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  1. RT @radionewshub: The report into the Glasgow helicopter crash recommends all police helicopters to be fitted with black box recorders http…

  2. RT @radionewshub: The strongest ever hurricane on record is heading for the Pacific coast of Mexico with winds in excess of 200mph. https:/…

  3. Fact of the day: Laughter has been a proven way to lose weight. @peterkay_co_uk

  4. RT @djiandavies: Tonight Thursday Club at Play Hereford I need everyone out tonight don't stay in #Hereford @PlayHereford https://t.co/3RJU…

  5. Hi Colin, Sounds like a good idea. We will be in touch closer to launch! Hi Roger, paperwork has been done our side, we are now reliant on BT to install the circuits. Once we have a firm date for this, we can provide a launch date. We can hopefully do this very soon.
  6. RT @CoderJP: @LikeRadioUK Looking forward to the launch :)

  7. RT @Lord_Sugar: What's all this SUGAR tax. Me and my companies have paid millions this year. Leave it out son..... https://t.co/BNOFuuBG…

  8. Hi All, Always interesting to read the comments about what we are trying to do! Glasgow - We were offered a space on the Glasgow DAB trial mux by the operator and we felt it was too good an opportunity to turn down. It is using new cheap technology and software which could really change the way DAB is done here in the U.K in the future. We wanted to be involved with this from day one as it could be something we capitalise on in the future. With the system we are using we can split content for each area easily. For example, we can do a live outside broadcast from Hereford, which wouldn't be broadcast in Glasgow. We don't have a launch date for Glasgow yet as Ofcom keep delaying it due to technical issues on a similar set up in London. They want this resolved before commissioning Glasgow. Herefordshire and Worcestershire- We are all set for this our side. We originally wanted to in September but the deadlines were tight. People may have noticed we wanted to launch in Q1 next year. We maybe able to do this even earlier! All I can say is an announcement will be made shortly! Our studio facility is fully built (apart from a wall) and the system is running sweetly! We will be on DAB, Tune In app, Radio Player, own our app and via our website when it launches. As we said in the first statement, our presenters will not be robots just reading liners. They will have editorial control. Our listeners will also get the chance to show a disliking to a track. All I can say is, we are a new offering to radio in the area which will not try and copy anyone else.
  9. RT @radionewshub: Have you seen the latest trailer for #StarWarsTheForceAwakens yet? You can watch it here: https://t.co/jW2e23tQc7 https:/…

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