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  1. I agree with Bill Thomas, again the people in Belmont suffer trying to get out of roads because of the lack of support from our Councillors in trying to keep this road traffic island clear for them to get out on to the A465 headng in either direction. I tried today and the keep clear signs were not working it took me over 5 minuntes form Northolme Road to turn right towards Abergavenny because the exit was blocked (KEEP CLEAR SIGNS) Waist of tax payers money
  2. I agree with Colins reply, they are more than useless this has not stopped the vehicles from blocking the exit out of Northolme and Abottsmead Roads. It took me over 10 minutes to try and negotiate around vehicles before I could get on to the A465 towards Abergavenny and I was the only car. I like Colins overlay this is how it should have been done then we would all be a winner. We need to press with a change, i am also amazed as why a yellow box cannot be painted on, they claim traffic lights is this Amey just trying to justify their tiny "KEEP CLEAR" signs?
  3. In response to Roger Edwards, I have to agree with their comments that this site is biased as we recently have seen with the Belmont Rural Website. When the situation got difficult Councillor Powell as we all well know threatened the site so it was closed down due to these. This thus left democracy floating in the air, what happened to freendom of speach, all the comments made were true and factual, this site was useful where issues could be posted and a real debate started and of course the Parish Council would also take note of these and try to address them. I wonder if people really kno
  4. What about looking at the time the traffice lights are on green for the Belmont Road. The A49 has 2 carriageway from Walnut Tree Avenue and thus this helps with the traffice flow. As the Belmont Road is single right out of the city on to the A465. If the A465 is increased even only for another 30 seconds then is it not obvious this would help with the flow on this Road comments be welcome
  5. I agree to lpusseycat because Ms Powell did not attend the Parish Meetings and only District thus she was always well enough to do the paid bit but not the volunteer part as Parish Councillor??? Perhaps is would have been prudent to wait till she was 100% fit and go for the full term in 2011.
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