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ūüď£¬†Greyfriars Bridge in Need of Repair

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Hereford's Greyfriars Bridge (also still known as The New Bridge)


The bridge construction began in 1965 the bridge was finally opened in 19th January 1967 by The Right Worshipful The Mayor of Hereford, Alderman Edward Peter Carter.

The Railings which run along both sides of the bridge have deteriorated dramatically over the years and are in desperate need of sandblasting and re-coating. 

We started a campaign back in 2018 here but since then 'no work has been done' although this topic has become more popular locally, so we're hoping that National Highways will begin some of the repairs sooner rather than later but we are informed that the planned works are still a few years away..

Below are a few photographs that we have taken today highlighting how the railings have deteriorated over the years.


IMG_2677.thumb.JPG.d5f46d607e96e86b9cb0ba9bdd9f69f5.JPG IMG_2672.thumb.JPG.963cadeb341540926c859a2441c9bbb4.JPG

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