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  1. I was one of the people in High Town last Saturday making people aware of why the council are proposing building this SLR and not considering any means of more sustainable transport- better cycle routes, more reliable buses, subsidising school transport. All these things will reduce the number of vehicles on the roads and therefore will ease congestion. Building more houses along the entire route of the SLR will generate more cars on the roads so we are back to square one and all our good agricultural land woodland, and trees will be gone forever. We had almost 100 letters signed and these
  2. I went to the CS meeting today. It was better than any pantomime I have been to. Very embarrassing! As mentioned above Cllr Powers asked questions about the legalities of displaying documents on the website for every one to see. The monitoring officer confirmed they were on the website and produced printed copies.Apparently these should have been on the website 5 days prior to the meeting. How on earth do they get away with all these underhanded dealings. They don't allow anyone to challenge them as the public are just ignored. The whole thing confuses me - how do they address the 70 majo
  3. Yes Cambo, I had the e.mail as well as I am a Councillor on Clehonger Parish Council. PB have been working again in the field next to me which is on the route of the Link Road from the B4349 to A465. They are apparently boring holes to check water levels. The last I heard they had not got the money for this road. The newly formed Hereford Transport Alliance HTA have submitted questions to be asked at the full council meeting at Hereford Shire Hall on Friday 25th at 9.45 am. One of the the questions is regarding the SLR. HTF are organising a demo prior to the meeting so please come along an
  4. cannot work out how to comment on this topic, hence opening a new one. I find Hereford Voice very difficult to get your head around Just to let everyone know that the PA 151314 will be discussed at a special meeting on Monday 23November. Consultation will be from 8 Oct to 5 Nov. Jean Harris
  5. cannot work out how to comment on this topic, hence opening a new one. I find Hereford Voice very difficult to get your head around Just to let everyone know that the PA 151314 will be discussed at a special meeting on Monday 23November. Consultation will be from 8 Oct to 5 Nov. Jean Harris
  6. Things seem relatively quiet in the SLR at the moment but there is a lot going on behind the scenes. PB have been bore holing for water levels and a Dendrologist has been engaged to look at the oak tree. There are obviously some concerns in this field, which is on the link road between the A465 and B4349. Your report for the Hereford Transport Alliance is requested. On another note I went to a planning meeting at the Shire Hall on Wednesday. After a lot of discussion the committee approved outline planning permission for 80 houses on land adjacent to the 7 Stars Clehonger. Perhaps they ar
  7. Does anyone know if the PA is being called in. Kelly Gibbons came here on Monday and she said she wouldn't be surprised if it is called in but it doesn't fit the criteria for a call in.She has to put a case to the planning committee. It was interesting to hear that Hc haven't got the money and neither has The Marches LEP as they have to bid for it. She wasn't bothered about the number of objections on Grafton Wood but quite concerned about the height of the bridge and the effect it will have on residents at Grafton and Callow. We had a visit from Worc CC and PB last week saying they were
  8. Sorry I can't copy and paste it but if you go onto the council's planning site. Type in 151314 you will see the report by Roberta Edwards.
  9. I think she tried to disguise herself. She is not a MS as she is now married to the infamous Phil Edwards. She is always known as Bobbie. Obviously he has put her up to objecting - probably wrote it himself as I know she is more educated that this letter implies You are absolutely right Maggie May These residents down the Callow want a quiet life so why should this crazy road be moved to affect my life.. Why should the people in Belmont Road lose their front gardens and where will they park their cars
  10. Interesting Representation posted today commenting on SLR PA151314. Guess who from - YES you have got it Mrs Phil Edwards. Quite selfish comments may I suggest. I don't want the road going through the field next to me and most definitely not through my garden. Nothing constructive from her. Is he responsible for suggesting that people in Belmont Road may lose their precious gardens
  11. I have heard it was a good day. |I would like to have come but sorry had something else on
  12. I can understand why Cloudberry is so cross. None of this has been properly thought through by the council. They have not done cost/benefit analysis on the link road and cannot prove that this is value for money - Our money remember!! Do we really want to see Broiler houses popping up everywhere on the landscape Do we want to see the destruction of beautiful 300+ year old trees that the council say are only 40+ yrs I think you can rest assured AV that Grafton will be developed and council farms sold off - our farms remember as we are the rate payers The SLR does not mean that the WRR wil
  13. Yes I know James Stokes IOC has sent in 2 objections. My legal advisor told me today that you can send in as many as you like. You are not limited to one. If the Inspector agrees the Core Strategy in Spring 2016 then the Western Relief road will be in a tablet of stone until 2032. It is part of the Core Strategy document. It doesn't mean it will go ahead but it will have the Government approval and that will be the corridor they will follow.
  14. I notice we have 3 representations posted on HC website SLR. Heard today that surveys are still being carried out on route SC2 and they will not have the information available for some time. Planning may not go in before Sept/October if at all with a bit of luck
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