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False Widow Spider in Forest of Dean School

Colin James

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A school has been forced to close because of an outbreak of Britain's most venomous spider.

The Dean Academy, in the Forest of Dean, said it "had identified an issue with false widow spiders" in its ICT block and other areas of the site.

A letter from vice principal Craig Burns to parents said the school would be shut on Wednesday to be fumigated.

Conservationists believe a change in the climate could be the cause of an increase in sightings of the species.


From the BBC website 

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I heard about that, it's silly really they have been around for a long time and - according to a specialist in a TV interview - don't carry enough toxin to be harmful to humans, their bites just "nip".
Here the National History Museum talks about how they have been here for over 100 years (article 2007).. http://www.nhm.ac.uk/about-us/news/2007/may/news_11767.html

I think 99% of it is just media hyperbole - who'd have guess!

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