice have kick-started various campaigns and initiated local projects as well as being actively involved in community events. This forum highlights and promotes the discussion of all of these activities and will lay the foundations for future Hereford Voice Projects in Hereford. This new sub forum is where all topics and discussions about previous/future projects and campaigns will reside (all in one place). We have also created a new 'Tag' called simply 'Hereford Voice Projects'
  11. New Hereford Voice Theme #Herefordvoice #hereford https://t.co/zrdc9FPvwh

  12. Haywood Lane Fly-tipping https://t.co/5kQzRDMluL https://t.co/tbdVHWlcfT

  13. Cyclist Ignores Traffic Lights https://t.co/IMIdUM0WCS #hereford #herefordvoice https://t.co/JITITqiezi

  14. https://t.co/npTRUXhzLq

  15. Another Jumper https://t.co/LNHBjmCHXj #hereford #herefordvoice https://t.co/dCMrpTIIVj

  16. Wondering if it is going to snow...

  17. New Hereford Voice Theme https://t.co/6ypfppdjTO https://t.co/kZw80coYoY

  18. We have today added a new colour theme to the website as part of our overall upgrade. You can pick your preferred background colour by clicking on the icon on your profile bar that looks like a little mountain, from here you can select your colour choice. Alternatively, you an always just use the standard default theme by selecting it from the 'Theme' dropdown box at the bottom of the page. We are hoping to add additional themes as and when finances allow.
  19. Severe Weather Warning for the UK https://t.co/OVGCd1SHxp https://t.co/qH85DaG05X

  20. Severe Weather Warning. Herefordshire Council is preparing to keep the county moving as the ‘Beast from the East’ moves in. The council’s public realm contractor, Balfour Beatty Living Places, is continuing to monitor conditions around-the-clock to ensure the county’s 14 priority routes are kept clear during extreme weather conditions. In preparation, over the past 24 hours, the Balfour Beatty Living Places team has gritted over 1,000 miles of road. This includes 600 miles of priority routes and over 400 miles of secondary routes. The county’s salt barns are fully stocked with 4,800 tonnes of salt available to the 30-strong gritting team, which operates 16 frontline gritting vehicles, four snow blowers and two quad bikes. Balfour Beatty Living Places contract director, Andy Williams, said: Councillor Barry Durkin, Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport, Roads and Regulatory Services, added: Precautionary salting normally takes place in the early morning or evening but additional action may be required during extreme weather. You can find the latest gritting route information on Twitter @HfdsStreets The latest information about Herefordshire Council services affected by severe weather, such as road and school closures, can be found at www.herefordshire.gov.uk/severeweather
  21. Cyclist Ignores Traffic Lights https://t.co/ladK7i2RU8 #hereford #herefordvoice https://t.co/MGCNu5qu9Y

  22. https://t.co/fwFZtWgPrq

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    The Den on 1st of March for another cocktail evening! We will be on from 6pm onwards. We will be showing off some of our new signature cocktails as we are leading into spring, with some favourites returning. Make sure you call them on 01432 268666 to reserve a table! The Den 17A West Street, HR4 0BX Hereford, Herefordshire
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    Learn My Way is an online and tutor supported course which you can do if you’re looking to improve basic I.T. skills.There are a whole range of courses that take you from basic skills such as how to use a keyboard and mouse, using the internet safely to more general things such as shopping online, using Facbook and managing your banking over the internet.The workshop is FREE (Funded by The Tinder Foundation) for the 2 hour session. You are invited to attend each week for FREE until you complete the course. Some learners need 4 sessions and others need 20. The pace is up to you.The workshop is aimed at people who are new to using the internet, any age (our oldest student is 93), jobseekers in need of help with searching for jobs, anyone who wants to refresh/reinforce knowledge.This will be delivered by Malcolm Johns, who has delivered this to many groups and individuals over the last 2 years.If you have any further questions beforehand, please email info@theskillsmill.co.uk Wye Learn CIC 2 Bridge Street, HR4 9DF Hereford, Herefordshire
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    Warren Bailey in Hereford The Spread Eagle - 2 King street Hereford
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